Friday, September 11, 2009

Touching The World by Remembering With Love

There are so many beautiful remembrances of the tragedy of 9/11 and I'd like to share a few as I pray for all others to pray and to help make this world whole again. Jesus was cradling the Twin Towers that day and hoping that all those deaths would not be in vain....
When we or others make wrong choices we must then leave it all .....

Even when we don't see Him or feel His Presence, He is always there if we call on Him...

A hero is someone who loves and shows it....

We save one another in BIG ways like this and in powerful ways like daily love and prayer...

What adds color to our life and problems is reaching out and finding ways to help and save and heal others...

Every day remember to pray and remember to remember with love...

This did not just affect just the United States, but the whole world, just as ALL world events affect us as well...

Every tiny piece of everything in life is important to God and should be important to us....

Love is remembering all who have sacrificed and loved...

Prayers help those who help others, so we pray and pray...

There can never be too many signs of caring....

Dogs give and gave without asking why to help the helpless and to give hope and love....

May they be happy beyond belief and may their families be blessed by God....

Heroes are still all around us in so many shapes and sizes and forms, so please give them a smile, a prayer and be kind....

Though this is two years ago, still we remember but even better, with more prayer...

Amazing and sad how many names there are of lives that ended that day...

Today I am wearing a nice big flag pin....

Love comes in many shapes and sizes...

And now to leave you, hopefully praying and also smiling....

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For bird flu you need tweetment and for swine flu you need oinkment

Love Is...

A group of children, four to eight years old, were asked the question, "What does love mean?" Here are their insightful answers.

Johnny, Age 4
When a person loves you, they say your name different. You just know your name is safe in their mouth.

Dallas, Age 7
Love is when your mom makes a cup of coffee for your dad and she takes a sip of it before she gives it to him, to make sure it is okay.

Sue, Age 6
If you want to learn how to love better, you should start with someone you hate.

Donna, Age 6
My mommy loves me more than any one else. You don't see anybody else kissing me good night when I go to bed.

Sandi, Age 8
When my grandma got arthritis, she couldn't bend over to paint her toenails anymore. So my granddad does it for her, even after he got arthritis, too. That's love.

Andy, Age 7
Love is what is in the room on Christmas if you stop opening your presents and listen.

Jake, Age 6
Love is when a little old man and a little old woman are still friends, even after they know each other so well.

Dennis, Age 5
Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on after shave and then they go out together and smell each other.

Georgia, Age 7
Love is when you tell a boy you like his shirt and then he wears it everyday.

Chloe, Age 4
Love is what makes you smile when you're tired.

Annie, Age 5
Love is when mommy gives daddy the best piece of chicken.

Jackie, Age 4
Love is when your puppy licks your face even when you left him alone all day.

Joe, Age 7
Love is when daddy comes in all sweaty and smelly and mommy still tells him that he is handsomer than Robert Redford.

Jenny, Age 8
When I had my piano recital, I was on the stage and I was scared. I looked out at all the people looking at me. Then I saw my daddy waving and smiling. He was the only one doing that and I wasn't sacred anymore.

Bruce, Age 8
Love is when you go out to dinner with someone and you give them most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.

Vanessa, Age 8

You really shouldn't tell somebody that you love them unless you mean it. But if you do mean it, you should tell them a lot. People forget.

Marissa, Age 4
Love is when your older sister gives you all her old clothes because, then she has to go out and buy new ones.

Amy, Age 8
Love is when you kiss all the time. Then after you are tired of kissing, you still want to be with each other and you talk more. My daddy and mommy are like that. When they kiss, they look gross.

Andrea, Age 7
You know you love someone because your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.

~~~Lord, I thank You for the blessing of being able to love, please teach us that love is the answer no matter what or where or who.


  1. Please share where you were when this happened and how that day went.

    I was getting ready to go to the gas station after a meeting I would have to also attend. Mario was in bed in the bedroom watching television (he could only get around using a wheelchair at this point) and said tio me "Look what happened...a plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers". We were just stunned into silence and then finally said that the pilot must have had a heart attack or something went wrong with the controls and then we watched as a second plane hit the other Tower and we 'knew'. That day everyone in Phoenix, AZ that I came across was stunned and it was such a quiet day.

    I tried to call my daughter and baby grandson who were living in Long Island at the time but were on a mini vacation in Columbus, GA on that day! Phone lines were busy EVERYWHERE and her husband was stranded in NY where he worked for Lowes.

  2. Hi Marcy,
    I was at home cleaning, as usual when my husband called and told me to turn on the t.v. I don't remember what state he was in at the time. But I stopped cleaning and just sat there in shock, staring at the t.v. all day. I get chills and tears just thinking about it.
    It also brings to mind that my DIL's cousin was the first young man killed in Iraq from our county. Lt. Kyle Price. A sweet and loving young man who's fiance gave birth to their baby 3 months after his death. He was a very patriotic young man who was excited about serving his country. We all still miss him. Love Di

  3. Hi Marci

    Beautiful post and wonderful to remember those people who lost their lives and were injured. I still cannot understand . . . why? How can anyone . . . anywhere . . . intentioally plan and execute such an (words fail me for the corrct word) act?

    I was self employed at the time and my colleague and I were driving past a customer's house who flagged us down frantically and invited us into his house to see the news . . . over and over!

    At the time Bob and I did not even know what the Twin Towers were!!

    We saw these planes crashing into a skyscraper over and over . . . we looked in absolute horror!! . . . . we thought it might perhaps be some kind of film trailer . . . but no . . . the real thing!! Then a while later . . . anothe into the second tower . . . . then the collapse of the Towers one after the other. We watched in dosmay and absolute silence with absolute amazement.
    How can humans do that to humans . . . utterly amazing.
    Thanks, Marcy for reminding me - no-one should forget this just as no-one should forget the hollacaust!!

    On a brighter note loved this little story you told - it really tickled me:

    Andrea, Age 7
    You know you love someone because your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.

  4. Very nice post Marcy!

    My husband and I were both here at home and the TV was on CNN when it happened...we were glued together all day.

  5. A nice post, my friend.
    I was at school. We were in the middle of standardized testing...
    Someone came to my classroom door and said that one of the Twin Towers had been hit by a plane. After testing, it was my planning period, and I turned the television in my room on to CNN. I was watching it live when the second tower fell. I couldn't say a word...I sat in utter disbelief. To this day, I don't understand how someone could do such a thing...and it still seems unreal to me.
    May we never ever forget.....

  6. I was at work in the camp office. I honestly can't remember how I first heard But I remember hurrying to our house and turning on the TV...calling my husband...and we sat and wathed in horror.

    Heard many minutes of the emergency calls and traffic control communications this morning as I was driving. It brought me to tears and a sob or two.

    The "love notes" are precious and warm my heart this morning.

  7. Nice post, Marcy.

    Ray had taken a vacation day and was home here that morning.
    He and I were cleaning out the front porch and arguing over what to keep and what to throw away, just a nonsense type of argument over nothing. And then we heard that a 'small' plane had hit one of the towers, and I said to Ray, "But it's so beautiful out, a crystal clear day, it must have been a student pilot", and then with the news that it was a commercial airliner the realization that this was no accident.
    Some of our kids work in Manhattan too, and the 'not knowing' what this attack was all about coupled with the fact that we couldn't reach them due to phone lines so tied up sent my mind reeling. Before the first tower came down we heard from our daughter that she was safe and a bus driver took pity on her and a friend and he told them to hop in his bus and he had found a way out of Manhattan before they had put the city on lock-down, she was on her way home. Before the second tower came down we heard from our sons that they had met up and were walking home by way of the 59th Street Bridge.
    I remember feeling guilty thinking, "Thank You, God, mine are safe."
    I remember my sister-in-law calling and saying her husband didn't have work that day, (he's a firefighter) but as soon as he heard the news he had gone into the city anyway, to be with his 'brothers', and my cousins whose husbands were police officers were doing the same, as were so many other firefighters and police. And many more emergency workers, medical staff, and volunteers were making that same choice. It had only been a few hours and I remember hearing that volunteers from all over the country were making plans to come to New York, trying to organize and coordinate with the proper authorities here. I remember a man from Texas saying, "Our neighbors in New York need us, and we're answering the call."

    And today, mostly what I remember is the media coverage of the hospital staffs and Emergency workers all ready and waiting to help patients that never materialized, and later the desperate hope on the faces of relatives as they showed up downtown with the pictures of loved ones, and posters with information where to call if you should see them. People coming from all over the city, hoping to find their loved ones maybe wandering the streets of Manhattan.

    Today the weather here is the exact opposite of what it was that day. It's cold, and windy, and rainy. Tree branches were strewn all about as I walked to pick up Jayden from school. On the way home he asked, "Is God in a hurry? He's making the leaves and wind rush around!" It made me think of your cute stories here.
    Children really are God's Saving Grace to us.
    You too, Marcy.
    Love you, Eileen

  8. It was as much of a shock to us over here in England too. I was doing some ironing at my sister's house. I was in the kitchen with the tv on but not really watching when the programme was interrupted and the news broke that a small plane was believed to have run into one of the Twin Towers in New York.

    I had only ever heard it called the World Trade Centre before and, forgive my ignorance, didn't even know there WERE 2 towers.

    The ironing forgotten, I watched grief-stricken as the second plane appeared - seemingly from nowhere - and you just KNEW what was about to happen. And it did.

    As I think about it now I can remember so vividly what I was feeling but I just don't have the words to describe those feelings here.

    May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

    Angie, xx

  9. Marcy...I love the picture of Jesus holding the twin towers...I'm sure many tears were shed in heaven that day...You and Eileen both did a wonderful job of honoring and remembering...Big Hugs to Both of you on such wonderful posts. I love the love meaning where the little girl said you have to keep reminding the people that you love that you love them..people forget...I LOVE that...I think so many of us take that forgranted. 9/11 should have taught us all not to never know when the last chance you'll get is..
    Life is so precious!!
    I'm so glad to have such precious friends as you!! Much Love and Huge Hugs to you today!!
    Love, Jerelene

  10. I was in a hotel room blow drying my hair as I was leaving for a vacation to 3 hours....I have never got to Indiana, I sat all day on that bed and watched CNN all day, I stayed there all day crying and praying. I came home the next day and again watched TV. I still get tears when I remember....I also remember how the American people came together as one and became filled with hope and pride. We lost Canadians that day as well and when their families are being interviewed I still cry. A day in history like so many others that never will be forgotten. God Bless all Americans and their beautiful country....I am so proud of both yours and Eileen's post. Stay well my friend......:-) Hugs

  11. Thank you for this beautiful post. I doubt that anyone will ever forget where they were and what they were doing when the news broke. My post today shares some of the same memories and sentiments. May we never forget those who lost their lives in this tragedy, or their families who were forever changed. Thank you for a lovely tribute. Kathy

  12. Dear Friend,

    Before I share where I was at that awful time, I want you to know that by posting on my blog today, and everyday you do, you give me purpose. You are so gracious to let me know that you enjoyed something and especially today, that there was a true need that I was able to fulfill. Bless you, my sister in Christ.

    I have a hard time rehashing 9/11 .. I don't ever forget, but I just have a hard time seeing the sadness over and over. It hurts.

    I was on my way to work, on I65 North, between Greensprings and University when my daughter called my cellphone, "have you been listening to the news?"

    "No, what's going on," I asked. "An airplane crashed into one of the twin towers in New York." I was mildly stunned, picturing a small two or four passenger private plane having had some sort of tragic mishap on board and it crashing into one of the buildings. I thought there would be casualties at least on the small aircraft as I hung up the phone and drove on to the office. I worked for a major law firm and everybody was talking about it. My boss had one of those little 2-inch mini-televisions radio things and he had it on. He sat it on top of his computer screen. He sat in his expensive leather chair and I stood behind him, both of us in shock and completely silent as we watched the first, and then the second tower fall. The view beyond the computer screen was to the north and it was the landing path of airplanes to the airport. Suddenly I realized that there had not been any airplanes landing or taking off.

    Needless to say, that was followed by Flight 93 crashing and the Pentagon crash. It was a day where no work was done; everyone walked around numb and looking all over the internet for answers.

    A few Catholic friends let me know that Mass was going to be held for the victims at St. Paul's Cathedral about three blocks from the office. We, Catholics and other faiths, walked together, joining many on our way to the Cathedral. It was silent, just the sound of many feet. We all had red, white and blue ribbons on our clothing. The Cathedral was packed.

    St. Paul's is an old Church, old and very beautiful in the "old school" sense of Catholicism. The floors are old, wooden planks, as are the rustic benches. You can hear a pin drop.

    I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life. I NEEDED the Lord that day. I needed His presence in the Mass. It was very solemn, reverent and sad, but it was the very best thing I could have done for those who lost their lives that day, for their families, for our country, and for me and my family.

    Marcy, I loved the children's quotes and I began choosing as I read which one I liked the best, but they are all wonderful so I like them ALL the best!

    Peace & Love,

  13. When this happened, it was night time in India and I was watching a daily soap which had this ticker which urged people to watch the news. We did and were in utter shock. Hoping against hopes that not many lives would be lost. What followed in Guantanamo was a fall out of this, and a major reason why the Islamic community is looked at with fear. What happened was bad. But it needs to stop. The hatred, the fear. I hope each of us here lives to see a world full of peace and happiness in this lifetime

  14. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my 9-11 post yesterday, it led me to your beautiful tribute. Once again the tragedy of that day is bringing strangers together. I truly believe this was for a reason and I hope you will read my follow-up post today.

    New York Says Thank You

  15. I posted my remembrance on my blog before I read yours!

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute...

  16. Marcy, thank you for your post. I thought of posting a tribute to the 9/11 tragedy but decided I just couldn't do it. I am so glad you did, and everyone is sharing. I was drying my hair getting ready for work. We owned a kiosk at a mall in SLC. I always listened to the news as I got ready and watched the whole thing is horror. I took my tiny 5 inch black and while tv with me and watched all day long. The mall was dead silent all day long. No one came in. I had to sit there all day long and finally at around 3 I decided enough was enough, I didn't care what the mall people required I do, I closed shop and went home. I cried all day long. My mother just a few days before bought herself a 60 inch big screen tv because she suffered from malacular degeneration and was almost blind. As an immigrant to the states in 1952 and born and raised in Holland she suffered the horrible effects of World War II and she cried and cried and said she just knew another World War was on its way and she just could not live through another one. 10 days later she passed away from a heart attack. She was so distraught over the whole ordeal and it played over and over again on the big screen tv every day until the day she died. NO I will never forget and always feel the loss of 9/11. I thank my Lord every day for my blessings and my freedoms. Thank you for this tribute. hugs....lindalu


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