Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Sweet Sunday Prayer

JOY = Jesus (FIRST), Others (Next )and You (last, but still important)...
So we are blessed with another Sunday and a day that we need to REALLY focus on praising God all day long wherever we are, whatever we do....

Whatever position we put our hands in, should give us more thought provoking images of His goodness and all the good we are called to do in His Name...

May this be a day filled with tiny and big prayers for the world, your family and friends, yourself and all of Creation...

And because God wants us to be happy reflections in this world...
They seem to be having difficulty collecting the money from this fine...wonder why?.....

This is what happens when you leave your animals alone....

~~~Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessing of giving us a special day to especially praise and thank YOU through prayer.


  1. Good Morning Marcy, another day and another chuckle from my friend. I love Sundays, so quiet and full of heavenly thoughts...will be thinking about you at Mass my friend...I always do as I know you are there with me as well. Enjoy your Sunday Marcy.....:-) Hugs

  2. Oh my gosh that cartoon clip is too cute. That would be my oscar leading the "troops in trouble" revelry!! LOL

    Blessings to you today and everyday and thank you for yesterday. How fun.

  3. Marcy...This day of rest is going to be that for me. We attended church this morning, and your friend Jackie is going to take a long and restful nap.
    I thank you for your posts, your kindness....not only to me but to everyone that you reach with your e-mails, phone calls, blogs and your friendship.
    Enjoy the day of rest...and know that I'm thinking of you.
    Smiles and love,

  4. Wishing you and your family a blessed Sunday. Nice to be getting some rainfall here in Georgia, huh?

  5. Liking the acronym for JOY!!! Thank you! Cathy

  6. You could post on the FROG acronym some day: fully rely on God. :)
    I like the "fine" picture. Yeah, as if they would collect from a dead person. HA!
    Thanks for a Sunday laugh.

  7. Good evening (as it is for me), Marci
    Lovely blog - my family went to church this morning - every week for us - great to see your lovely spiritual things on your blog - and of course love your humourous items as well.
    Which bright spark put that notice up? He ought to be shot down in flames!! What a shock!!
    Bye for now ~ Eddie

  8. Happy Sunday Marcy,
    We had a wonderful service followed by a fish fry and then home for a nap! Perfect Sunday!

  9. Hi, Marcy, I made it here just under the wire, 11:33 PM, but it's still Sunday!
    Very nice post. I enjoyed the prayer very much.

    Busy day for me. Busy weekend. I'm off to bed now, and I always end my day remembering my blog friends in my prayers, it's the last thing I do at night before I go to sleep. As I'm doing my bedtime routine (brushing teeth, washing up, creaming my face) I pray for Peace, I pray for world leaders, I pray for our country and our boys at war, I pray for spiritual healing, I pray for my family, and once I climb into bed, I say a prayer for all of you and whatever your needs may be.
    Good night, Marcy.
    Love and Prayers,


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