Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happiness = Helping

Sometimes answers are so simple that they can stun you and most of the time the "world" tells us the opposite of what is true, so we always need to go to GOD'S Word to get the answers....

Every time we answer the voice within us that is goodness, we feel good because we ....
It can be in very small ways or very large ways, involving our time, our money or our talents, even as "easy" as sincere prayer....

We can even give our life source, our blood, to help others...

Singing is praying twice, so sing to someone a song of love...

Let's keep today's reading in our everyday actions and when we can, let us always help one another...

Reading II
Jas 1:17-18, 21b-22, 27

"Dearest brothers and sisters:
All good giving and every perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of lights,
with whom there is no alteration or shadow caused by change.
He willed to give us birth by the word of truth
that we may be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you
and is able to save your souls.

Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves.

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this:
to care for orphans and widows in their affliction
and to keep oneself unstained by the world."
And now for an uplifting true story as well as a laugh or two...

Pickpockets Put Back a Little Cash
--posted by Miracle Man on Aug 22, 2009

August 19, 2009 -- LONDON (Reuters) - Visitors to London always have to be on the look out for pickpockets, but now there's another, more positive phenomenon on the loose -- putpockets.

Aware that people are suffering in the economic crisis, 20 former pickpockets have turned over a new leaf and are now trawling London's tourist sites slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets.

Anything from 5 pounds ($8) to 20 pound notes is being surreptitiously deposited in unguarded pockets or open handbags in Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and other busy spots.

The initiative, which runs until the end of August in London before being rolled out countrywide, is being funded by a broadbrand provider, which says it wants to brighten up people's lives in unusual ways.

"It feels good to give something back for a change -- and Britons certainly need it in the current economic climate," said Chris Fitch, a former pickpocket who now heads TalkTalk's putpocketing initiative.

"Every time I put money back in someone's pocket, I feel less guilty about the fact I spent many years taking it out."

London's police have been briefed about the plan, which will see at least 100,000 pounds given away.

(Reporting by Luke Baker; Editing by Kate Kelland)
Put the cat out
by Anna
(Mission Viejo)

Linda and Tom were leaving for the night, but first, they had to let Molly, their cat, out of the house. Linda picked up the cat and set her outside, but the cat just ran right back in while they were closing the door.

Tom ran inside to catch her. By this time, the taxi they had called was there, and Linda, not wanting anyone to know that there was no one in the house, told the driver that Tom was just saying goodbye to his mother.

A few minutes later, Tom appeared, his hair a mess, and he was breathing hard. "Sorry about that." he said, "The idiot went under the bed and I had to hit her with a hanger a couple times to get her out!"
Heard This One Before?
A man boasts to a friend about his new hearing aid, 'It's the most expensive one I've ever had, it cost me $3,500.'

His friend asks, 'What kind is it?'

The braggart says, 'Half past four.'
The Lord's Prayer
A mother had been teaching her 3-year-old daughter the Lord's Prayer. For several evenings at bedtime, she would repeat after her mother the lines from the prayer. Finally, she decided to go solo. The mother listened with pride as she carefully enunciated each word, right up to the end of the prayer: "Lead us not into temptation," she prayed, "but deliver us some E-mail. Amen."
~~~Lord, though I am not rich by any means, I thank You for the blessings of abundance that You have given me, please help me to give to others.


  1. Oh Marcy I am truly grateful for all that I have and that means you too! I loved that last joke about the Lord's prayer, funny yet somehow true! Love Di

  2. Another great blog, my friend. Did you read Eddie's about the giving of blood...? Tied in very nicely. Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Smiles to you from Jackie

  3. Beautiful post, Marcy! A wonderful lesson on helping and sharing the many Gifts we have been Blessed with.
    And you have one of the most giving hearts!
    God Bless you!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Love and Prayers,

  4. Beautiful post Marcy. Help and giving is it's own reward...can't anything give you such peace and joy? There are so many forms of help..a hug is one of the best.

  5. You have no idea how uplifting this post felt to me. It was such a nice blend of spirituality and humor. Just the way I love it. Thank you so much Marcy! I am a follower henceforth! I am so glad I came back here :)

  6. Hi Marcy - lovely post as ever. Loved the little girl's ending to The Lord's Prayer and loved the pick pockets reversing their talents - Get It TALENTS!! as in money! Oh well! I am trying!! 'Very trying', you might say.
    Our priest told us a little story today as a lead in th his sermon or homily as I should say.

    A priest was walking home and was confronted by a mugger who said, 'Your money or your life!'. The mugger then saw his victim was a priest and repented and said, 'Sorry, Father, I shall mot mug you because you are a man of the cloth'. The priest then asked him if he would like a cigarette but the mugger said, 'Sorry Father I have given them up because it's lent!'

    Get it?
    I cannot remember what the priest said for his sermon I am sorry to say.

    Bye for now ~ Eddie x

  7. Marcy this is so true, contentment, happiness always fine it's place in our lives when one gives of oneself. I am not rich financially but am very rich in so many other aspects of my life. In fact I wouldn't want a lot of money as I love my life just as it is and wouldn't want anything to change to it. Have a great Sunday my friend......:-) Hugs

  8. Hi Marcy...yesterday I was kicked off or it froze up everytime I came...but it only happened at the point of leaving a comment...I was so frustrated I gave up...

    Blogger is a "taker" sometimes and doesn't "receive" well other times, but Blogger does "give" me the pleasure of coming here most of the time!

    Loved the e-mail joke...Now you have Eddie doing jokes for you too! See you at the next posting, I hope this comment goes through!



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