Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooray the week starts with a crazy "Tag"

Okay, well , this is a tad delayed because I got tagged a few days ago by Diana (being the kind that doesn't give up easily, once again I am going to try to see if you can click on her name and get to her blogspot...I think I can, I know I can, chug chug said the little red engine...)

So here goes:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Getting to go off with Michael on our Anniversary this month, just for a little dinner.

2. Seeing the grandbabies in May (which is Ria's birthday, her husband's and even Jonathan's)

3. Watching the garden and the flowers growing from seeds we planted (but I think checking every hour or two is NOT working for me)

4. Playing some outdoor games, like badminton or hose Michael down when he's not looking (my very favorite)

5. Seeing new pictures of my grandbabies (hint, hint, Brande) in Arizona (maybe you can see some pictures of these adorable little ones if the click thing works!)

6. Picking lots of blueberrries (Mimi allows us free picking and she has a bazillion) and making blueberry pies and muffins

7. Going to Fernbank museum and hopefully, the zoo (I keep a strong hold on Michael so they don't keep him as he does "go ape" there)

8. Hopefully getting to Whitewater too

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. I went to church twice...also went to see another session of "The Lamb's Supper" with Dr. Scott Hahn (super insightful and interesting)
2. The second time I ended up in the "wrong" place, thinking they were only offering this prayer session in Spanish (which is fine because I speak it), then discovered that it was still going on in English in the small chapel, so I got some of both!
3. Tried to surprise Michael by planting the last gardenia bush (always try NOT to do any extra work on the Lord's day) only to discover that there was a HUGE, mammoth boulder or maybe just a really big rock in my way, so the surprise was on me and Michael got the rock out today before going to work
4. Made home-made tapioca and strawberry deserts
5. Made a ham and pasta salad
6. Kept up with all the dishes getting dirty (I suspect that the dishes spit food on each other when I'm not looking or HOW could there be so many so often?)
7. Called all three of my children and they sounded wonderful as always
8. Tried to watch a movie on Television, "The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler"
8 Things I wish I could Do:
1. Comfort and cuddle and feed all the hurting people in this world
2. Comfort and cuddle and feed all the hurting animals in this world (they would probably let me smooch them as well)
3. Play with lions and tigers and baby elephants (this will have to wait for Heaven or I will end up in Heaven a little ahead of schedule)
4. Teach those who hate or harm that love is the ONLY answer
5. Fly, but not an airplane, just me flying around merrily and that way I could meet all the wonderful people here in blog land
6. See my children and grandbabies every single day and have all of them joyfully going to church with me too (this one makes me sigh)
7. Protect all my loved ones
8. Retain the ability to make people laugh and laugh hard and praise God for it
8 TV Shows I Watch:
Hold on to your socks here because the answer is ZERO, although I really tried to watch that made for television movie but they kept on interrupting it with weather forecasts, like we cared about an imminent tornado...gosh those weather people need to get REAL! Seriously, they came in during the last twenty minutes and had the thing going across the bottom but a weather person who kept repeating the same thing over and over about strong winds over Kennesaw and there was Irena Sendler left with those bad guys hitting her with a club on her legs and we don't know what happened because this weather lady was on a roll and talked for 30 straight minutes, mostly about Kennesaw!
Okay, now it is time to get ready to go to the Alleluia choir to sing at a funeral.
~~Thank you so much Lord for the blessings of 8 things in our lives.


  1. This was adorable! And funny, and interesting, and cool, as usual!

  2. So much learned here! I want to come to your house to eat, for one thing... &:o) Scott Hahn is awesome ~ so cool that you got to see him ~ was it in person?

  3. I would love to play with lions, tigers and elephants too!! Especially the elephants!! I've actually started collecting them. My Mom had a collection when I was a kid. What day is your Anniversay? We celebrated ours Saturday. The seed watching thing falls under a watched pot never boils? :) Did I say that right? I loved this post!!! Do your kids all live far away? I would hate that..Especially the grandbabies being so far away. Have a great Monday!!!

  4. wonderful to see you had a fabulous weekend Marcy! Love hearing about what your day entails! Wish I could say the same about cooking though. If I get a pie made or even some boreing banana nut bread I am feeling like a total Betty Crocker! Only happens once in a full moon though!hehehehe

  5. Great job Marcy! And Happy Anniversary. How many years?

  6. Oh Marcy only you would admit to the lions, tigers and elephant playground. You go sound wonderful and I wish you and Michael have a wonderful anniversary with many more to come. I so love your blog Marcy, it always brings a smile to my face.....:-) Hugs


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