Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Information, suitable for all ages

Hi and welcome to new and little known facts...please read and enjoy:

Linda, who thought having a new pen pal could be fun, has decided to draw the line and have NO more pen pals (so don't write to her, please).

After having cared for her nephews children with one of them getting pretty sick, Bernie had so much fun and has found a new vocation and wants everyone to send her their sick (even if it's only mental) children, husband, dogs, cats, etc.

Eileen has graciously volunteered to give us lessons on Irish hymns (and maybe one or two hers) and melodies that no one (that means me) can find anywhere on the web (I'm hoping they are not pretend). Her husband (such a nice guy) will be playing the bagpipes for us while we're all dressed in kilts.

A neat thing is happening with Diana who has had a challenge or two with a baking episode gone wacky. She will now be giving gourmet lessons to everyone (that means you) for free in her home and we will get dinner and everything!

An amazing thing has occurred and Renna has sworn off eating at her computer or under it or even in its presence (I think she thinks that it can see her and snitch).

You will all be thrilled (well, maybe only somewhat amused) to know that Amy, the computer whiz, is begging me to give her some tutorials on how to do her blog and add smiley faces and go into HTMLs randomly. IN fact, if I'm not mistaken, her last e-mail said that she was turning her whole site over to me!! WOO HOO!

Now, here is my Michael (and me) on the solemnity of his Confirmation, in front of the church. I had no idea he was doing this until Kelly started laughing after taking the picture! Maybe I shouldn't have dyed his hair red for the occasion because some of it obviously seeped into his brain! Now you can see part of my problem...he feeds my own craziness which was already over the top!

Happily here is my older (very skeptical of the safety of blogs and pictures etc.) daughter's first blog picture that would meet with qualified approval (after all you can see the clock and some other "incriminating" stuff). Boy, if she ever goes to blogland I will be in REAL trouble, but I love her!

Well, among the many traumas of today is the one where Michael is leaving me for an very attractive older woman who dresses with pinache (I think that means sprinking spices on her clothes, hoping you will smell them and not see them). As you can see, so far, they are only engaged, so maybe he will come back to his senses if I start wearing garlic cloves (he does love garlic).

This is all part of a (hopefully) cute little APRIL FOOLS' POST!
Thank you Lord for the blessings of good humor, laughing at ourselves and treasuring all things You have given us.


  1. Oh, Marcy, I am literally laughing out loud here!! My grandson is asking me, "Umma, what's so funny?" This was GREAT!! I love visiting here! You are too much!
    I wish I had a tenth of your good humor!

    And, Congratulations to your Michael! (But I don't mean on his new girl!)

  2. fun fun fun and I love giggles that April Fools brings, I am so all alone right now....but my sweet heart will be home tomorrow, so no one really to play a joke on, except my boss! I printed off a parking ticket and put it on his windshield....of course he will know it is from me! And..I hope that you didn't mean ME (LINDA) at the top of your post!!!! I hope everyone knows I would love more pen-pals!.....

  3. You are hilarious!!! I can't wait to see my new blog look!!! LOL!!

  4. Gourmet lessons? Me?Ha Ha! I think not,however, I am attempting a fancy cake Saturday for Kates' confirmation on Sunday!Stay tuned!

  5. What a fun blog! I love it -- I especially like the "ivy-looking stuff". I'm a big fan of ivy! ;^)

    About those photos that move like videos...really easy and load a heck-uv-a lot faster than videos, too. They're called "animated gif files" and you can download the program (free, of course -- I'm all about cheap and free) at

    Warning: this program will suck time as you begin to play with it. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions. Happy giffing! :^)

  6. LOL...I thought I was in the twilight zone for a minute before I realized it was your April Fool's post. Hee hee!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been checking labels like crazy. No bugs for me!

  7. April Fools. Phew. For a minute there I thought I'd made that ridiculous announcement during a total brain freeze or something! Me...stop eating at my computer...yeah, right!

    Don't you think two redheads in one household could be flammable?


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