Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anything Goes

With a name like Thoroughly Thursday, one can post just about anything, so it comes in very might even be able to use it on a Saturday or Monday and really confuse people!

Is everyone totally confused yet? Yes, we are having Thursday's post this morning on Friday. I did say it could happen any day in the above short paragraph that I started on Wednesday evening! Yesterday was very busy and I need to go out and take some pictures so we can also have a Friendly Friday post.

First let me wrap up poor old Thursday. It is actually a very special day as Thursday mornings are one of my prayer group days, a day to meet with some wonderful ladies (we meet at Mimi's...the lady with the llamas and llama "beans") and pray for each other as well as the world in general. We also share close moments to Christ and I would like to share mine with you. Sometimes they are very small moments and sometimes they are huge. If we really check each day out, these moments are always there!I had to do a couple of rather long readings at church recently and it is always a concern of mine to bring meaning to what I read and attention away from this end, even my earrings are conservative. Well, these readings were all about the passion of Christ which especially chokes me up on Palm Sunday and Good Friday...thinking about this, it was even a close moment to Christ by being called by the person in charge of the lectors and him asking me to do these readings. Okay, back to the exceptional moment...most of the time I just pray that God's message was heard and received in a special way and that I did it justice to some degree.

On Palm Sunday, as Michael and I were leaving church and going outside, this complete stranger, a lovely black woman with a very slight accent, came up to me and said what a wonderful job I had done reading and then hugged me, so I hugged the "Jesus" in her back very joyously!! It both humbled me and delighted me. Unexpectedly again, someone commented on my doing a good job on Good Friday, so God used His people to let this little redhead know that she can do His will . What an awesome blessing and I don't feel worthy and that's a good thing!

Okay, now I've got to get Friendly Friday together.

~~Thank you Lord, for the blessings of close moments to You, please help me to always look for them.~

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  1. A very sweet story!
    And validation from Heaven! You certainly can't ask for more than that!

    I love the picture too!

    And to let you know how confused my mind is right now, I THOUGHT IT WAS THURSDAY!!


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