Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If I scream It's for Ice Cream, Part 1

First, let me tell all you wonderful 'village people' that there is a sneaky snake in our midst..
Someone had a birthday and didn't tell a soul
Thought she was being sneaky and hid it like a mole
And now it is my job to shout it high and low
To make a guarantee that everyone will know
Just two days in the past
Our Jackie had her day
And this won't be the last
Time she'll hear me say
So let's fill her with some ice cream goodies like this blueberry cupcake ice cream...

Here's another delight for that naughty, no tell birthday girl (it was Aug 24th), some yummy (NOT)"savory borscht (beet soup) & dill" ice cream....

Now Michael dearly loves garlic and I also like it (just not as much as he does), but I doubt this ice cream is one he'd like (there COULD be a reason WHY it's free)...

Can't say too much for the eye appeal of this ice cream, but then it is poppy seed ice cream, so you can only do so much. And don't those red blobs look like ketsup, oh yum to that one....

Michael's birthday is in January and he doesn't know that there is a treat out there with his name on it...yup, asparagus ice cream...too bad he hates asparagus...

Now I have tried this ice cream and it pretty much tastes like thin slices of ice cream flavored card board..

Now this is creative and could be good as long as they haven't used the borscht and asparagus ice creams...

So much great information about ice cream that I had to make this a Part 1 of 2 posts:

"The origins of ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C. Early references include the Roman emperor Nero (A.D. 37-68) who ordered ice to be brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings, and King Tang (A.D. 618-97) of Shang, China who had a method of creating ice and milk concoctions. Ice cream was likely brought from China back to Europe. Over time, recipes for ices, sherbets, and milk ices evolved and served in the fashionable Italian and French royal courts.
After the dessert was imported to the United States, it was served by several famous Americans. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson served it to their guests. In 1700, Governor Bladen of Maryland was recorded as having served it to his guests. In 1774, a London caterer named Philip Lenzi announced in a New York newspaper that he would be offering for sale various confections, including ice cream. Dolly Madison served it in 1812.

First Ice Cream Parlor In America - Origins Of English Name
The first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776. American colonists were the first to use the term "ice cream". The name came from the phrase "iced cream" that was similar to "iced tea". The name was later abbreviated to "ice cream" the name we know today.
Methods and Technology
Whoever invented the method of using ice mixed with salt to lower and control the temperature of ice cream ingredients during its making provided a major breakthrough in ice cream technology. Also important was the invention of the wooden bucket freezer with rotary paddles which improved ice cream's manufacture.
Augustus Jackson, a confectioner from Philadelphia, created new recipes for making ice cream in 1832.

Nancy Johnson and William Young - Hand-Cranked Freezers
In 1846, Nancy Johnson patented a hand-cranked freezer that established the basic method of making ice cream still used today. William Young patented the similar "Johnson Patent Ice-Cream Freezer" in 1848.

Jacob Fussell - Commercial Production
In 1851, Jacob Fussell in Baltimore established the first large-scale commercial ice cream plant. Alfred Cralle patented an ice cream mold and scooper used to serve on February 2 1897.
Mechanical Refrigeration
The treat became both distributable and profitable with the introduction of mechanical refrigeration. The ice cream shop or soda fountain has since become an icon of American culture.
Continuous Process Freezer
Around 1926, the first commercially successful continuous process freezer for ice cream was invented by Clarence Vogt.
History of the Ice Cream Sundae
Historians argue over the originator of the ice cream sundae.
History of Ice Cream Cones
The walk-away edible cone made its American debut at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
Soft Ice Cream
British chemists discovered a method of doubling the amount of air in ice cream creating soft ice cream."

Below is an example of soft ice cream, unfortunately someone thought dipping chicken nuggets in it would provide a tasty treat....
Now for those free spirits (and slightly insane) who would like to really relish their treats, here is a new and inventive way to get a head cold...

But for those of us who would like a little 'calmer' and more gourmet treats, here you go...

Aaah, the best of both worlds
fruit and nuts to make you feel less guilty about your ice cream mania...

When you're not Ice Creaming, you can
even have a few laughs about it...

How complicated can ice cream flavors be? How much can you put in there? I mean, when the flavor's something like banana ice cream with caramel, fudge chunks, cheddar goldfish and pennies -- you've got to draw a line there.
Where would you learn how to make ice cream?
At Sundae school.
Ice Cream
An elderly husband and wife noticed that they were beginning to forget many little things around the house. They were afraid that this could be dangerous, as one of them may accidentally forget to turn off the stove and thus cause a fire. So, they decided to go see their doctor to get some help. Their physician told them that many people their age find it useful to write themselves little notes as reminders. The elderly couple thought this sounded wonderful, and left the doctor's office very pleased with the advice.

When they got home, the wife said, "Honey, will you please go to the kitchen and get me a dish of ice cream? And why don't you write that down so you won't forget?"

"Nonsense," said the husband, "I can remember a dish of ice cream!"

"Well," said the wife, "I'd also like some strawberries on it. You better write that down, because I know you'll forget."

"Don't be silly," replied the husband. "A dish of ice cream and some strawberries. I can remember that!"

"OK, dear, but I'd like you to put some whipped cream on top. Now you'd really better write it down now. You'll forget," said the wife.

"Come now, my memory's not all that bad," said the husband. "No problem, a dish of ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream."

With that, the husband shut the kitchen door behind him. The wife could hear him getting out pots and pans, and making some noise inconsistent with his preparing a dish of ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream. He emerged from the kitchen about 15 long minutes later.

Walking over to his wife, he presented her with a plate of bacon and eggs. The wife took one look at the plate, glanced up at her husband very seriously and said, "Hey, where's the toast?"

~~~Blessed Trinity, thank You for the blessings of ice cream to cool our palates...may we remember to always "chill" the rest of us when difficult situations arise.


  1. Marcy, you work wonders for my sense of humour. Have a little blessing on me!

    There's such a big hoo-haa about making your own ice cream these days but I just go to the supermarket and buy some! If I want anyone to think I made it myself I just whizz up some bought stuff in the food processor and chuck in some lumpy bits of fruit and nuts or chocolate or cake or something (have you tried baked beans?) That's not cheating is it?

    I love that joke about the forgetful old folk. I was going to print it up for Keith, who's retiring in 8 weeks.

    That was naughty of Jackie, wasn't it? Keeping us in the dark like that about her birthday. Anyway, I would have wiahed her a happy day.

    Does Michael REALLY not like asparagus? It's my favourite but we can only get it in May / June and it's very expensive. I have been known to resort to frozen - kind of like asparagus ice lollies!

    love, Angie, xx

  2. Ewwww.... Garlic icecream? Poppy seed I can imagine, but not garlic! What's your favorite flavor, Marcy?

  3. Gosh...I belong, no I AM that last joke!!

    I meant to ask EVERYONE to please comment on their two favorite ice cream flavors! Thanks for your comment, Lisa so my befuddled brain can get into gear again!

    My favorites are Publix brand of chocolate almond, then Breyer's all natural strawberry, but Cold Stone's banana would have been a close runner up if I could ever find it!

    So PLEASE share your favorite two flavors!

  4. ***Angie, yes he DOES hate asparagus and calls it asper grass...but put cheese on almost any veggie and I like it. Does this mean you would like asparagus ice cream Angie?

    ***Lisa, so you could handle poppy seed ice cream...maybe I could too, in the right 'base' of say vanilla or even banana. What are your two favorites? Don't cheat now and say a creamsicle/dreamsicle!

  5. Oh my gosh this is more fun than legal. The first pic looks like my beloved black raspberry ice cream. Very popular in the North East, hard as the dickens to find in the midwest. Poppy seed... not for me no thank you. Ew.... the others, not so bad.. okay maybe the asparagus one might be hard to swallow but the rest... i'll give it a go.


  6. Hi Marcy, how did you find out about Jackie's birthday, I really wish I had known.
    Love what you did for her, and I love this post as ice cream is something I could eat every day. Now my favorite (they all are really) are Maple Walnut, Chocolate and I love Strawberry....sorry that's 3, did I mention orange pineapple, grapenut, vanilla okay I know you have heard enough.
    Have a great day my friend......:-0 Hugs

  7. Hi Marcy,
    I feel awful about skipping Jackie's birthday. Some people just don't want a big hullabaloo on their special day. I am going to scold her about that!
    I on the other hand like a big hullabaloo on my special day but you have eight months left to figure out when it is!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if you like big hullabaloo's on your birthday Marcy?
    Nice post on one of our all time favorites!
    Love Di

  8. Marcy...baaaaaaad baaaaaad girl. I think I'll go and have some Haagan Das....righ now. I know that's not spelled correctly....but it will taste just terrific. Love the the post....and I appreciate the birthday wish. I was keeping it quiet....sssssshhh.... I will be the incredible "60" on my next one! We'll have a internet party; how's that!!
    Love all the different ice cream information goodness at the flavors. I don't see those in our local Publix! :))
    Smiles to you, my friend...

  9. The Seckler pickle factory is in a small town near us - Spencerville. Each summer they have a Covered Bridge Festival & the pickle factory has a booth/tent. They feature pickle icecream. Someone who has tasted it tells me it has a strong lemon flavor. I have yet to try it myself.....

  10. I tried to come here earlier but Blogger wasn't cooperating again!
    My daughter-in-law picked up Mia early, and my son Brian is here occupying Jayden so I thought I'd give it another try and eureka! I hit pay dirt!

    I already scolded Jackie, I saw the comment you left on her post.

    We have eight months to figure out Di's birthday! I can't remember her mentioning her birthday at all, and I had four birthday posts in April (my sister, the 11th, a good friend on the 13th, Mia on the 16th, and my mother-in-law on the 18th ~ Diana, is it any one of those dates?!). I'm going to have to go back and read in her archives.

    And, thank you, Poppins, I got your e-cards and I love them, and I especially loved the Irish song, my Mom sang that all the time!

    Loved this post because I love ice cream! My favorites right now are anything peanut butter, and Starbucks Java Mocha! I also love Fudge Nut Brownie (I think it's made by HagenDaz) and also Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! And also...oh, wait I'm way over two already! Suffice it to say I love ice cream!

    I don't think it's going to matter if you like a big hullabaloo on your birthday or not, Poppins! Just sit back and enjoy!
    LOVE YOU!, Eileen

  11. Good afternoon Marcy. Ice cream is my favorite but i think I will stick to butter pecan LOL Happy bithday Jacki!!!! I loved reading all of your interesting information about ice cream Marcy ♥

  12. ***Tammy, you didn't eliminate the borscht and dill ice cream, so are you ready for that? Michael's all time favorite jam is black raspberry so it would be neat to find that ice cream!

    ***Bernie, what happened is that Jackie called yesterday and actually let it slip out, so I did scold her. You're my kind of gal, Bernie, just loving all the flavors!

    ***Jackie, when you revealed that information you had to realize that it was my civic duty as the law enforcer here, to let the rest of the villagers know! but you forgot to list your two favorite flavors birthday girl!

    ***Rebecca, I don't even like pickles (although I do like cucumbers) so that would not be one I would want to try, but it would be good for you to try it for the rest of us, don't you think?

    ***Eileen, stop scaring me about birthday stuff...does this involve a crop duster over my house? Or a frog jumping out of a cake?

  13. ***Carol, you hopped in while I was commenting on the comments. You also reminded me that years ago we used to go to a very traditional Japanese restaurant called Madame Butterfly's where you sat on the floor behind sliding rice paper doors and the dessert was always a scoop of butter pecan ice cream...I forgot that I LOVE that too!

  14. I have chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavor icecream in the freezer now Marcy, but Chocolate Almond is a favorite too and Butter Brickle is is Coconut Almond Supreme...I just had a banana split this past weekend with fresh strawberries, pineapple and hot fudge sauce...Now you have me craving icecream!

    Don't eat too much icecream!

  15. As I am reading your post I am having a wonderful strawberry-chocolate swirl frozen yogurt from a quick mart. HMMM YUMMM. So sweet of you to remind us all of a villagers BD!

  16. ***Okay, Wanda, that's fighting it any longer...tonight will be a chocolate almond night! Coconut almond does sound good and so does hot fudge sauce...whew...think I just gained five pounds!

  17. Very, very, very GOOOOOD~~~Don't think I can do the garlic ice cream though! Have a grand evening! Cathy

  18. I've always said that I've never met an ice cream I didn't like. I think that after seeing this post....I won't say that any more! I have actually made that dish that looks like watermelon..yummy. It's made out of raspberry sherbert, vanilla and favorite!

  19. uh..... i am seriously contemplating my second bowl of ice cream for the evening thanks to you!

  20. I bet Harriet would try any of the above ice cream flavors! She loves yogurt from the ice cream parlor! Hope you have a great day.

  21. I love Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey! But I am trying to forget that, probably, the reason Jackie did not mention her Birthday...she is trying to forget it! Well, glad you did not let her Marcy, and glad you did not let me forget how much I love Ice Cream!

  22. I'm a little late on posting this...but I haven't been very sorry that I missed Jackie's birthday :( She is such a sweetie...I would have loved to have sent her a card...You gave a very nice Birthday/Ice-Cream post! Very nice..and it made me hungry :) The spaghetti ice-cream looked yummy!
    Love and Hugs! Jerelene


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