Monday, March 23, 2009

Pyola, pyola, pyola

Boy, how much excitement can one bug killer cause??!! If I had known it would be this thrilling for so many, I would have been putting a little pyola in each blog! So here goes a description of pyola (with a few commentaries):

Pyola Insect Spray

Kills insects, such as adelgids (think these guys are swedish or norwegian), ants (definitely all amercian) ((except fire ants...which nothing really kills, anyway, as they are super heroes from another galaxy, harvester ants (think they harvest and you cry), carpenter ants (eat your fence as well as your veggies) and pharaoh ants (don't have to worry as they live in Egypt)), aphids (it's good that these guys get killed because there are trillions of them, armored scale (now is this fair, that they even have armor?), beetle larvae (yuck is the best I can come up with for anything that has the word larvae in it), cankerworms (these guys are gonna be a close second on the yuck list), fungus gnats (oh great, is this a bug with a fungus, a two yuck for one?), lace bugs (love lace, but i do draw the line here), leafhoppers (yeah right, what a name, bet leaf- chewer-uppers is more appropriate), leaf miners (finally a name that fits), mealybugs (a man HAD to be the one to think up these disgusting names!), mites (but they really are mighty mites), phylloxera (can't you see yourself saying this name in the ER...what bit you???), plant bugs (wow, now that was original), psyllids (related to those other p letter bugs), scale insects (as in they can even scale a tall building), spider mites (this is in case you don't find the mites creepy enough, they are half spider), thrips (this one sounds like it was named by someone lisping), sawfly larvae (gross), spittlebugs (now i am picturing a bug with spittle hanging out of its' mouth), webworms (I am running out of disgusting adjectives, but this is creepy) and (finally!) whiteflies (so you won't confuse them with our wonderful household flies, I guess).

Hang on, there's more:

Kills caterpillars, including gypsy moth caterpillars (must travel in caravans), tent caterpillars (in tents, of course), leafrollers (are these guys making their own cigarettes?) and diamond back moth larvae (not to be confused with a diamond back rattler, please).

Kills beetles including flea beetles, Colorado potato beetles and Japanese beetles.

Gosh...guess who's not going to eat dinner tonight? Anyway, I copied this out of the catalogue for all of you Pyola lovers. The name of the place is gardens alive and there is a web site,, so go make yourselves feel queasy reading about all these bugs. PLEASE tell me you don't want pictures!! Well, here is one picture...this is a turtle and he eats bugs, so you have to use your imagination or try clicking on this picture and maybe you'll find a bug or two.

Tonight's blessing is going to be thinking of anything but bugs, although they do make birds and turtles happy.


  1. I learn more from your blog than any other. I find them to be so informative and I am enjoying things I didn't even think about before. Thank you for showing me a life with bugs, animals and even payola:)

  2. Thank you for blessing me with smiles today! I laughed so hard at your bug descriptions!

    Educational and fun at the same time...what a combination!

  3. Nice... I love how informative your post are. I will look into the Pyola for the backyard and my teeny tiny garden. Did i tell you I finally figured out where to put it? Remember the circle of bricks around what your son calls the 'stupid tree'??? There. It gets water already from the sprinklers and plenty of sun and shade... Yay... pictures and posts are coming, don't give up on me. (I started answering the phones again yesterday. Hail to the paycheck)

  4. I am sending my husband here when he gets home from work, he's the true gardener in the family!
    'Love this blog!

  5. you recall if fleas were among the disgusting creatures listed? I guess I could go back and read it again. After all, I've already eaten my dinner. ;-)


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