Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interim post

What, you might well ask yourself is an interim post? That's a very GOOD question and we'll both know when I finish this. Although I am guessing that it is when I haven't downloaded my food pictures from St. Patrick's day and need a "filler". How about if I insert a random picture to hold your interest? Let's see.......

That worked out pretty well, as brand new baby goats are always a winner...can you tell I was ecstatic?

Or here's a baby llama giving me a kiss, but you do have to use caution as llamas will also spit and I will not go into detail because Renna (one of my wonderful followers) has a weak stomach and she eats at her computer. So this lack of description is for you, Renna, so eat to your heart's content.

These pictures were taken at my friend Mimi's house and Mimi is absolutely amazing. She had five goats and five llamas, but has pared down to just three llamas which she does all the care taking for, such as giving them worm medicine etc. (I helped out a few days ago, but steered clear of llama kisses because they were not happy campers). Mimi also has a HUGE garden, two dogs, two cats, every plant that was in the garden of Eden (0r pretty close), she hosts a weekly prayer group (which I go to), is busy in the Master Gardeners, swims and walks two miles several times a week, is very active in our church and has a ready ear for anyone....she WORRIES that she is slowing down!~!! By the way Mimi is 77!!! I told her, yeah, she's slowing down to what a vigorous, healthy 35 year old couldn't do!

Just in case you haven't smiled's Tinkabelle ready to party, so if you have a party, please invite her...

Seriously, I truly thank God for being able to hold baby goats, hug baby llamas, have wonderful friends like Mimi and knowing, too, that there are so many marvelously good people like yourselves reading my crazy interim blog...soooooo many blessings!


  1. I LOL at your solicitousness toward my 'weak stomach'. Of course, anyone who saw me might think my stomach looks anything but weak! ;-Þ

    The baby goats are precious. They look like little lambs. Mimi sounds like a fantastic person to know and have in your life. I wish I knew a Mimi!

    I'm amazed you could keep a hat on Tink long enough for a picture. Leyna would have one off before I could say 'cheese'!

  2. thank you for visiting my blog and for you kind comments....I shall be back to read more of you...the baby goats are too cute!!

    blessings to you

  3. Marcy(with a Y) =],
    Thanks for visiting my blog today! I wish I had a Mimi in my life but I am not sure I could keep up with her. Great pictures of you with the baby goats. I enjoyed the Robbie Seay Band. Our christian radio station hasn't played them yet. I'll keep my ears open.

  4. Thank you Marcy for visiting my site, your blog is wonderful and it warms my heart as I look at your pictures, listen to your music and read your stories. Thank you for sharing.
    Your new blogger friend, Bernie

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE your blog! So uplifting! I love all the animals... I'm a big animal lover too! We currently have 2 dogs, but I love all animals!

    Your red hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

    Do you live in the metro Atlanta area? You look so familiar to me.... I go to 12Stone church (in Gwinnett Co.) - wondering if you do too? :)

    Anyway, take care and I'll be visiting your blog regularly!
    Enjoy this wonderful, gorgeous first day of Spring!


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