Sunday, March 15, 2009

Short, but not so sweet

Here is a short little blog on the continuing adventures of Tinkabelle...she was getting pretty big as you can see from this photo.

Just to show you the extent of Michael's love for this puppy, let me relate a dark and slightly sad "tail"...

Actually, I need to preface this with the information that Michael has a very weak stomach and if there is a less than savory "situation" (be it animal or human) to clean up, he most likely will not be the one to call on unless you want him to "contribute". Either that, or...maybe he just fakes it so that I have to do all the cleaning up!!

Well, one day, long ago ( about a year and a half) and not too far away, he comes home and joyfully greets his puppy, then proceeds to go to the front door where we leave our shoes (as I delude myself into thinking that this will keep the carpets cleaner while I am dealing with an untrained puppy). After taking his shoes off, he steps into a "present" that the little girl has left by the shoes and he goes goooosh and realizes that even his after shave is not going to cover this scent! He yells upstairs to me "Help, Tinka pooped down here and I stepped in it...I need some paper towels in a hurry". With that, I madly dash, while snickering, to get......of course, the camera!! Laughing hysterically, I take pictures...fortunately, for you, everything was on the bottom of his sock! Whoops, I just noticed, that if you enlarge the picture, there are some "graphic" be forwarned. But he still loves her, so there is a happily ever after story (especially since he didn't throw up).


  1. Since I'm having a little snack at the computer, I refrained from clicking to enlarge the picture. I tend to be the one with the weak stomach around here. Fortunately for me, Hubby has a stomach of steel. ;-Þ

  2. Hi Marcy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, so I'm happy to see that you can understand it. And how did you learn Spanish? I can also speak Spanish and I love it.
    I enjoyed visiting your blog and I think it's name and it's description is great because we really are very blessed but many times we just go on complaining about everything. I read somewhere that the Obama family usually does the Rose and Thorn game at dinner. And we started doing the same here at home and yesterday we came to the conclusion that each day we can find one thorn but we have many, many roses. How wonderful this is.


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