Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess what time it is? It's Sugar time!

Eileen at Umma's World (who seems to always have the sweetest posts) suggested in a comment that I should post about sugar, so here it is. Maybe I was getting a little too acidic. This picture below is purportedly of people putting yellow sugar on snow, BUT I do remember being warned about not eating yellow snow, so these people will NEVER pass the naughty or nice test for Santa...Guess what these people are doing? It was on the tip of your tongue, right? They are working with palm sugar! I never even heard of it and it looks a little scary...

These little works of art are sugar cubes for your coffee or sure would be hard for me to use them, as I'd rather frame them....

These are huge sugar cubes in a factory....

And here we have some colored sugar for which I have a money saving tip. Years ago I started making my own colored sugar for cookies, especially at Christmas. All you have to do is add the color you want and mix it. Since you are using very little liquid with the food dyes, it doesn't make the sugar clump or become liquidy...

Just in case you are getting overloaded with sugar at this point, here is a cool glass of vinegar that I forgot to post yesterday....Isn't this a pretty sugar coated cake? Now Angie @ Can You All Hear Me At the Back? is one blog you might want to visit for many reasons, but one would be that she actually makes these beautiful cakes!!...

Never saw this before but this is one method of getting maple sugar....

Isn't this just a nifty thing that I found about saving sugar from war times?.....

Yet some more valued info from our Internet...
"When Mary Poppins sang gleefully that “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” she was undoubtedly referring to sugar’s sweet taste.

There is more to sugar than sweet taste.

(There is? Say it isn't so!!!)

Here are some fun facts about sugar’s versatility.

Medicine – Sugar has a wide variety of physical properties that make it extremely useful in many medicines.

Sugar coatings are used to protect tablets from chipping
(Maybe this is what they did with m & m s to protect the chocolate from chipping and then discovered chocolate this great reasoning or what?)

Sugar has a role in “time-released” medicines

(It plays the part of Dr. Doolittle opposite Mr. Hyde)

Sugar is valued in cough syrups

(I must argue with this one as I once had a cough syrup with NO sugar while in Poland and it tasted so awful that I stopped coughing because I was afraid of the cough syrup...altho' maybe I would have valued the sugar had there been some!)

Sugar binds ingredients together
(So if love can't hold people together, maybe they ought to try sugar?)

Ethanol – In some countries they ferment sugar cane to make ethanol and use it as automobile fuel. Yes, in some countries you can pull up to the pump and fill your car with fermented sugar cane instead of gasoline.
(You can even do this in your own back yard...but I'll let you try it first and tell me about it.)

Sucrochemistry –This term is applied to scientific efforts to produce new and useful compounds by manipulating the sucrose molecule and combining it with other substances. For example, sugar esters, particularly combinations of sucrose with fatty acids, are used for surface coatings, detergents and paints. Sugar ester detergents are reported to be excellent in cleaning dirt, agriculture chemicals and bacteria from fruits and vegetables.

Miscellaneous Applications

Sugar is used to slow down the setting of cement.

(To speed it up, sprinkle liberally with salt.)

The glue industry uses sugar as an extender and as a vehicle to slow the setting process or to help keep the glue from drying too fast.

(If I coat my fingers with sugar, will it help stop the super glue I use from setting so well and staying on my fingers better than on the object I am gluing?)

Sugar plays a role in leather tanning and in the manufacture of paper ink and dyes.

(If it tans leather, just think what great results you could get using this instead of sun tan lotion and save money too.)

You can prolong the life of cut flowers by adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your vase.

For cut flowers, sugar can be absorbed through the stem where the plant uses it as food, which helps them live longer. "

(And they even die a happy death.)

A few sugary sweet jokes.....

Pass the Sugar Honey

This guy goes to a party without his wife. He hears this other guy say to his wife "Pass the sugar, Honey." and "Pass the honey, Sugar." His wife extols the virtues of this man's sweet words with his wife. He thinks this sort of speech is a good idea. So, the next morning when he and his wife are eating breakfast, he says to his wife, "Pass the bacon, Pig."


Going To The Sugar Bowl

I was horrified to find my son eating out of the sugar bowl.
"Don't let me catch you doing that again!" I scolded.
He was willing but dubious. "I'll try, Mommy," he told me, "but you're so quiet sometimes."


A level teaspoon of sugar

My father and I were shingling the roof and my young brother was the "Go For". Dad asked for a cup of coffee with a level teaspoon of sugar. Upon tasting the the coffee my father spit it out and asked "what in the world did you put in this"? My brother responded "Eleven teaspoons of sugar, just like you asked".


Too Much Sugar

A fellow nurse at my hospital received a call from an anxious patient. "I'm diabetic and I'm afraid I've had too much sugar today." the caller said. "Are you light-headed?" my colleague asked. "No," the caller answered, "I'm a brunette."


The card that just keeps on Giving

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

~~~Thank You Father for the blessings of all the sweet people in our lives, please help us to stay sweet in return.


  1. By the way everyone, I am a witterer and proud of it (is it okay to be proud of wittering, Angie and Eddie?) They are both from Great Britain and they said I can be a witterer, not just a natterer, although nattering could be a little more 'elegant'. So, let me invite all of you to natter or witter at will!

    Ooops..almost forgot that Angie warned me against being titchy which is something like itchy but not. It sounds close to titched(touched) in the head, so I could be that, but I got the idea that it had something to do with having short and actually sensible posts.

    May all of you be blessed with a very happy, joyful and laughter filled day.

    This was great!
    And do you think we could get Angie to give us all lessons in cake decorating?!
    Do you know as a kid I loved taking cough medicine?! I used to pretend I had a cough so my Mom would give me a spoonful! (I guess I was either addicted to the sugar in it, or maybe it was the alcohol they used to put in it!).
    Loved the cake in the last picture!
    I saw on another blog 'sugared flowers' used to decorate desserts, and I've heard that roses are edible (or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part as I used to eat them as a little girl all the time! I destroyed my Uncle's prized rose bushes by eating every petal!)

    Great post, Marcy!
    Loved it!
    Love you!
    Very cordially yours,
    Ms. Eileen

  3. Holy Moley, Marcy! I almost left such a stupid comment!
    I'll email it to you later!
    Jayden and I have a lunch date and I have to get ready!

    Um, where is everyone? Did they all sleep in today?
    Your friend indeed, E

  4. Great post Marcy. You make me smile every day. Love your sugar jokes! Thanks for all of the great information about sugar ♥ I hope you have a lovely day

  5. It's 10:53 and I know you live in the same time zone as me! Why does your time always post hours behind?

  6. Hi Marcy, great post today, just what I need to know about...sugar.
    I love your post, always have, they bring me much joy and tons of laughter. Have a wonderful Thursday my friend.....:-) Hugs

  7. I rushed right through the actual facts about sugar to get to the sugar jokes. Though I'm a brunette, they left me light-headed with laughter.

  8. I loved this post...I think the world is a sweeter place because of it :) I mean..just think of all the wonderful things that sugar makes..I'd be lost without them!!
    I liked the pass the bacon pig...that made me laugh out loud!!
    OOH..Ms. Eileen...liked cough medicine..that's pretty funny...I actually get sick at just the smell of Robitussin. I had double pneumonia when I was pregnant with Sam and had to take I just hate it..I have to take the pills..I think they don't put enough sugar in that!!
    I loved the little flowers!! I bet when you're rich and famous that's how they serve you coffee...I wouldn't know though...but it would be very fancy..ooh, la, la!
    Now Marcy, what is this wittering and nattering and titchy..I'm not familiar with these terms..maybe you should do a post on that..It would be very informative AND fun!!
    I love that Eileen calls you poppins..that is very sweet! I love Mary you are Marcy Poppins...that fits are a sweety!!
    Have a happy day today!!
    Love, Jerelene...just jerelene :)

  9. OH,,,Marcy..I am playing a song in your honor on my page today!!
    (the yellow snow is gross :)
    Love, Your friend....Jerelene

  10. Oh, I was just visiting over at Jerelene's again to read comments and I heard the song and I was wondering if she did it in your honor!
    Oh, Jerelene is rivaling you in the sweetness department now, Poppins!
    And she's also giving you, Diana, and Wanda a run for your money in the humor department! I laughed out loud while reading her comment here!
    Jerelene ~ it was actually Wanda that dubbed Marcy with Mary Poppins and I LOVED IT and I ran with it!
    Oh, and I took Vicks Formula 44 cough medicine, it was the BEST! But it doesn't taste the same anymore, so now I just hack away.
    See ya later alligators!

  11. Lord have mercy.
    I do enjoy coming by here daily. I know something fun awaits Marcy's place.

  12. Your post was very sweet Marcy! Get it? Very sweet? O.K. O.K. I'm over tired so that's all I've got.
    Seriously Marcy this reminded me of when Ginny was a little girl. Every restaurant we went to she would open the sugar packets and eat them. And she would drink all of the little creamers!
    And I let her! What kind of mom does that?

  13. Adorable post ERMA Marcy! You need to be writing in a column in the paper each day! SWEET post, lip smackin good! miles of smiles!

  14. Hi Marci
    In contrast with your somewhat sour backdrop yesterday when you talked about vinegar you are a real sweetie today, sugar (or should I say honey?)
    btw My wife and I saw our dentist today and I mentioned the 50% application of white vinegar to make your teeth white, Unfortunately she implored us not to do so because it attacks the tooth enamel and causes decay problems. Oh dear!

    I loved your jokes, Marcy, where do you get them all?

    Here is one for you:
    Q. What do you get if you cross a stream and a brook?
    A. Wet feet!

    Q. When is a door not a door?
    A. When it's a jar!

    Or, as my daughter said when she was 4,
    Q. Daddy, what time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?
    A. Time to buy a new fence.

    Regarding English English I have some more information for you and your lovely followers:

    A hen party is a gathering of wild rawcus ladies having a good time with no men allowed.
    You probably have heard of that.

    A 'nit wit' is someone not blessed with much intelligence. Another phrase to describe it is "He is as thick as two short planks".
    Manwell in Fawlty Towers gets it wrong and calls it 'wit nit'.

    Jackie informs me that you have a phrase, "To Piddle", meaning wasting time. I dare not use that one here because our version means, "to relieve one's bladder" as in the famous book "Running Water" by I.P.Standing.
    In England we have a town called "Piddletrenyide" - named so because it is always raining so we have a saying for, it is raining hard, "It is raining cats and dogs" or "It is peeing down".

    In England a "thingamybob" or an "ugamyflip" (not certain of correct spellings) both mean "an item" or "a thing". But be careful because "an item" can mean something else, "a couple" as in a man-woman relationship.

    I will not explain in full the priceless blunder when an Englis Professor addressed an American conference and started by asking them to correct some notes by taking out their "rubbers". Your word is much better, "erasers" and of course that is what he meant.

    Recently I used the term "take a flyer" which caused quite a stir because the meaning was very ambiguous. It simply means "to take a wild guess".

    Oh and refering to our discussions about the use of 'u' in English English words and your hypothesis that if you did not use u the message would be typed more quickly. Well I do see your reasoning and you do have a nute point I grant you BUT why have a letter on a keyboard if it is never used - the poor thing will feel left out, so be nice and use it - anyway it looks better, it reads better, and it looks better. The same with colour, humour and armour etc.

    We are blessed that the English Language does not ask us to learn very difficult grammar and syntax as in Latin. Remember, Amo, Amas, Amat etc.

    We just have to learn verb congugations like
    I witter
    You witter
    We witter
    They witter . . . . etc.

    I must close now otherwise I shall be accused of wittering or rabitting.

    Well I think that is it for now ~ take care ~ Eddie

  15. Eddiue,

    Arue Youu seurious aubout nout usuing eunough u's? Shoulud euveryone staurt usuing theum reugularly aund wiuth moure freuqency?

    Thiunk I shaull nautter aubout iut!

  16. You are Mary Poppins with your "spoonfull of sugar"...Again, I'm waaaayyyy down here.
    I've been busy with Alivia, Andrew and Dylan today.Catch everyone tomorow.

  17. Laughing at all the fun back here in the combox, Marcy! &:o) And love the post -- you sure know how to get my attention! Did you know that a spoonful of sugar will stop most nosebleeds? Strange but true!

  18. Fun and interesting post Marcy. Our neighbor's horses would love one of those sugar cubes!!!

  19. wowee!! i just started a sugar fast of all things.... well, that was very interesting. I am so so sorry about your late husband. That must have really difficult. What an incredible testimony and life you are living! May God continue to inspire you daily.

  20. Hello Marcy and thank you for 'u' for your interesting if not highly unauthodox reply. I have had this diagnosed by our medics and we are rather concerned because we think you are suffering from a highly contagious disease called 'uphoria' - a derivitive of the more widely known Euphoria. It is quite common when Americans discover they have a 'u' on their keyboards and they usually go bannanas putting 'u's everywhere when they realise the letter 'u' has been suppressed for so long.
    As a matter of extreme precaution I have set out in my Ambulance to attend to you and there is a convoy of us coming over as a matter of urgency. I am driving a high dependancy vehicle with a padded cell complete with a mental nurse who has a straight jacket for you. We have a police escort and will be on blues all the way. We are sending also a fire engine since we shall be travelling so fast the tyres need hosing every 20 minutes. I have taken the liberty to bring an expertr witterer or rabbitting on(er), or natterer so we can continue our lessons for anyone who may be interested.
    Listen out for the sirens - we are going like the clappers ~ Eddie


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