Friday, May 8, 2009

Dogs (and cats etc.) are Friends

Tinkabelle is not this big and Buddy is not this little, but I just had to give you a picture!

There will be pictures of Buddy and Tinkabelle added today (so check back later...okay, the pictures are here now) as I am planning on taking Tinka along for the ride (which ought to create mass chaos in my van...say a little prayer here, please). Not being totally insane, I am taking Kelly along to 'ride shotgun'!!

Here is Tinkabelle nuzzling Buddy before going into the van (Does it look like he's saying "Oh no"?:

This morning I am doing a favor for my neighbor and taking her little boston terrier to be groomed (with his little body and short hair, I keep on wondering WHAT they are going to groom?) Anyway, his name is Buddy and he is our Tinkabelle's BEST friend in the whole world. She and Buddy have 'playdates', which translates into: I have his owner's key and go get him to play with Tinka while Joan is at work. The good news is that Tinka is ecstatic and loves Buddy waaaaaaaaaay more than he loves her (everyone has commented on this) , but MOST importantly, Tinkabelle doesn't give a flip about this inequity!! She will urge him on by flipping up his bottom (hilarious to us but probably not as funny to Buddy) and most often flanking him and barking at him. He gets tired and Tinka never seems to get tired. I can see, by the look in his eyes, that he is saying "Somebody PLEASE make her stop."
Things went pretty well, no wild shenanigans in the van, (oh, the awesome power of prayer), just Tinka mystified at Buddy being in there with her:
Tinka whispers in buddy's ear "It really is you, Buddy! Can I nibble on your ear, leg, etc. or just slobber you up a little for the groomer?":

This is like an Aesop's fable (hope he's not rolling over in his grave) because there are morals and lessons in this story:

First: Love like crazy

Next: Flip your loved one up by their bottom

Then: Love back sweetly even when he/she growls at you

Still: Don't count the cost or measure the love

Remember to: Never hold a grudge (Tinka doesn't care HOW much he ignores or tries to get away from her)

Always: Whine and cry like someone is skinning you alive when he/she has to go back home (I have truly worried that the neighbors will call the Anti Cruelty Society on us)

Don't forget to: Greet affectionately and slobber all over the place with glee

Last: Love like crazy

Most vital to Michael and Kelly and me is that TinkaBelle has taught, and continues to teach us that she is also a little instrument of God by being a small but effective generator of unconditional love. Please show extra love to someone and some of God's creatures today.

Todays snickers:

Gone to the Dogs

There was this man who had a dog. He came home one day, and his dog was looking and acting like he felt really bad.

He wasn't sure what was wrong so he took it to the vet. He told the vet of his problem, and the vet said that there was a sure-fire way to see if the dog is sick.

He left the room and returned with a cat. He rubbed the cat in the dogs face, and after a while came to the conclusion that the dog was indeed feeling poorly.

The man was upset, but given medecine to make his dog all better.

He asked the doctor how much he owed him. The doctor said, "$550"

The man was stunned. He asked the doctor to explain and the doctor said, "Fifty for the medicine and visit, and $500 for the cat-scan..."

Finally, I leave you with an adorable picture. Pictures rarely make me laugh hard, but this one made me laugh out loud (even Michael said "what's so funny?") Can you tell who's boss?

~~~For the blessings of giving us your loving creatures and may we learn good things from them, I thank you Lord.


  1. Marcy, That picture was just too cute! We can see who rules that house. This is grooming weekend for us as well, Spooky will love his bath.I must post about Roxy soon,been thinking about it lately.Have fun today!

  2. Very funny photo...poor dog...suffering in silence and making do!

  3. I love that last picture as well, and Diana took the words out of my mouth, I was just thinking we know who rules the roost over there, poor dog!
    Hope you did okay at the groomer today! I'll check back for pictures too (in between cleaning, I'm actually CLEANING today!)
    And I loved the 'moral to your story' too, Aesop aka Marcy!

    Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog! I love 'visiting' like this!

  4. Hi Marcy! How adorable! We don't have any pets right now! We are on the go so much we didn't think it fair to the pet. We use to raise beautiful AK Registered Chocolate Labs. We had lots of room for them to romp and play on an acre parcel but when we moved to our retirement home....we had to give all that up! :( sigh....HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND and "MOTHERS DAY". Oh by the way, I found this book "Wicked" at the local bookstore, Barnes and is written by Gregpry McGuire.

  5. Marcy, I checked back for your pix of Tinka and Buddy. Hope you all had a good trip!

  6. Oh, I love the pictures of Tinka and Buddy! And Buddy does look like he's just about tolerating Tinka!
    That's so sweet that Tinka wants/needs a playmate!

  7. Oh puke... I tried to comment but it didn't post. This is what I said.
    I love that Tinka has a best bud... she is adorable in these pics and you can almost see his excitment!! The pic of the dog in the cat basket looks like Pookie don't you think?
    Wish we could be with you on Sunday... we miss you bunches and bunches!!! ((hugs))

  8. Marcy I just loved your post. It's true, we should all 'Love like crazy.' Animals bring such joy into our lives. Your pictures are great. Tinka and Buddy are adorable. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh Marcy the pictures were precious, hope your trip to the groomers went well. Happy Mother's day and have a wonderful weekend.
    ....:-) Hugs

  10. The close up pic of Tinka and Buddy was adorable. Aren't dogs wonderful..they love you no matter what, they're always excited to see you when you get home. Eager to snuggle or be petted. I am very thankful that God loved us enough to give us such special little (or big) friends!! :)Jerelene


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