Friday, August 7, 2009

Bet You think Chocolate is today's Friday favorite!

Although World's Finest chocolates with almonds still ranks as tops for candy favorites, there is more to life than just chocolate...Ta Da...there are also jelly beans!

They come in many delightful flavors and some of my favorites are below...

Jelly Bean Facts....

"Jelly beans are made at a huge sweet factory and millions of jelly beans are made at a time.

Jelly beans have two parts to them – the centre and the outer (the outside part). The centres are made first using sugar, glucose syrup (which is more sugar) food starch (which is like the corn flour we use in cooking at home), water and gelatine (which jelly is made out of).

This mixture is squirted into little jelly bean shaped moulds and then it’s heated in a huge oven to dry the mixture out so the jelly bean centres are solid and not gooey and sticky.

The jelly bean centres are poured into huge copper bowls or pans with sugar, colouring and flavours to make the jelly bean outers.

The huge bowls spin round stirring up the jelly beans so that they get covered with the sugar mixture and huge pipes suck out the air so the jelly beans dry and stop sticking together.
When the jelly beans are ready the colours are mixed together and then they’re packaged and boxed up ready for shipping to the supermarkets and shops."

HOWEVER, there SHOULD be a HUGE WARNING sign on these candies that says "Danger, NOT feed these to any children you may want to fall asleep within the next 24 hours or three days, whichever comes first!!!"

One of my VERY favorite flavors is the popcorn one...

So many choices, so many delights and soooooooooo much sugar....This is probably breaking the favorites' rules, but I am going to sneak in a NOT SO favorite. It is the combination of my keyboard and computer. Ever since I got this computer two years ago, the keyboard will suddenly and randomly STOP communicating with the computer. The mouse will work fine and everything will 'look' normal, but no typing can be done. We have had it checked out and they can't find the problem because, of course, it is ever so angelic when they are looking at it! Lately, it has decided to stop communicating more frequently...maybe they are just incompatible...maybe they need to go for some counseling so they can get along better, but if this keeps up, they'll have to talk me along. Yesterday, it did this two times in a row which means I cannot leave comments or do a post, but I can cry...ALOT! This looks like my keyboard and the 's' stand for STOP...SILENT and then watch Marcy start to 'panic' that it will STAY SILENT and STOPPED.

On to nicer things such as these two very beautiful flowers...just love this yellow tinged with green and only wish it was in my backyard....

But my favorite flower is this one, for color and beauty.....

And now for some cute stuff, funny pictures and jokes....

Why did the jellybean go to school? Because he wanted to become a smartie.

Since AOL has introduced their unlimited hours package they have started displaying special messages to customers.
1. You have been on-line for 46 minutes. Do you want to stay on-line? Please respond within 10 minutes, or you will be logged off.
2. You have been on-line 135 minutes. Not to put any pressure on you, but there are OTHER people in the world who would like to sign on. Let's show some consideration for our fellow members and sign off, WHADDYA SAY?
3. You DO realize that you have been on-line for 180 minutes, right? When was the last time you went outside?
4. OK, this is getting ridiculous. Frankly, you're starting to upset us! If you sign off now, we'll bring back your buddy list, OK?
5. You have been on-line for 360 minutes now! We promised you unlimited time, we know, but can't you just finish up and go read a good book?!
6. You have been on-line for 467 minutes. Do you remember your family members names?
7. You have been on-line for 513 minutes. Your spouse has left and your dog is starving. Do you wish to remain on-line?
8. You have been on-line for 724 minutes. Steve Case is coming personally to your house to yank the phone cord!
9. You have been on-line for 852 minutes. Do you KNOW how many hours that is?
10. You have been on-line for 921 minutes. Do you realize that AOL averages 921 complaints per hour about busy phone lines? Do you realize that AOL receives 9.21 lawsuits per day, due to busy phone lines? PLEASE sign-off, to reduce these averages, or go to KEYWORD: Class Action to join a lawsuit.
11. You have been on-line for 967 minutes. When AOL went unlimited, they didn't think you would take it LITERALLY! So get OFF, before we go broke!
12. You have been on-line for 1013 minutes. This is Steve Case, I need to sign-on myself and answer some mail. Could you PLEASE sign-off?
13. You have been on-line for 1105 minutes. Are you and your family chatting in shifts? GEEZE get off already!
14. You have been on-line 1151 minutes. WELCOME TO THE TEAM... See job application enclosed!

We sent these carts to obedience school and they JUST DIDN'T GET IT!!....

~~~Thank You Lord for the blessings of all the times that this computer does work and does help get out the message to love and help make this a better world.


  1. I posted a comment about your (and mine!) keyboard problems on yesterday's comment board, as this post wasn't up yet (I saw your comment to Diana).

    I enjoyed this post a LOT as I also love jellybeans, and roses (yellow are my favorite), and even shopping carts! And I love counting my Blessings too, and I count you as a BIG BLESSING in m life (see! The 'y' in my didn't respond that time!)!
    Have a great weekend!
    Love you, E

  2. One of my favorite things about Easter is the gourmet jelly beans -- we have a ball with those! And ROSES -- of all kinds are my favorites, but especially the "peace rose." The two you posted are gorgeous!

    And, last but not least -- Blessings on your keyboard! It would be a tragedy for us if you couldn't type out your daily post, Marcy!

  3. Marcy, you are your own pen pal!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Ha-Ha! No coffee this time! You didn't get me!
    Cordially yours,
    Ms. Eileen

  4. Marcy, my favorite jelley beans are the black ones...loved your favorite rose and enjoyed this post......hope your keyboard hangs in there, would miss reading you each day as you have become such a part of it....:-) Hugs

  5. Hi Marcy....Great post. Brings back sweet memories. I went to the Jelly Belly factory in California....loved every moment of it!! It is amazing how they are made...and to watch it being done made me want more...more! I want some Jelly Bellies right now!
    The roses are very pretty....and the last one...breathtakingly beautiful.
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. Not a fan of jelly beans, here, but once in a while I'll buy those Jelly Belly ones. I like the coconut and watermellon.

  7. Before I head upstairs to clean I had to stop in. You know how I always say that I wonder what strangers think of my family when they hear us? Well, I wonder what strangers think when they stop in on us and read our posts and especially our comments!!
    I had a new blogger stop in today and I'm just thinking that she must be thinking "This group is nuts!"
    Um, hugs and smooches,
    Or, smooches and hugs,
    Or, huggable smooches,
    Or, smoochable hugs,
    Or, whatever the closing is supposed to be!
    YOU KNOW!,

  8. HOWEVER, there SHOULD be a HUGE WARNING sign on these candies that says "Danger, NOT feed these to any children you may want to fall asleep within the next 24 hours or three days, whichever comes first!!!"

    Now THAT is funny!

    I am not a big sweets fan (except the monthly chocolate)..but I do love some of those flavors of jelly beans!

    BTW, hubby and I had such a great time reading your blog together the other night. It was a good time of laughter.

  9. Hi always have great posts, that I can't wait to why am I here so late in the day...because Blogger wouldn't let me...kicked me off with a big "Sorry Sign" and wouldn't let me back on...I've never experienced that before...I could get to my account, but not my blog...Needless to say I accomplished a few other I related to your "AOL has introduced their unlimited hours package customer messages"...maybe Blogger was trying to tell me something! :)
    I was going to post favorites earlier...but...due to the problem I'll wait till next Friday

    I prefer dark chocolate over jelly beans!
    Take care,

  10. Distinguida amiga Marcy,
    muchissimas gracias por sus cariñosos coments em mi blog. Encanta-me!
    También deseo que dios te cuide siempre y siempre...por toda sua vida.


  11. Just ask me if jellybeans aren't one of my favorite carbs~~~YUMMY! Chocolate flavored Jelly Bellies!!! Yeah!! Cathy

  12. Marcy!! A delight as usual! I'm glad my 'puter problems are resolved for now, and I will pray for your fickle 'puter!!

    Well, you kinda lost me with the jelly beans...I mean really...not big on sweets either, but if I have to choose it would be Brach's chocolate covered peanuts, and M&M almonds or peanuts!! Nothing else is worth the calories for me!!

    Hope your weekend is a blast!! Thanks for all the sunshine you spread around, gal!!
    Love and hugs,

  13. You're TOO "sweet"! And have I a couple of humorous stories for you! I jotted them down after hearing them at the conference yesterday. When I get home, I'll write them out and forward them. You can use them only if you don't put my name with them!

  14. Not exactly sure what jelly beans are. We probably call them something else. Actually I think I might LIKE jelly beans with a soft gooey centre.

    AOL don't really do that do they? If they have a phone line problem they should think about going with fibre optic cables. I've been using cable for 18 months almost and I am always forgetting to turn off. If they say 'unlimited" what do they expect? This was funny though!

    Enjoy your weekend what's left of it)

    love, Angie, xx

  15. Well aren't these silly computers just annoying at times? Welcome to My World!
    You know I love jelly beans Marcy! But I love gum drops even more. White, orange and red are my favorites. In that order!
    I do hope the computer stops giving you a hard time, It is possible my dear that you are overloading it with too much info! We do love it all so hopefully the technical issues will work themselves out!


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