Monday, April 27, 2009

The best week of our lives

The start of another week which is great because we always have the opportunity to make THIS the best week of our lives (God is so awesome in that way as well)!!

I've always loved the Chinese saying which says "Fall down seven times, get up eight" (my apologies to any Chinese if I've paraphrased that poorly!)

Padre Pio also once said that "Success in the eyes of God is sincere effort." Of course the sincere is very, very important.

What this all boils down to is that we can always re-start, re-do and become better. Are you wondering if I've messed up because I'm being so philosophical? Other that looking at all I could have done and didn't on Friday, some good things did get accomplished, so, nope, I'm just waxing philosophical here...

On a lighter note, I found this picture of Mr. and Mrs. Gas Pump. It is so easy to believe why there are no people from outer space (aka aliens) living among us because they came looking for intelligent life and never found it!

The very nice, but probably sad lady that sent me an e-mail about how to get pictures from the web, is probably shaking her head now at what she created!! I am having a ball grabbing pictures (all legal, of course), but I think my computer is getting ready to go on overload, so I need to go into sample pictures and delete two or three hundred (only kidding, but there's a lot now)! I also need to take the time to upload my own pictures.

Let me muse just a second or two more...has anyone ever figured out what the webdings are for, as a font choice? Is this just another confirmation of why there are no aliens living among us?

Here are some do you like them?

Can you translate the above line? I firmly believe in doing big and many little things to make the world a better place, but are webdings really doing their part?? Have I given you enough food for thought?

Well the wash is waiting to be hung (no dryer useage here unless totally desparate, maybe once a year) and the pictures are waiting to be taken and Michael is so looking forward to being sung to...

~~~Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the blessings of new beginnings every day!


  1. Kudos to you Marcy, I still haven't figured out paste, cut and copy! Sad I know. I'm so embarrassed. I keep begging Kate to show me but she's so darn impatient with me. A friend of mine from church typed it all out for me so maybe I'll get brave like you soon and experiment!

  2. Mornin, Marcy!

    What a joyful and fun post ~ full of good thoughts to start the week! &:o) I have the same disease about collecting pics from the web! My husband keeps saying I need to delete some ~ or at least organize them in some order. (But, if I organize them, I'll never be able to find what I want, I say...) &:o) And, I've wondered about the webdings, too. I'd be curious to know if anyone knows, or if they're just a big joke on us.

    You'd asked about the privacy thing? &:o) I have no secrets and don't worry about it maybe as much as I should! And I love to visit and be visited... (Does that answer?) &;o)

  3. I think I have you all beat! I have got to be one of the most computer illiterate people around! And, like Diana, my family is losing patience with me too! How many times can I expect them to explain it all to me?!

    And hanging your clothes on the line, Marcy! How beautiful they must smell, so fresh and crisp!
    But you must have a lot of ironing to do too!
    It brings back so many memories of my Mom washing and hanging clothes out to dry. Then the piles to be ironed (with her little sprinkling jar of water nearby)! And she was the mother of seven so the washing, drying, ironing, and folding was unending!

    Very nice post, Marcy!
    I always enjoy reading here!
    Your blog is just like fresh, clean laundry hung out to line dry!

  4. Yes, my motto has always been to start every day fresh. Lovely post Marcy. I hope you have a beautiful week ♥

  5. Oh Marcy when I grow up I want to be just like you. You think of everything, I would love to be able to hang my laundry outside....don't move into a condo my friend, there are bylaws. I hope your week continues to be as good as the way you have started mine. You are a very special spirit......:-) Hugs


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