Friday, August 14, 2009

A Birthday Trip to "Oliviatown"

Well, here's peeking at you...from a distance.... as I will be leaving this morning to go for my granddaughter Olivia's birthday!

I found this picture a while back and just copied it because I loved it...we never travel alone when we have wonderful friends....

Here is a random cow that I found and copied for Jerelene whose sweet blog is at Jerelene's Journal.....

Although I will miss everyone, this little 'card' is especially for my cutie pie Michael since he will see this when he reads my blog today, smooches and hugs to you, Mikemal....

Even though I won't need this, I do know that I am leaving sweet blogland....

Here's Gamma (me) going to visit little red Olivia for her birthday....

Make sure all of you look out for one another while I am gone so there's no rioting and looting and stuff........

~~~Heavenly Father thank You for the blessings of wonderful friends and wonderful trips and a wonderful husband, may You bless them and may we remember to treasure them always.


  1. You are the treasure chest of the village!

    Have a wonderful time! Give Olivia a big kiss and hug from your blog friends!

    Happy trails to you until we meet again!
    Love you, E

  2. Be safe my friend, enjoy Olivia and come back to us soon. You will be missed.....:-) Hugs

  3. Have a wonder visit Marcy, soak in the sweetness of your precious Olivia!

  4. Have a very safe trip there and back...and while you're there have a wonderful time being the sweet Marcy(Gamma)that you are!! Tell Olivia Happy Birthday from Indiana!! Olivia is my oldest daughters middle name...I love that name :)
    Have fun Marcy...I'll miss you and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
    Love, Jerelene
    P.S. I loved the cow!!

  5. Marcy, have a wonderful time with Olivia and enjoy her birthday. You will be missed.

  6. Hi Marcy it's me!!! Just stopped by to say I have been thinking about you and hope that you are enjoying your visit! Love Di

  7. Come back Marcy - your friends miss you and that includes me, your fav ambulance man!
    Au revoir - Eddie

    PS There's a new Post for you to see, a bit naughty but I have done it very tastefully. I am pleased to say it has won POTD on David's Authorblog

  8. Love the finger puppets! Such precision work. :O)


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