Friday, July 10, 2009

Hugs for Diana as Spooky goes to Heaven

Today is supposed to be Friday Favorites, so I will post twice, but something more important has come up...our sweet Diana (@Welcome to my World) is having to put her beloved Spooky to sleep this morning and I'm sure she wished she could say:

So, in honor of Diana and her beloved Spooky, a very loving cat, I dedicate this post and pray that a little smile will tug at the corners of her mouth as she sees these sweet cats and remembers Spooky and that he would want her to be happy!!

He would probably send her this picture if he could, so I will do it for him:

Or remind her of how easy it is to train a cat to do tricks:

This just shows why we use the term copy cat...obviously cats started it:

Cats know that sometimes wrong is right:

Or they can get so tough on you that, if you weren't laughing so hard, you might be scared!:

Diana, please know that PG (Pretty Girl), Panther (once known as Sylvester, but because he thinks he's so tough, Michael renamed him) and Oliver (once known as Angel because the crazy people at the vet's office insisted that he was a girl, so he is still overcoming this trauma) and even Tinkabelle, our beloved puppy dog who loves cats, all say meow meow meow woof woof, which translates into "We wish we could lick you, cover you in cat/dog hair and spit up fur balls on you in Spooky's honor, but know that WE SEND OUR LOVE AND WILL ONE DAY PLAY WITH SPOOKY IN HEAVEN."
Finally, Diana, please know that I don't mind crying with you and wish I could give you a great big hug and, if I could I would spit up a hairball to make you feel better!!!!
Quotes and thoughts about cats and kittens.

Although all cat games have their rules and rituals, these vary with the individual player.The cat, of course, never breaks a rule. If it does not follow precedent, that simply means it has created a new rule and it is up to you to learn it quickly if you want the game to continue. (Sidney Denham)
I suspect that many an ailurophobe (a person who fears or hates cats) hates cats only because he feels they are better people than he is -- more honest, more secure, more loved, more whatever he is not. (Winifred Carriere)

Anyone who claims that a cat cannot give a dirty look either has never kept a cat or is singularly unobservant. (Maurice Burton)

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch. (Leo Dworken)
I allow my cats to express themselves, never interfere with their romances, and raise them with dogs to broaden their outlook. (Murray Robinson)
Cats are love on four legs. (Richard Torregrossa)

God made the cat in order to give man the pleasure of petting the tiger. (Anonymous)
Cats seem to go on the principal that it never does any harm to ask for what you want. (Joseph Wood Krutch)

A cat's a cat and that's that. (African Proverb)
He who denies the cat skimmed milk must give the mouse cream. (Cat Proverb)
A cat pent up becomes a lion. (Cat Proverb)
The cat loves fish but does not wish to wet its feet. (Cat Proverb)

To respect a cat is the beginning of the aesthetic sense. (Erasmus Darwin)
There is no more intrepid explorer than a kitten. (Champfleury)
Cats, no less liquid than their shadows, offer no angles to the wind. They slip, diminished, neat, through loopholes less than themselves. (A.S.J. Tessimond)
Cats don't have to be put on pedestals - they put themselves there. (Anonymous)
Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat. (Mark Twain)
For he purrs in thankfulness when God tells him he is a good cat. (Christopher Smart)
The smallest feline is a masterpiece. (Leonardo da Vinci)
Dogs come when they are called; cats take a message and get back to you. (Mary Bly)
In a cat's eyes, all things belong to cats. (English Proverb)
Cats, no less liquid than their shadows, offer no angles to the
wind. They slip, diminished, neat, through loopholes less than themselves. (A.S.J. Tessimond)
Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow. (George Will)
The cat has nine lives: three for playing, three for straying, three for staying. (English Proverb)
There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage.(Carl Van Vechten)
The only mystery about the cat is why it ever decided to become a domestic animal.(Sir Compton Mackenzie)
Once cats were all wild, but afterward they retired to houses. (Edward Topsell)
I've met many thinkers and many cats, but the wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. (Hippolyte Taine)

Our character is what God and cats know of us. (Inspired by Thomas Paine)
~~~Thank You Heavenly Father for the blessings of having your sweet creatures to love and teach us kindness and love in return.


  1. Thoughtful post, Marcy.
    Rally the troops.
    Girls, one of us is in need.
    Many prayers for Diana.

  2. Our pets are one of those little gifts from God, aren't they? It's hard to lose them. But if this post doesn't make Diana smile today, well... We're sending her hugs, as well.

  3. Hi Marcy,
    Thankyou for letting us know that Diana is in need. My heart goes out to her as I know how much our pets mean to us, as they become a part of the family. I will keep Diana in prayer... : ( ((((HUGS))))

  4. Thank you Marcy, it was hard to read through my tears but it is a comfort knowing how much you all care. I am going to do a post about Spooky now. It's a difficult day.

  5. Here Here! What a wonderful gift to give on such a sad day for her. As a lover of all fur babies this is the hardest thing we do as pet owners and it the yearning is the second hardest. I still miss my kids. But, I have found an open heart for more to rescue. So on the up side, my animals tought me well to keep giving the gift of love to another.

  6. Oh Marcy, you are wonderful to do this having Diana in your heart....I smiled through my tears for Diana and will pray for her. Thank you Marcy, you are a true friend in blogland.
    Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  7. Marcy, when you get a chance come to my blog to read about Sandy's very special award.
    Love, Eileen

  8. Marcy...I came by earlier and went straight over to Diana's...then it was out the door to pick blackberries before the day heated up...Really nice what you did for Diana!

    Take care

  9. Everyone should have a friend like you Marcy. I'm going over to leave a few words for Diana - if I can find the right words to say.

  10. Marcy, you are the sweetest and kindest and funniest friend a girl could have! We are the ones blessed to have you in our blog lives. Those lucky enough to have you closer....I am a little jelous of! Laughter is the best medicine and girlfriend you put out today! I am sure Diana will appreciate your endearing words!

  11. I'm not such a "cat" person myself, but have a dear friend who is all that and so much more! Imagining Liz having to put one of her cats to sleep will give me a picture of what Diana is going through...

    I really like the joy you captured in Kelly's face. Bless YOU for seeing that this special time happened for her - and for your concern for her healthy future....

  12. I felt Diana's sadness because a few years ago we had our cat put to sleep. It isn't fun! For some reason a few of those cat things you shared made me laugh. Maybe it was because I had a sad day and needed to laugh. Thinking about Diana tonight.

  13. Marcy....I am such a cat person. I can't read your post without crying...sorry...that's just the way I am...and what a wonderful friend you are to post such a sweet post to and for Diana...I can't imagine how she feels today...Yes, I can. We lost Sammie this past year...15 years with us...part of our family...our cat....and I cry again as I type. I'm going to Diana's site....don't know what to say because words just don't fit into that hole in the heart that is left when one loses a family pet.
    Thank you for letting us know. I wouldn't have known...and I want to know.
    Hugs from Jackie

  14. Dear Marcy, You are so sweet to think of Diana. It's very hard to lose a pet. They become so much a part of our family. I popped over to say hello. Hopefully with everyone stopping by it will make her feel a little better. You are a special person Marcy ♥

  15. You are such a sweetheart!! What a lovely post on cats...I'm allergic to kitties..but they are awfully sweet!! Smart too!! I especially liked the thought that God gave us cats to make up for the fact that we can't pet tigers :) That made me smile!!!
    You are such a good friend! :)
    Love, Jerelene

  16. Just checking in to see if everything is okay.
    'Missing your posts.
    'Missing you.

    I'll email.

  17. Marcy hope all is good there in Georgia...
    bcause it's been awhile since we heard'ja.
    :) Wanda


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