Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updates on yesterday

Before we have updates on yesterday's news breaking stories, let's take a look at a future blog post. Take a moment to ooooh and aaaahhh as we check out Oliver who was dropped off at a rest stop in South Carolina and rescued by my step daughter, Kelly. Actually, after we took him to the vet's office, at 5 weeks old, we were told that he was a girl, so Kelly changed his name to Angel, then when we took him back the next time, they told us he was a boy, so his name went back to Oliver. It was really a blessing for him to be neutered as he was getting VERY confused (he didn't know whether to meow in a high pitched or low pitched voice) and his folder is still pink at the vet's!!

WARNING: If you are going to make ANY sense out of this post (good luck) it is important to read yesterday's post!!!! This means YOU!!

For those of you who were worried about my marriage due to that really older flashy dressing woman thing Michael had going on...well, fear no more, as you can see he is now love stricken with a frog...
actually, it's more of a consoling thing, don't you think? As a matter of fact instead of my wearing the garlic cloves, I put them in his home made chicken soup and he's all mine (well, mine and the frog's) again!
Sad to say, Eileen failed to give me a specific date for the Irish song fest, so now what am I supposed to do with all these kilts? And what about her husband and the bagpipes? He's probably bawling his eyes out, (such a nice guy, too).
Never heard from Bernie either, so If I were you, I would not send any sick people or animals her way just yet.
Also, if you noticed in the comments from yesterday, Linda really does want pen pals and that means if you use pencils you're no pal of hers!
And what about Renna, you may ask? Where is she? She may be crushed by my insensitive references to her sensitivity, but just know, Renna that I AM sensitive to the fact that you are sensitive to what you think is my insensitivity but it masks MASSIVE sensitivity...if anyone understands what I just wrote please translate for me.
But one of the very MOST crushing and devastating things, though is that Amy failed to give me her magic decoder ring so I can re-do her Blog...Amy, it's not too late, I'm here for you!
As for Diana, well, my tears are still flowing as my next 33 dinners were supposed to have been provided for by her.

I know that you are all VERY anxious about the fish emulsion, but it is still raining here and you know it is impossible to deal with fish emulsion when it is raining(and for those of you who didn't know, NOW you know). Yes, I know it isn't raining everywhere, BUT we do have to respect the emotions of all of those who can't (namely me) deal with fish emulsion and rain. The rain is supposed to stop before next week or Christmas, so hang in there as there is even a picture ready and everything.

Lastly, I leave you with a totally irrelevant picture (as usual), but it's those baby goats again and who can resist? This is a different goat from those you saw before and you can tell because I am wearing something different (this happens AT LEAST once a week/month).
Tomorrow's post will be a bit more solemn, but with some humor as it is the anniversary of my sweet mother's birthday, so I will be praying and reminiscing with love.
This ongoing blessing for today is one of wonderful people who have crossed and blessed the paths in our lives, most especially, mine. Thank you Lord and please bless all of these people.


  1. You're a total whack job; you know that, don't you? I'm not sure what that says about me that I run right over here to see what you say as quick as I see in my Google reader that you have a new post.;-Þ

    Oh, and you lost me at that first sensitivity..insensitivity..sensiwhatever comment, but I can say one thing, and that is that I am not the least bit sensitive. Well, I can BE sensitive, but I'm not sensitive. That makes about as much sense (hah!) as your comments, so I'd better shut up now before the guys with the straight jackets come for us both.

  2. I have a solution for Oliver or Angel...

    How about the name..


    Have you been to the post office? I hear them calling your name!!

  3. I am not even going to bother checking the reaction boxes anymore because your posts are always funny, always interesting, and always cool!
    And don't forget to remind Michael about frogs and warts! And tell him don't bother to kiss her because he's already got the Princess.

    Thinking of you and your Mom.
    'So glad you crossed my path!
    Many prayers.

  4. your post was so worth waiting for and reading, I look forward to it each day. I wish I has as much to say each day! And for anyone who wants to be my e-pal I am up for as many as I can write back to! Friends to me are like flowers the more the merrier! I love flowers!


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