Monday, March 30, 2009

The Spring Post that drove me crazy (short drive)

This was supposed to be an adorable picture of Tinkabelle learning to go up stairs with her cast, but this whole post is giving me nothing but trouble and doesn't want to let me move the pictures around, so it figures that this picture of my cute little puppy looks like zombie puppy, which is still cute in its own zombie way...
It was a couple of blogs ago that I mentioned looking for and showing you that we, too, have Spring here, but then I got creative, frankensteined my blog, was rescued by Amy the heroine and now here is the "Spring is kind of here" post. While busy looking for Spring in our yard, I found a treasure in the making. Here we have the very start of a strawberry or two...can you count how many flowers there are? This is not a trick question as I need to know if I need to get some jars to make preserves or a good strawberry pie recipe...just kidding, would someone so knowledgeable about pyola need to ask about strawberries ??(probably, yes). By the way, the strawberries (picture of) fell to the bottom and I can't get them back up here.

This next picture is of some plant that I so happily started from seed and I thought it was blue flax, but it never bloomed, just put out this pretty green foliage that it had last summer, so I am hoping it is not a weed that I have been so carefully cultivating!

Now these lovely pink flowers were a purchase I made at BJs (which is like Sam's or Costco, but not) two years ago and I can't remember what they are called (I could cover myself here and just make up a name like pinkultimitus dolittleitis and impress you, but that might not be Christian, so I won't tell fibs), but they have a wonderful perfume and the label said that they are great for hard to grow areas (pretty much sums up our whole yard) and grow fast. Now you want to hear something both pitiful and hysterical at the same time? In my immense naivete, I decided it would be wise to warn our next door neighbor about these fast growing plants as they are on a slope between his yard and ours. I proceeded to tell him that they are wonderful and fragrant and he can cut them if they start to become invasive (he's probably thinking, I can only hope they'll cover that ugly as sin slope). Well, they are obviously peaceful and non-aggressive, rats, rats, rats and are not covering much of anything!

Now these strawberries belong with paragraph two, but they refuse to move, so I say pshaw on them and stay where you are and people will put two and two together anyway!

This is a very challenging post and won't let me write in colors I want or anything, but I'm going to call it a blessing anyway ("so there" whatever force is impeding this post) because God's blessings are so much better and stronger and more wonderful than anything I can imagine...thank you, Lord!!

P.S. Are you ready for a nice tutorial on fish emulsion? It's awesome stuff, but a little smelly. This one you probably DO need to hold your breath for.


  1. You are so right about God's Blessings, it was a perfect post! I enjoyed it immensely as usual! In fact, I'm going back to re-read it and enjoy it again! Happy Spring!

  2. I too have constant problems getting my pictures to go where I want. Maybe Amy could give us a short tutorial!Anyway enjoy your yard,it makes me awestruck to see all of the new growth.Maybe next week I will have time to do some dividing.Gardening is when I feel closest to god.

  3. To move your pictures, you need to go to the html view of your blog post. There are two tabs when you write your post. You want the html one. I go back and forth when I write my posts between the two tabs to get it right and then I post, look, edit, repost, look edit....You get the idea. ;-) I am still learning, too. Find the code of your picture that you want to move, copy-paste it to where you want it and then cut the code where you don't want it.

    I wonder why you couldn't make your fonts different colors, though. Perhaps it's because of your new template, but that seems odd...That is a puzzlement to me...

    Oh, I wouldn't change a thing in your post...It was funny!!

  4. Marcy, I loved your post. My mind works in mysterious ways and your post made perfect sense to me! Lucky you to have strawberries. I miss not having a garden. Where we moved from was just 35 miles west of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah in a rural community. We lived in this community for 20 years, raised our children for the most part there, I loved it. We had an acre that my hubby built our dream home on (very talented carpenter) but due to health we had to move south to St. George Utah to warmer climate. Live in a street where the homes are right next to each other (very hard to get use to) and NO GARDEN SPACE! I will have to plant some strawberries in pots...I MISS MY GARDEN! :(

  5. Fish emulsion? Is that anything like manure tea? Bring it on!

    (LOVE your blog, Marcy! I'll be back! ~ Lisa)

  6. I loved reading your post. Your little dog is a real cutie ♥ I can see you have lot's of spring type things going on at your house. Blessings to you and your family. You have a pretty blog ♥


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