Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking this "white stuff" was only going to come down a little bit, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a picture of Tinka looking confused and almost as if we caused this, but it kept on coming down, so sweet Michael (isn't he cute?) went out and had a one-sided snowball fight with Tinka (don't worry, she's fast and he never even hit her!)
Even though I was born and raised in Chicago, I have spent most of my life in Georgia. My wonderful late husband was in the Army and all three of our children were born at Ft. Benning and grew up in Columbus, GA. We're all scattered now and I'm in north GA., but snow is so unusual here too.
It's all melted the next day (all the roads anyway) and schools are opened again, but we laughed a lot and had a good time, so that's a wonderful blessing!!


  1. A wonderful blessing indeed. Look at Mikemal, does he have a full on beard???

  2. thanks to follow to me! I like much your blog, you understand Spanish? my English is very bad ja! ja! little kisses from Argentina! for all your likeable family!!!


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