Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just walking (driving ) in the rain

Well, when we left Thursday morning it was lightly raining, then started pouring and finally lightened up near the end, of our 2+ hours journey...and then Friday, on our way back, we had more of the same, except for the easing up part! And I love rain, just not driving that long in it.
You are probably wondering what that picture above has to do with our trip....NOTHING, but it does have rain in it and Tinkabelle getting a bath in the rain. Can't remember exactly why I had Michael give her bath in the rain unless it was just for the fun of it! She was tied to that bench, but didn't have much problem pulling it around (she loves water, but not being washed).

Anyway, you would have gotten a real rain picture except I am afraid to get away from my Kodak pictures (I can almost see Amy, the computer whiz, sadly shaking her head and saying, this lady is hopeless) because they hide so well on my computer and I have a real challenge finding them again (they are in a file within a file within a file and maybe within that file...don't ask me my dreams computers do everything we want, including the dishes).

There was a rainbow at the end of our rainy trip though (rats, I wish I could put a rainbow here for you) and that was getting to see baby Julia and Olivia and Jonathan. It was Grandparent's day at Olivia and Jonathan's school, so we were treated to grits and biscuits and orange juice (I'm tempted to offer to help the cooks with their cooking as I am not a grit eater anyway, nor is Michael, but love makes you do wonderful things...guess I should be grateful that I am not a regular guest at their homes as this is the same breakfast we got last year).

I'd love to post pictures of all three of them, but my daughter has voiced concern in the past that there are whacko weirdos out there just waiting to pounce on her kids (and maybe even me) if they see their picture...personally, I don't feel that people are able to tell your name, address, blood type and favorite dessert just from a picture, so just imagine a lot of adorableness (psst, she doesn't even know I have this daring blog or that the picture of me you see in my profile is of her little Julia, the baby, so don't tell her!)

How about one more picture that has nothing to do with this post (see how consistent I am?), but it is a cute one, Tinka first learning to go down stairs, cast and all:

Even though we now have miniature swimming pools (the muddy type) in our back yard, all this rain is a gift from God and a true blessing.


  1. Oh, what a sweet picture. Too bad you can't post pics of your grandbaby, but we have to honor the 'Mommy's' wishes. :-)

    If and when they ever do invent a computer that washes dishes, I have a feeling it will stay sold out of stores everywhere, and I also bet it will be invented by a woman. ;-)

  2. At least you have a reason for not posting pixs of the grandkids. I went to visit mine on thrusday and left my camera at home,Dah!

  3. I can see your daughter's point, I was a little leery at first too, but then I found out that my daughter and daughter-in-law had pictures of the kids posted on Facebook, so I figured it was okay. And I try not to give too much personal information away too. I didn't realize how bad it could get until I read some horror stories that other bloggers went through when they gave out too much information.
    Anyway, you sound like you had a wonderful visit! Rain and all!
    I really love your blog, it always makes me smile!

  4. How BOUT all that rain?! Even though I was SO tired of it by Saturday night, I kept just visualizing the lakes filling up... :)

    But BOY it's good to see the SUN today!

    Tinka is adorable!
    And Diva doesn't like baths either. At ALL!

  5. Hey Marcy! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your comments were so well timed - I just saw Dr. Hahn this weekend! I went to a conference on St. Paul that he spoke at. I'm a huge fan. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Can't wait to look around yours. I love love love your Header. God bless!

  6. What a nice blog you have! We need more blogs that dwell on the things to be thankful for. Thanks for visiting mine. I don't post any pictures of my kids either or even mention their names, erring on the side of safety. The dog is so cute!


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