Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tales (tails?) of Tinkabelle

Well, this ought to be interesting...I am going to probably do half a blog this morning and then come back and finish it after picking up sweet Helen for prayer group and making my trek to the hospital.

This will be the Tinkabelle story...hold on, it's a "thrill a minute". Most of my life (Mario, my darling late husband always loved dogs), I have always had a dog and most of his life, Michael, my present wonderful husband, has only had cats. Michael said he was NOT a dog person, which turns out to be a huge LOL!

Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night...nope, not stormy, but it was after midnight and Michael and I were upstairs in the computer room in January of 2007 when we heard a strange noise at our front door, so we carefully went down the stairs, pausing to listen and the noise ( a cross between a bark and whine) repeated itself a couple of times. My big protective hubby says "Stand back from the door while I protect you from the fierce monster at our door and show you how big and brave I am"...well, maybe he didn't say exactly that, but he did say "Stand back".

Not being one of those women who just stand by as danger assaults their hero, I peeked immediately around the door as he opened it...................................and there stood a teeny little limping puppy of about 5 weeks old!! As I ran out to get her, Michael says "You probably won't catch.." and before he finished I had this puppy in my arms!

There is more action packed adventure coming up, but I need to get ready, please stay tuned for the continuing saga and find out what we did and the very strange way that Tinka got her name... :-)


  1. I LOVE your post title! ;-) I'm holding my breath, waiting for the next installment. What an adorable little pup! I'm LOL at your telling of the tale/tail, too. ;-Þ

  2. So strange as I almost had the opportunity to rescue a dog today myself.Would have been to dangerous though.I bet you've named it already!


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