Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A pretend blog

Well, you may have noticed this new streamlined look to my blog. It's a new innovative way to "frankenstein" your blog. This all happened from me wanting to make the slide bar smaller on the side so that it would hold more posts, like that cute one of Tinkabelle as a puppy. Kind Amy came to my aid and asked if I was too attached to my present set-up. Well, gosh, I was more attached than I thought, but, if I can let my three children grow up and go out on their own, I can give up some blog background and a template.

On my own (this leaves Amy scot free) , I went to The Cutest Blog and picked a background (which you can only see some edges of) and applied it and voila (that's French for WATCH OUT) this weirdo whacko thing is on my blog. This problem can be solved by getting a 3 column template, so, being the conqueror that I am I go back to see how to do this and find out that you need the patience of Job plus a couple of PHDs. It asked me if I'd ever been in my HTML, but I figured, it doesn't bother me, so I won't bother it...wrong...you've got to go in there and take out the things in red and replace them with things not in red. Sigh...and now Amy has company, but she thinks she can help me later, meanwhile, it's okay if you snicker at my blog's appearance...I promise not to cry too much!

By the way, this doesn't qualify as a real blog, so I'm calling it a pretend blog.

It is also very educational insofar as it tells you DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR BLOG SITE EVER!Give me a moment or two to get over this trauma and I will post a real blog.

This image is called Hangover and your blog could look like this if you follow in my footsteps (sorry to have to scare you like this).

There is a blessing here and it belongs to Amy for being a willing helper here, so thank you, Lord, for all the nice people in our lives.


  1. I chose funny but only because "too cute" wasn't offered. I dealt with the same thing for my new page and I know just how you feel. I was so frustrated I could have screamed. I didn't but I wanted to.hehehe. Kae

  2. I knew something was up when it took FOREVER for the page to load on your blog, and just about that long to get the comment page to load.

    It does look a little whacky, but it seems to match your personality (sis's can tease that way, snicker, snicker).

    Seriously, Amy is one of the smartest people I know, so given the time, she'll help you get straightened out...blogwise, at least. ;-)

    The video was hysterical. I LOL!!!

  3. Marcy, do not feel bad at all. Every time I experiment I ultimately screw something up. If you notice on my blog I became my own follower last night and I have no idea how it happened! Which by the way I could use some more followers if you have any spares! My older daughter is coming up from Raleigh in May for Kates graduation. She's the computer geek in the family.I told her we must sit down so she can explain alot of things to me.It's much to hard over the phone.You will get it all figured out, I have faith in you.

  4. I am so computer illiterate, I have to wait for my husband or my kids to help if I want to do anything out of the ordinary! My blog is so plain and my daughter keeps urging me to 'jazz it up' a little. Yikes!
    I love the background you are going to have, the little bits of pink and green that are peeking out look beautiful.

  5. I'm just a little confused. Did you want to play along or not? If not that's ok. I know that getting involved in too many things is not a good thing. Have a great day, Kae

  6. I don't blame you one bit.....I like your new page a lot.....Kae


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