Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Friday Favorites and "REAL" photos

Now I just have to hope and pray that none of you goes into catatonic shock because this WHOLE post contains 'real' pictures, not a single one snagged from the Internet (bet you thought I was hooked and couldn't break the habit by now). These are random but wonderful favorites. First we have some exceptionally lovely flowers sent to me for my birthday by a very dear friend...

Next we have something strange (imagine me posting something strange!) but you can blame this on Wanda @Moments of Mine because she has those gorgeous breath taking mushrooms that she takes photos of, so here are some night time mushrooms that popped up all over our front lawn after a heavy rain about a week ago....

Here's a tiny baby one (you know I love everything baby)....

This was the biggest one and you even get have a few free weeds thrown in with it (aren't you lucky?)...

They formed a cute little path as if they were going somewhere...

When I originally looked at these very dark photos, the mushrooms looked like they were glowing, but they seem to have lost their glow...where or where did it go?.....

These guys pale in comparison to Wanda's mushrooms so it's okay if you go pshaw to them...

Kelly went out and hand picked them all so we wouldn't spread the spores when we mowed...

Time for some color, folks, so here we have three giraffes (one lost its' get up and go), one poodle and one mouse that I got when I went to my friend's grandson's three year old birthday. Things like this make it worth going to a three year old party....

As I have shared before my daughter Ria doesn't want her pictures or her family on the Internet, so this slightly blurry and from the back snap shot should still pass inspection. That's little baby Julia with her.....

Here's adorable Julia's little feet in croc shoes (they finally found the missing one) which are funny frogs and her mom had told her to cross her feet so that we could push her on her little tricycle...

Here I am with my friend Carolyn (with the lovely hat her daughter gave her for free) and her daughter Sharon at the three year old party in Columbus, GA. Do you think her daughter looks like her? That pink hair probably comes from some great great grandparent...

Here's Sharon again...boy she really knows how to dress. Anyone want me to ask her where she shops?....

This is a stray dog that Sharon's husband picked up on his way to work, but they had not yet found the owners...
Before we get to the funny part (maybe I should say funnIER part) of this post. I would like to share with you my thanks to Our Heavenly Father for watching over Kelly yesterday evening when her car hydroplaned and is now basically totalled but driveable. She is safe (thank You, thank You dear God) and hit only the abutments but the car is pitiful looking. Today we will find out if anyone can duct tape it back together without costing a fortune or if we have to look for another used car for her.
It was a double whammy day yesterday as I found a very shy and friendly pit bull female who recently had puppies and her ears cropped while I was walking Tinkabelle, so I am sending ardent prayers that her owners are loving inspite of the fact that her ears were cropped as an adult (she still has stitches in them) and that she has had puppies already. We checked for a chip locator at our vets and there is non but we can call the only local vet who (sadly) still crops ears.
I found this on the (where else) Internet and it was labeled "Women's Five Toughest Questions"
(I just pray the hubbies out in blogland know the right answers or the insurance questioning may be done by the wives!)

"The questions are:
1. What are you thinking about?
2. Do you love me?
3. Do I look fat?
4. Do you think she is prettier than me?
5. What would you do if I died?

What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly (i.e., tells the truth). Therefore, as a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible responses.

Question # 1:

What are you thinking about?

The proper answer to this, of course, is:

"I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you."

This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer, which most likely is one of the following:

A. Football.
B. Golf.
C. How fat you are.
D. How much prettier she is than you.
E. How I would spend the insurance money if
you died.

(Perhaps the best response to this question was offered by Al Bundy, who once told Peg, "If I wanted you to know what I was thinking, I would be talking to you!")

Question # 2:

Do you love me?

The proper response is: "YES!" or, if you feel a more detailed answer is in order, "Yes, dear." Inappropriate responses include:

A. I suppose so.
B. Would it make you feel better if I said yes?
C. That depends on what you mean by love.
D. Does it matter?
E. Who, me?

Question # 3:

Do I look fat?

The correct answer is an emphatic: "Of course not!" Among the incorrect answers are:

A. Compared to what?
B. I wouldn't call you fat, but you're not exactly
C. A little extra weight looks good on you.
D. I've seen fatter.
E. Could you repeat the question? I was just
thinking about how I would spend the insurance
money if you died.

Question # 4:

Do you think she's prettier than me?

Once again, the proper response is an emphatic: "Of course not!" Incorrect responses include:

A. Yes, but you have a better personality
B. Not prettier, but definitely thinner
C. Not as pretty as you when you were her age
D. Define pretty
E. Could you repeat the question? I was just
thinking about how I would spend the insurance
money if you died.

Question# 5:

What would you do if I died?

A definite no-win question. (The real answer, of course, is "Buy a Corvette.") No matter how you answer this, be prepared for at least an hour of follow-up questions, usually along the these lines:
Woman: Would you get married again?
Man: Definitely not!
W: Why not, don't you like being married?
M: Of course I do.
W: Then why wouldn't you remarry?
M: Okay, I'd get married again.
W: You would? (with a hurtful look on her face)
M: Yes, I would.
W: Would you sleep with her in our bed?
M: Where else would we sleep?
W: Would you put away my pictures, and replace
them with pictures of her?
M: That would seem like the proper thing to do.
W: And would you let her use my golf clubs?
M: Of course not, Dear. She's left-handed."
~~~Lord, thank You for the blessings of being safe under difficult circumstances and counting those blessings.


  1. As usual, a lovely blog....and I'm tickled purple (would say pink...but purple looks like the color of the day) to see your photographs....all the fungi....growing in a row....and the little baby one too.
    I love the photo of you with the found dog. The dog couldn't have been found by a kinder family. You are such a caring person, Marcy.
    I'm so VERY thankful that Kelly is safe. That had to have been a frightening experience. Again, thankfulness that she didn't get hurt.
    You have a terrific Friday. I'm off to work...and will be back later this evening.
    Until then, keep spreading that spoonful of shugar MARcY Poppins.
    Smiles to you always,

  2. You're not allowed to crop ears or dock tails over here. It's lovely to see a Dobermann with loppy lugs and a waggy tail.

    Are you going to keep the stray pit bull........I suppose if her owner doesn't turn up. I hope he doesn't turn up - he doesn't deserve the dog.

    How lucky for you to get mushrooms in your lawn. Mushroom Stroganoff, mushrooms on toast, mushroom soup, mushroom fricassee - endless possibilities! God put them there so you never go hungry. Quick, pop round the back and see if there's any dessert!

    Love, Angie, xx

  3. Poor Kelly! I hope there are no after-affects! Let us know how she's doing and how you all make out with the car.

    It's supposedly against the law to have pit bulls in the city here, but everyone has them, they just don't register them.
    Poor thing! Please keep us up to date on everything!

    I loved the jokes so much! Really made me laugh out loud and brought to mind my husband and my brother-in-law! They will get a kick out of these, I'll have to cut & paste & email to them!

    I love your mushrooms, and your balloons, ( a little scared of the clown, but she did a beautiful job on her make-up!), 'loved the picture of you with your friend, and I loved the picture of you with the little stray dog, and I SO LOVED the baby feet/baby crocs!! Adorable!!

    Marcy, I have to tell you that I am so startled at times how much you remind me of my Mom when she was younger!! I guess it's the red hair. I'll have to find some of the color pictures of her when she was young, and her hair was longer and post them for you to compare.

    And I don't know what made me think of this, but do you still wear really high shoes?

    Really great post today!
    Love you!, E

  4. What a fun post! &:o) Now, what do you suppose caused those mushrooms to grow like that? Isn't nature amazing? God just keeps us guessing! I love the little husband manual, too, btw. Too funny! If we handed our dear ones such a thing, though, do you think they'd remember to use it?

  5. Hi Marcy...your mushrooms are very nice :)it seems like you might have a partial fairy ring going on there with them.

    Your grandaughter Julia looks really adorable...even from behind looks like she may have your hair color too!

    I need to work on a post myself...see you again later!


  6. Hi Marci: First, thanks for the encouraging words to me on my blog. Then, thanks for taking the time to post as you do. It always cheers me up and warms my heart to read your blog. My fav pic today is the one of your daughter and grandbaby walking together. It made me want to sing "Slow down, you walk too fast, Got to make the morning last. Just skipping down the cobblestones, looking for love and feelin' groovy. La de dah, feelin' groovey". <3 annofgreencables aka Mar.

  7. Hi Marcy, so glad Kelly is okay, but am sorry to hear the car was so badly damaged....lets hope it can be fixed.
    I liked your mushroom photo's....everyone is posting them lately yet I never see them here where I live.
    Loved the jokes....I wonder how many of us have asked our husbands these questions or who would even admit it......:-) Hugs

  8. Hello Marcy! What lovely pictures of you! You are beautiful...and such lovely hair!
    Your grandbaby is a doll...even from behind..I LOVE her little feet :)
    The mushrooms do look like they're creating a little pathway...(I agree... for little fairies I bet!)
    I'm sorry about your friends car...but I'm glad she's ok..that's the important thing!
    I love the funnies at the end....that's a conversation to be avoided I think..those never end well! LOL....
    Have a Happy Weekend!!!
    Love, Jerelene

  9. The pink roses are SO beautiful. I got them too on my birthday :)Your granddaughter just like everyone little looks angelic :)

    I'm sorry I missed a couple of your posts. Just got too caught up in work. But I promise to catch up :)

  10. First of all, I am sorry that I did not get to wish you a Happy Birthday! The roses are so pretty. Did you have a good day? Did you get to celebrate? I hope so.

    Secondly, the mushrooms just made me smile when I saw the pictures of them in their little marching order across your grass. I did feel good that you included free weeds with the one picture. That really made me smile.

    Third, you have such a heart of compassion that even reaches out to lost dogs with their ears cropped. Hopefully, you found a loving owner.

    And the questions and answers...they also brought me a smile on this Saturday morning. Oh the familiarity of the conversations that could errupt from those questions. So for the smile and for the joy...thank you!

    Happy Saturday to you!
    ps. you look beautiful on the pictures!

  11. I apologize for not being a more diligent friend and visiting more often ... I could tell you all about how busy I am (and I am), but one can make time for anything and so, I am guilty for not "making time" for myself, to do something that is relaxing and entertaining, i.e., reading up on my favorite blogs.

    I enjoyed the photos .. good friend send flowers! More than anything, your list of questions women ask made me laugh at loud (and my husband looking at me with that big question mark hanging above his head - I didn't acknowledge! LOL!) ... every time I visit, you have something unique and fun. Perhaps I should take a lesson from you .... ah, but I am so NOT creative ... I beg to be, but am I trying too hard?

    You started my day (rather late as I slept in) with a smile. Thank you for being such a good blog gurlfriend!


  12. I've decided that you are not only the sweetest person in our blog village, but you must be the sweetest person on the planet!

    What are you going to do, Sweetie, adopt the whole world?

    And where's Diana??!! I hate when one of us goes AWOL!
    (I know, I know, "Pot ~ meet ~ Kettle")
    Love you lots!, E

  13. Hi Marcy! Sorry I missed your birthday! Love your roses! My fav! I do love the mushroom pics, they do look magical. I am so glad your daughter is ok. Thank God! Have a lovely Sunday my friend!

  14. Well I'll tell you Marcy, I loved the whole mushroom thing! Wanda does have the coolest looking mushrooms. Two weeks ago one popped up in my tiny yard and I was so excited because I too had a mushroom. I was going to take a picture of it and than Katie smashed it!

    It was really odd the way yours grew!
    Love Di

  15. wow!! cool shrooms! my family has been out picking "shaggy manes". I think their yucky, but the boys really like to eat them.

    how is your other friend that we are praying for???

    Hope you had a fun weekend and your week goes grrreat!!

  16. Third day and no posting?
    Is everything okay?

    'Hope it's 'happy' things that are keeping you busy outside the village!
    Love you!, E

  17. I hope you had a happy birthday. Those photos are great and I love mushrooms. Your postings are always so much fun. Have a great week.

  18. Marcy - I'm a little late getting here but my I am still laughing my socks off - very funny ~ Hugs, Eddie

  19. Love the 5 questions! How many times have I asked my hubby each of them! Great pictures!

  20. Okay, I'm really trying hard not to be a pest, but if you and Diana keep going AWOL like this I'm going to have to send the Blogger Police out, oh, wait a minute, YOU are the Blogger Police! Now what?

  21. Hi Marcy....a hug awaits you when you read this. You always have hugs for everyone....and you deserve tons and tons and more of them for you.... One ton starts with, here's one. I have more.
    Smiles and love,

  22. Marcy, "mother of our village" Loved your post as always! It does look like a tiny fairy trail of mushrooms! Little fairy umbrella's! OH MY THOUGHTS and prayers are with your sweet daughter, so thankful that she is ok! OH the duck tape works! I ducked taped my front bumper because I couldn't afford the deductible on my insurance and hey, it is a great conversation piece and I get plenty of looks too! I always enjoy looks even if people are snickering under their breath...a real "upscale" Town Car! love and hugs...


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