Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is baby Dolly right after she was born...I will even challenge the mother, just to hug the baby...crazy redhead!!

Here goes a new blog. I was going to make this the world's/U.S.'s/Georgia's shortest blog, but then too many things kept popping into my head.

Actually, I even have a question for all of you professional bloggers. I want to make my thingee at the right teeny tiny like other bloggers have it, but how do I do that? Sad to say, this blog will make my nativities blog disappear into blog archive heaven, BUT, if I had a teeny tiny thingee...isn't it a slide bar, then it would hold more blogs. If I add lots of gadgets, will that do it?

I knew everyone would be holding their breath (maybe even literally) about the llama poop, so i wanted to give you the scoop on the llama poop (I can wax eloquent when it's late at night and I'm tired). You would probably like the llama poop (Tinka does, she rolled in it and had to get a bath yesterday) because it's almost odorless, so it's great to gather and transport (uh oh...Renna, don't read this if you're eating).

Anyway, it's going to get tilled into our new garden area so we can stay organic (something dear to my heart) and we will also be using pyola (all natural) to control the naughty bugs. Which reminds me of a story from my Irish mother's side of the family. My grandmother always had a big garden and the kids (only one out of seven children continued with gardening and then along came the only grandchild always had to help. One of the jobs was to knock off the bugs by hand into a can of gasoline or something like it to kill them. My uncle Jim had NO bugs in his can, but he was still out there long after everyone else finished their rows. Grandma found him knocking bugs to the ground over and over. When questioned, this little guy said he figured they'd just get too tired and leave!!

I included some llama pictures that may or may not have llama beans (poop) in them, if you click on them.

Okay, enough of that, so tomorrow, Good Lord willing, there will be some nice pictures of the garden and some signs of Spring in the back yard...Spring is so exciting! But then, all of God's seasons are full of their own beauty and lots of blessings.


  1. Another intresting and infromative blog, my favorite is how you count God' blessings every day and how you show how your heart is so full of love for your family. Thank you again for sharing, Bernie:)

  2. Which thingy at the right do you want to make teeny tiny?? The side bar?? Tell you what...You show me an example of a blog that has what you are talking about and we can talk. :o)


  3. At this rate, you'll have your readers thinking this Renna person does nothing but eat (excuse me a sec, while I brush the cookie crumbs off my keyboard). ;-Þ

    I am so not a bloggy techy. A friend of mine pretty much set up my blog for me. I have learned a few things a long the way, but I'm not sure what teen tiny thing you meant. There are others likely qualified to help.

    I've never heard of Pyola, but I'm interested, and not because it sounds like pie, and I love pie. Every summer my hubby ends up putting nasty chemicals on our lawn when fleas start showing up on the dogs. I beg and plead with him not to do it, but when the dogs threaten to pack up their beds and move on if he doesn't do something about it, he caves and out comes the pesticides. Will pyola prevent fleas, I wonder?

  4. Ooh, I just saw that Amy offered to help you. Amy's a total whiz, I'm talking real computer geek (and I mean that as a compliment)!

  5. You must post about the pyola. It seems like all I'm doing all summer is spraying or sevin dusting. Also about your side bar. You might have to try a different blogger template from a different site besides "blogger" but am not sure on this.

  6. 'Wish I could help you but I'm so new to all of this too!
    LOVE your blog! It makes me laugh!

  7. I'm not sure if you can narrow the sidebar or not.... if you "speak" HTML, you can probably change the width via the HTML code, but you have to be pretty tech savvy to do that. You can go to a site like "the cutest blog on the block" (just Google that) and play around with the different backgrounds and see if there is one that gives you the look you're going for.
    That is what I use on my blog for my "decor".

    PS: I LOVE your Astronomy Picture of the day.. is that from the NASA site? Today's pic is just gorgeous!!!! Now, seriously, how can ANYONE look at that and insist there is no God? (How anyone can insist there is no God is beyond me anyway....)

    Hope you're having a good day - loved the baby llama picture - so cute!

  8. PS. Just noticed the "Places to See" photo.... "Lake Bled, Slovenia" - just look at that place! And the NAME! Lake Bled? Is that Count Dracula's Winter Palace??!! LOL... :)


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