Friday, July 24, 2009

Jackie, Jerelene & Lisa, Favorite buddies & A Whoa Wedding

Before I start Friday favorites, I'd like to ask everyone to say a little (or big, as the Lord calls you to do) prayer for Jackie, Jerelene, Lisa and any others out there in blogland who may be feeling sick. I feel so bad when I find out that Jackie left a comment two-three days ago on a blog site saying she wasn't feeling good then Jerelene writes that she has been sick and finally poor Lisa has the swine flu and is very ill. Let's ask our Heavenly Father to watch over and heal them quickly.

They may need a heavy dose of these, although with that bad swine flu, it may take even more...

Finally, I don't know what flowers they like, so I kept looking through so many and finally decided that this ought to have at least a couple of flowers they would like.........

Today my favorites would have to be watching TinkaBelle and Buddy playing together. Tinka loves, loves loves Buddy and he does love her but NOTHING like she loves him.....

Here is Buddy at the back door hoping and hoping that someone will let him in so he can eat the cats...Buddy is an avid cat hater, so he can just dream on.....

See, Buddy really is happy to see Tinka, but she is the one who yips and yowls and squeals whenever she sees him outside...she does it so loudly and pitifully that it almost sounds as if she is in pain...

A little pose or two for the camera when I call their names...

Finally here they are at full speed chasing each other around the yard. Usually it is Tinka who gets things going. She will nudge at Buddy when he lays down until he gets aggravated enough to chase her!! You can also see Tinka's pool...Buddy loves her pool and does not like his own in his own back yard!

Now for a few cute doggie jokes....

Help Wanted
A local business was looking for office help. They put a sign in the window, stating the following: "HELP WANTED. Must be able to type, must be good with a computer and must be bilingual. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer."
A short time afterwards, a dog trotted up to the window, saw the sign and went inside. He looked at the receptionist and wagged his tail, then walked over to the sign, looked at it and whined.
Getting the idea, the receptionist got the office manager. The office manager looked at the dog and was surprised, to say the least. However, the dog looked determined, so he lead him into the office. Inside, the dog jumped up on the chair and stared at the manager.
The manager said, "I can't hire you. The sign says you have to be able to type." The dog jumped down, went to the typewriter and proceeded to type out a perfect letter. He took out the page and trotted over to the manager and gave it to him, then jumped back on the chair. The manager was stunned, but then told the dog, "The sign says you have to be good with a computer."
The dog jumped down again and went to the computer. The dog proceeded to demonstrate his expertise with various programs and produced a sample spreadsheet and database and presented them to the manager. By this time the manager was totally dumb-founded! He looked at the dog and said, "I realize that you are a very intelligent dog and have some interesting abilities. However, I *still* can't give you the job."
The dog jumped down and went to a copy of the sign and put his paw on the sentences that told about being an Equal Opportunity Employer. The manager said, "Yes, but the sign *also* says that you have to be bilingual."
The dog looked at him straight in the face and said, "Meow."


Dictionary for Dogs

LEASH: A strap which attaches to your collar, enabling you to lead your person where you want him/her to go.
DOG BED: any soft, clean surface, such as the white bedspread in the guest room or the newly upholstered couch in the living room.
DROOL: Is what you do when your persons have food and you don't. To do this properly you must sit as close as you can and look sad and let the drool fall to the floor, or better yet, on their laps.
SNIFF: A social custom to use when you greet other dogs. Place your nose as close as you can to the other dog's rear end and inhale deeply, repeat several times until your person makes you stop.
GARBAGE CAN: A container which your neighbors put out once a week to test your ingenuity. You must stand on your hind legs and try to push the lid off with your nose. If you do it right you are rewarded with margarine wrappers to shred, beef bones to consume and moldy crusts of bread.
BICYCLES: Two-wheeled exercise machines, invented for dogs to control body fat. To get maximum aerobic benefit, you must hide behind a bush and dash out, bark loudly and run alongside for a few yards; the person then swerves and falls into the bushes, and you prance away.
DEAFNESS: This is a malady which affects dogs when their person wants them in and they want to stay out. Symptoms include staring blankly at the person, then running in the opposite direction, or lying down.
THUNDER: This is a signal that the world is coming to an end. Humans remain amazingly calm during thunderstorms, so it is necessary to warn them of the danger by trembling uncontrollably, panting, rolling your eyes wildly, and following at their heels.
WASTEBASKET: This is a dog toy filled with paper, envelopes, and old candy wrapper. When you get bored, turn over the basket and strew the papers all over the house until your person comes home
SOFAS: Are to dogs like napkins are to people. After eating it is polite to run up and down the front of the sofa and wipe your whiskers clean.
BATH : This is a process by which the humans drench the floor, walls and themselves. You can help by shaking vigorously and frequently.
LEAN: Every good dog’s response to the command "Sit!” especially if your person is dressed for an evening out. Incredibly effective before black-tie events.
BUMP: The best way to get your human's attention when they are drinking a fresh cup of coffee or tea.
GOOSE BUMP: A maneuver to use as a last resort when the Regular Bump doesn't get the attention you require.....especially effective when combined with The Sniff. See above.
LOVE: Is a feeling of intense affection, given freely and without restriction. The best way you can show your love is to wag your tail. If you're lucky, a human will love you in return.

Last, but not least, if all goes well, I will have a wedding video for you to watch just under this post...if it's not there, please check the bottom of my blog site or maybe it is now above this post today (whatever...blogger likes to drive me crazy!). Blogger repeatedly refused to let me download it onto the post itself!! This is a wedding we all should attend!!!

~~~Heavenly Father I thank you for the blessings of healing You have given us through our prayers and love, may we always pray for every kind of healing.


  1. I can't concentrate on the jokes, I'm still still sitting here slack-jawed from the video!
    I loved it! It was upbeat, it was young, it was fresh, it got me dancing right here in my seat! BUT ~ was it for real? And it was held in a church?! Whoa!is right!

    Okay, I'll go back and read the jokes now. But I first I just want to say that many, many healing prayers are being offered up for the intentions of our blogger friends and their family members who are ailing! God's Blessings.

  2. Now my verification word was 'spat'! I guess they didn't like my complaint from yesterday so they 'spat' at me!
    Well, at least it wasn't as gross as yesterdays word!

  3. Okay, watched the video again, and it's growing on me!
    The jokes were great and I especially liked the definitions (most especially thunder, sofa, and bath)!
    Another great post, Marcy!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Love you, Eileen
    (Hoping for a good verification word, or at least not a nasty one!)

  4. Eileen has now made Michael and I laugh even harder over this wedding video because I was on the phone with him while reading Eileen's comments, so he pulled up the video at work and we both just laughed. I said I want him to do some of those moves/steps for me when he gets home...will let you know later on which hospital I take him to and how long they will have to keep him! :o)

  5. Okay firstly, I've been saying prayers all week for all of us sick or in pain. So many being affected. So, it will continue.

    Your buddy is marked very much like my bugzy. The BT. Does yours do the BT500?? Bugzy is insane with it on my bed. Every night before bed he jumps up on my bed, does the bt500 until he tires. Then momo & popo do belly rubs while he cools off then into his den he goes. This is our ritual since we rescued him almost a year ago.

    Love your jokes!!!

    Oh oh oh... i got a package yesterday!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thoroughly enjoying my book, my sayings and my bookmark. Blessings to you.

  6. Hi Marcy...Having a salmon salad and iced tea with you today...Bought groceries and picked blackberries with Alivia yesterday...and had a 2 hour walk at the creek this I'm behind in lunch and doing it together...
    Your words from a dog's dictionary were very funny Marcy...and the video even made the morning news!

    Blogger scared me yesterday...I went to the dashboard to read the lastest posts of my many favorite blogs and it said I had no favorites listed...then back on the home page my follower's widget was empty too. I even came here and your followers were gone too were Eileen's...I just gave up and closed out...later everything was back to normal!

    I saw Jerelene received her package! :)
    Keep smiling,

  7. Thank you Marcy for the well wishes...I am finally feeling a little better's going to be a busy day for me!! I LOVED, LOVED the doggie funnies!!
    Have a great weekend :)
    Love, Jerelene

  8. Awww... thanks for the flowers and well-wishes, dear friend. Definitely feeling better.

    We have a few (at last count 5) doggie-dears at our house, so loved the canine-funnies -- and we all think Buddy has THE most winning smile! &:o)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Marcy!

  9. Marcy,this is a comment Bernie left at my blog:

    Bernie said...
    Hi Sweetie, Just a note to tell you I am having a wonderful time and missing all of you. See you in just a few more days....Say hello to everyone from me ok, and I do hope all is well in blogland...miss you all....-:) Hugs

  10. I was here! I'm in a hurry! Good to hear your prayers, flowers, & funnies seemed to speed up the recovery of many of the village people. Good to hear from Bernie, too (thanks to Wanda). Marcy,maybe you should try to sell your blog site! Seems as active as Google's Blogger. Since so many are having trouble with mechanics of blogging, maybe you could offer a better alternative!

  11. You seem to have a tender heart that cares deeply for others. That along with a crazy sense of humor. It is like the perfect combination in a personality. Always brings me a smile to visit your blog. Happy weekend to you!

  12. A note to Judy on Marcy's blog....Marcy does have a tender heart....a sweet lady that I have made friends with very quickly....
    Marcy...Thank you for the sweet post on your blog,your e-mails to me...and all the well-wishes from you to me and others that haven't been feeling well. You have a very kind heart...and I feel like I've known you for a long time.
    I will be back to my old self soon....and in the meantime, know that the fact that you think of others before you think of yourself is noticed...and you will be blessed by God...I'm sure of it.

  13. Hi Marcy,
    I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! More computer glitches, had to do with mice this time! Seems none of our mice were working for me so pastor had to rebless the computer!
    I feel so sad about everyone being sick. I've been washing my hands over and over lately! Especially after Kate and I were at the health clinic, yuck!
    Sorry I was late sister, I will now go to your next post!


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