Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tinkabelle's "Tail" continues...

Sorry to leave you "hanging" on this suspenseful tale(tail) of Tinka belle, but sometimes life (so brazenly) interfers with blogging.

We put this little puppy in a big cardboard box , foolishly thinking that she would stay there happily, next to our bed with a little blanket to lay on and a stuffed toy next to her. After a few pitiful whimpers, we put her in her rightful place, which is our (she thinks it's hers and hogs the whole king sized bed when possible) bed!

The next morning, I very carefully gave her a bath and we took her to the veterinarian. Our vet said it was probably just a sprain in such a young puppy, but she took X-rays. Sad to say, she had two breaks in her little leg and the vet advised against looking for this owner!

We discussed the fact that we already had three cats and no fence and a yard that was large and expensive to fence in and we really couldn't afford another pet. So , armed with pictures, Michael goes to work to see if he can find a family for Tinka (who is probably snickering and saying "What a waste of time...I am ALREADY home"). In fact, I am highly suspicious of Michael's sincere effort to encourage someone to take her as he was acting like a love-stricken teenager and talking baby talk to her and saying "Are you SURE we can't keep her"? Now, I'm not very strong when it comes to little puppies, much less ones with a broken leg, so my mind is reeling with possibilities....

We had already spent a considerable amount of money to get her leg set and casted as well as get her shots. One of the last straws was Michael saying "Look at her. Isn't she beautiful and she loves us?" (Many years ago I once fed a fully grown stray who wandered to our door a few times and might have ended up with one of the ugliest dogs because he even had big warts on his face, but he never returned, so beauty is not my only weakness). Then Tinka herself kept on acting cuter and cuter (a DEFINITE conspiracy) to further weaken me (like that was necessary), so I just (happily) gave up.

I would like for you to study these pictures of a man who claims he is NOT a dog person, but only a cat person........what do you think?

Now, Michael's kids are trying to think of a name for this little girl, but the night we decided to keep her, I have a dream, no kidding, a dream that someone is telling me her name. This bodyless entity is saying "Her name is Tinkabelle" and, in my dream I am arguing "What kind of name is Tinkabelle? Don't you, at least mean Tinkerbell?" The answer comes back "No, her name is TinkAbelle!!" I woke up, related my dream, said it was crazy and we tried other names, but nothing sounded right, so she became our


  1. Dear Blessings each day---thank you for leaving a comment on my blogsite-Di's workbasket--I just got on the Internet in Oct. then eventually discovered blogsites and then I discovered BOMs( Block of the Month clubs ) and the blocks are free and so I started a couple and a couple has been put up to 9--but here is where i need to stop, as I have other quilt projects to work on too. So the workbasket site is moreorless a record of those projects and the others I do. I have a second blogsite that is my main so be sure to check this one out too. I loved your dog story--I like cats, but do not have one at the moment!! Blessings to you and yours--hope to hear from you soon, and I will be back to visit---Just, Di

  2. what a great storyteller you are. I knew most of the details, but not all... the pictures make her look super pitiful with that HUGE cast on. take care.

  3. I truly thought I was a cat person...Until I got my first pup...3 dogs later....LOL! Three is my limit though.

    Tinkebell is very blessed to have found you. :o) Do you have any idea what breed(s) she is?

  4. What a sweet, sweet story about an adorable little dog. I don't think I'd have been able to let Tinka go for the mere cuteness factor alone!

  5. well you've 'met' my little dog - whom I patently adore - and I still maintain that I am a cat person who just happens to also own a dog. Don't fight it
    Tinkabelle obviously needs a good and loving home and I think you're it :]


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