Sunday, April 5, 2009

God bless Tato, too

Okay, well, I let life interrupt blogging again (how crazy is that) just because I had three places to go and a dessert to make (it was getting time to leave and I kept on looking at this peach cobbler and saying "Come on and cook, please, you can do it.") Well, guess what? No matter how hard you cheer on your desserts, they just kind of stick their tongues out at you.

Got side tracked again, but I really need to explain the Tato part of the post for the 3rd of April. Incredibly, my father-in-law and my mom had the same birthday! And I miss him also but he died many years before my mother. He and my mother-in-law were the reasons why I learned to speak Polish. You see, you can live in Chicago and NEVER learn to speak English (even I am still working on it). Seriously, there are newspapers, grocery stores, places to work (where they worked) and shops, radio stations and even a TV station , all in Polish! Sad to say, I am mostly self taught in this language, although my father-in-law did give me two lessons (he wasn't real into teaching and figured that ought to do me).

Not being a "giver upper" (I make up new and fun words...if you need any, let me know as there are tons more available where these came from), I kept at it and could understand and be understood which just really underscores the awesome power of our God. You see, in order to speak Polish you have to be able to whistle and whistle this I am most challenged and many have attempted to help me here and many have wrung their hands in despair! Actually, in order to keep up my Polish, I have that little widget here, so just click on it and you will hear all that whistling.

One of the most wonderful things about my late father-in-law was his marvelous sense of humor. He was loving and he was kind. Even when he was undergoing some of his many operations (severe heart problems) he would make the doctors, nurses and staff laugh by his cute, broken (sometimes shattered) English comments. He could even get my mother-in-law laughing when she was so scared, thus making everyone feel better. I always called him Tato which is Polish for dad. Heaven should be getting some cute joking around from his presence there. Thank you, Tato for the joy and laughter of your cute ways!

Now, I will finish this post with a little plea for Michael. I just mentioned that once again someone said they liked my hair (in a very nice comment). Here I go off into the wild blue yonder again, but you have to know that my Irish grandfather came from a family of all bright redheads, even the mom and dad. Of his seven children, not one was a redhead...then, of all the grandchildren, (only my mom did not want a redhead) only I got blessed with these tresses. Fortunately mom did not sell me to the gypsies and she decided the red hair was a pretty cool thing after a few people oohed and aahed, but sometimes I even forget about it except it's great to blame for my mischievousness! FINALLY, the plea for Michael (I know, you already forgot what I started out writing, but hey, it's good brain exercise). Michael said (with a whimper and possibly even a tear in his eye) that no one EVER says nice things about his hair, so can someone say something nice for this poor guy and his one or two hairs (just kidding, we know that rogaine really is working)???

Thank you dear Lord for the blessings from those dear ones we had with us and for wonderful senses of humor.

P.S. I took a picture and edited my mom's post below so that there was something "special" in it.


  1. I love the comments are blessings too!! That is so sweet..So, you speek Polish! I am in awe over that!! Anyone that can speak 2 languages is amazing..Thank you for all your sweet comments on my page..To post the them to your computer, then go to blogger where it says add a gadget, then to where it says add a when then give you the option to browse..this will take you to your pics and you click open which will put it on the gadget..then click save on the gadget and on you profile page..Hope that helps!! I love the stories about your Mom. Is your pretty red hair curly too? Tell your hubby I said that his hair is really nice too!!

  2. Your red hair is beautiful and it reminds me of the pictures of my Mom when she was young, she too had that beautiful auburn hair.
    And Michael is so Blessed to have a wife with beautiful red hair! (Is that enough of a compliment? Oh, I guess not, I'll try again.) Michael's hair too is very nice indeed. (Is that better?)
    Again - LOVE your blog, it always makes me smile!
    And I loved the butterfly story and pin! What a Blessing from Heaven.

  3. Oh, Mama B... I am so happy that you found a niche with this blogging thing; I knew you would once you started. I love all the stories and fun pictures; you are really getting to be quite the photographer. One day it would be cool to print out your blog for the kids to have. That would be awesome. Well, until I talk to you again... love you lots and take care.

  4. To Michael,

    My husband had about as much hair as you do now when we married. Thirty years later he has even less.

    I was a hairdresser for many years and this is the reason you guys get a bit light on top. It is an over abundance of testosterone in your system. Can you say "male hormone". This is a GOOD thing and leads to making you a "manly man". Yahoo! Let's hear it for you sex-pot baldies!!!!

    (I can say all these things 'cause I'm 63 and it's one the perks of being a "little old lady".)

  5. Michaels' hair is wonderful! I'll bet he can pull off a hat really well! I used to know some polish. My ex-in-laws were polish which makes my two older children half polish. Confused? Sorry! I forgot all the words I knew after we moved to s. Il. The funny thing is that I haven't met any polish people down here at all! Tell Michael that men in hats are really cool!


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