Thursday, June 2, 2011


Newest glitch in blog land is that I CANNOT comment on your blogs or even my own!  Any wasy to fix this?  HELP!  It keeps making me sign in again and doing a word verification over and over and over and no comment ever appears!

Stepping into the water a little

Things are much "quieter" here in blog land and I am afraid that I can be part of that is so easy to hibernate and stay in hibernation!  But, I am not a bear  (maybe on a VERY bad day when crabbiness gets its' way with me) so I need to poke my nose out and see what's going on here.

It has been nice to "sneak" back here and take a peek at all the blogs still being done fairly faithfully, but I miss seeing many others.

Blogger has changed and been a challenge so I can no longer get all those neat pictures I used to be able to post unless there is some other way.

In fact, my computer crashed some months ago and we can't find the software to download pictures from my newest camera and so we have pictures downloaded somewhere in cyber space!

Well I found this one of us on a trip to the park...looks like we need to cut back on those midnight snacks...doesn't it?  (Isn't that baby adorable...wish I could hug and kiss it, but I gotta wait till heaven to do that or the mama would probably send me to heaven a lot sooner!)

We need  a little joke....

"A bilingual road sign in Wales caught bikers off guard. The English part read Cyclists Dismount. The Welsh: Llid Y Bledren Dymchwelyd, or "Bladder disease has returned." One theory for the mistake—instead of typing cyclist into an online translation program, someone typed cystitis. "  Actually if you've got bladder disease you probably needed to dismount and find a restroom anyway!

...Thanking the Good Lord for His many blessings on all of us and letting you know that I STILL earnestly remember you in prayer!!