Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surprise, it's Christmas..Feliz Navidad..Merry Christmas

Well, here are a few of my nativities.
I thought it would be nice to post them before Spring is completely here!!! These nativities come from all over the world and they are made of paper mache, crystal (Germany...purchased when we, my late husband and I, were stationed there), pewter, wood, plastic (Poland...we brought some back when we went there), straw, bone (Mexico...on a trip there from Arizona), clay(Guatemala...ones that my late husband, Mario brought back when he worked and went there regularly), wax, metal, a geode, etc. etc.. Ironically, I had never been a collector of anything and then, many years ago, I made a small nativity and that started it all and Mario always encouraged me to find more and now my sweet husband Michael encourages me...maybe someone needs to discourage me because I now have close to 400!!
But they're really not for me, but for the open house that we have at Christmas, to help everyone focus their attention on what Christmas REALLY is...all about the enormous love of the Father in sending us Jesus! I always ask people to pick their favorite and it's always difficult and always helps re-open my eyes to the ones they pick.
Michael and Kelly (my sweet step-daughter) painted the one with the piece of Christmas tree in front, this year, no, actually it is now last year. You aren't even seeing half of them here, maybe only a third. Some are out all year long (thank the Good Lord...phew) in curios and on the walls and on the etageres, but there are still a ton to take out and display each year, plus all the cookies we bake until we can't see straight.
Although I treasure each one, some are extra special because they were picked out by my family. Hopefully, I can do individual ones this coming Christmas.
Oh yes, and I need to tell you (Michael said to) that we made it in the newspaper this year (not my idea, but a nice lady from our church asked if she could call the people she knew at the newspaper)...maybe I could scan it and put it in this blog sometime.
This is a blessing that all of us are reminded to keep all year long...be kind to everyone.


  1. Beautiful blog! I'm a follower now and look forward to your posts.

  2. I love Nativities, and I love that you keep some out all year round. Because really isn't every day Christmas for believers?

  3. I clicked on the pictures to see them enlarged, and you have some truly lovely pieces. I have always loved nativity sets.

  4. Olá! I came to thank its visit and also to know its blog. Very obliged for the affection. The absolute not-violence is the absolute absence of provoked damages all the alive being. The not-violence, in its active form, is a good disposal for everything what it lives. It is the love in its perfection.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    A great one I hug!


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