Monday, July 20, 2009

****New Goofiness Pick and Choose Award****

By popular demand, or at least, because Michael has repeatedly asked me if there is an award for what I did, we have a brand new and wonderful award. It is called the Goofiness award and I am creating it because I earned it after much brain freezing and cell loss as well!

It does have a few easy rules. It is also unique from other awards because you get to choose which award you like the looks of the most. It is also unique insofar as you decide whether or not you are "worthy" of this prestigious award! Is this you...the award you need to pick up?....
button #1
How about this award button...does it speak to you...something like the voices that must be speaking to the person who wrote up this ad?....
button #2
Are you keeping tabs of all your goof ups and this one is so right?....
button #3
Or, do you want something short and sweet and to the point?......
button #4
This flying duck is also so cute and says a lot without saying anything....
button #4

Finally we have the laughing dog...he has found the Goofiness award VERY entertaining....
button #5
1. In order to claim and post one of these gems on your blog site, you need to have made some kind of blog error, either on your own posting or as a comment, such as the right comment on the wrong blog, the wrong comment on the right blog, correcting someone who is correct in the comment section of someone else's blog and making yourself look like a certifiable idiot (my claim to fame), using wrong names, creative spelling etc. etc.
2. You need to share some goof up you did to qualify for the award in blogland as well as one 'outside' goof up.
3. Share someone else's goof up that made you laugh (names can be changed to protect the guilty).
I am choosing award button #4, the flying duck just because it's so cute and yet goofy at the same time, although I think award button #2 is really great.

My qualifications for the award in blogland are probably a mile high and cover each of the examples I wrote, but my best would be the one where I corrected poor Jackie on Tamara's comment box when it was me who was totally bonkers! I did end up laughing until my stomach hurt, especially when Jackie was frantically e-mailing me to correct an error she did NOT make. See how richly I deserve this award...maybe I should take a couple of them??
As for an 'outside' goof up, there are lots of those, but one memorable one is when I worked part time, years ago at a bank in the drive through. There were three positions and three speakers to talk to individual customers. Our customers frequently brought their pets with them and I brought dog biscuits to give them. I would also talk 'puppy' dog to them and watch their little heads turn as they were trying to figure out what I was 'saying'. One of the inside tellers liked it so much that she asked me to do it again, so I proceeded to bark and howl a little and the dog in the second drive through did nothing...but boy that man in the third drive through sure looked puzzled and laughed (just glad I didn't send him the dog biscuit too)!!
Now for the other person story...we were getting ready to go on a trip and were leaving Michael's two daughters at home and in charge. We stopped at a convenience store when I remembered that we hadn't told them to water our newly planted gardenia bushes, so someone (name protection) got out his cell phone to call. He says, literally, "I'm just calling to remind you to water the booters while we're, no, I mean wash the bushes (great correcting there). I don't even remember if he ever did get it straight because I was laughing so hard by then...guess I should have checked to see if the booters were well watered or the bushes were very clean when we got back!!
Anyone out there in blogland want to be so kind as to come and claim an award here???
Now for some cute mistakes on an International level (with comments by the goofy redhead):

On a menu in Ukraine:

Unique test will be imparted by prunes (those prunes make you study really hard for their difficult 'tests'!)

Our local sports club sponsors a fishing derby each Memorial Day. However they post signs that say: NO FISHING - FISHING DERBY.
If they would have just added no public fishing today due to the fishing derby??????
(Do they also have a no picnic, picnic and a no swimming, swimming pool??? Basically just don't do anything!)

Sign in London England Help yourself to a flight. (of fantasy?)

In a Greek kabab Shop Help yourself to the Waitress (No thanks, cannibalism is not my restaurant favorite .)

English translator in Kazhakistan I speaks very good england. (And you shud hear me speaks Spanach).
In an Italian cafe: Don't sit at a table without consummation. (Once you are totally consumed, any and all tables are yours...for free!)
In a Copenhagen airline ticket office: We take your bags and send them in all directions. (I don't have to go to Copenhagen for that, they can, and do, do this right here in the U S of A!)

In a Bucharest hotel lobby: "The lift is being fixed for the next day. During that time we regret that you will be unbearable." (Think they should have written you will be unliftable!)

Outside a Hong Kong tailor shop: "Ladies may have a fit upstairs." (Men, however are restricted to having their hissy fits downstairs).

On the menu of a Polish hotel: "Salad a firm's own make; limpid red beet soup with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger; roasted duck let loose; beef rashers beaten up in the country people's fashion." (THIS is scary on SO many levels...finger dumplings and those roasted ducks loose all over the restaurant...topped by beatings galore...s c a r y!!!!)

~~~Thank You dear Lord for the blessing of being able to laugh at myself and even enjoy it when others do so in a loving way.


  1. Marcy, Marcy, Marcy who could top those're so clever too...these awards prove that...we'll be watching for your next big one...and I'll try to recall my goofs
    so I can claim one of your crazy awards!

    The cake was triple chocolate cake with choclate icing, crushed heath bars, and chopped pecans, with chocolate creme filling inside.
    Death by Calorie Cake!:)

    I'll be back...need to go think about the lunch menu since 2 grandsons spent the night!
    Take care...and stay out of trouble!

  2. Back already...I forgot you mentioned the little brown ladybugs....You are right...we were swamped with them the last couple of years...I haven't seen a one this summer...not yet anyway...

  3. Hope you had a nice trip away and that the plant does get watered! I'm dreading the day I need to leave my children in charge of the house. I think nothing will get done and I'll come home to a mess! Enjoy your day!

  4. Loved the laughs you "sponsored" today! My goofs are so frequent that one seems just as mundane as the other. Right now I can't remember one more embarrassing than telling my husband on our first date that he was "so fertile" when I MEANT "virile" (manly). I hoped that as a football player he wouldn't have a clue what I said, but then I learned he had grown up on the farm! Guess that's not a blogging goof - thankfully!

  5. Hi Msrcy: I can't think of a goof yet, but I'm sure one will surface in my brain soon. As for the award, I think the little ducky is just ducky!

  6. Well, I am always making spelling mistakes on the computer, but I don't think I've called anyone a wrong name yet, but I might have and I just don't know it! I always use the wrong word (hear for here, their for there, etc.), my brain just goes out to lunch sometimes.

    But the worst recently (and of course I had to do it in front of my brother-in-law who will never let me live it down!), we were watching the Kentucky Derby on TV and I asked "Where is this held?"
    I think I take the cake! Do you have a cake button?

  7. This is the best blog yet....Just too funny I have just too many OOP's to come up with a really worthy faux pax. There you go...not sure about the spelling. :) Cathy

  8. This post brought out the errors in ME! I exited off before I did the little word thing..That's the 2nd time I've done that..
    Is the award just for blogging errors or real life ones? I love that story of you being a bank teller...that is may all-time favorite!!
    Love, Jerelene
    Oh..I like the duck!!

  9. (Better sit down and get a snack for this is lonnnnng!)
    Marcy....I love this blog. I like all the buttons...but my fave is the first one. That is actually a photo of me. I don't remember sending it to you...but I would recognize me anywhere. I can't believe you posted it for everyone to see! (OK Village you think I have her worried enough that she thinks she's perhaps made another 'ooops'....
    Nah...Marcy won't fall for that one.
    Let me error I've made.
    Gosh! I can't think of any. (Excuse me while I do something with my nose. It seems to be growing.)
    OK....I'll fess up. I've typed wrong names in blogs (once...OK....many times...) but mostly, I'm the brunt end of the 'joke'. This actually happened to me....and I was mortified after it was over. I think my middle name is 'gullible'
    My second year of teaching, a student came to my desk and quietly said to me, "Mrs. ____, did you know that John's mother was a famous dancer?" I was verry surpised...and said, "No, I didn't know that." The student went back and sat down. When I got a chance toward the end of class, I said to John (the entire class is listening,) "John...I didn't know your mother was a famous dancer. Would you like to tell us about her...?"
    The room became deathly quiet. Not a word. Not a sound. Nothing!
    (These were middle school students...)
    John hung his head.....and said in a quiet and shaky voice, "Mrs.___... My mother only has one leg."
    I just sat there for what seemed like one of those uncomforable forever moments.
    I said, "Oh John. I am sooo sooo sorry. I didn't know..." (and I was livid that the first student had suckered me into embarassing him like that.)
    Then, the whole class erupted into laughter...including John.
    (I'm pretty dense, here...and I'm still sitting with my head in my hands...not getting it.)
    Then....duh! The light came on in my ding bat brain. The class had initiated the teacher. I was so relieved that I hadn't just devasted a student in front of the whole class, that I didn't even get mad. But I always got even! :)) I'm a pretty good sport, though.
    OK....a small boo boo I made, and then I'll close this post. I did go into the men's bathroom at a clothing store. I thought I was in the women's bathroom. I used it....washed my hands, sauntered out....and saw the looks on the clerks faces nearby. I turned around to see what the big deal was. It clearly said "Men" on the door I had just walked out of. I was also clearly embarraseed. You would have thought the urinal would have given it away. Anohter 'duh' moment for me.
    As you can see, I own all four of the awards above, March. Go ahead. Put my name on them...send them my way.
    Smiles (lots of them) from Jackie

  10. See....I can't even count. There are 6 awards.
    Go ahead and make up a 7th one. They're mine!
    Nuther smile,

  11. March??? Did you purposely call me March? Too cute! Does this mean I have to change the name of this award to the Jackie award? You're working way to hard for this or these awards...wait a minute, you're on vacation, so goofs don't count now!!
    Hope you're having a wonderful time!

  12. And now I typed in 'to' instead of too...and blogger tricked me because I didn't even get a word thingy to type in before this posted!!

  13. Check out my post today and you will see a few mistakes. If I ever get the chance I will definetly claim that award! Miss you Marcy,
    love Di


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