Friday, July 17, 2009

Inventive Irrigation System and More Favorites

My creative husband was in the 'back forty' as we refer to the far back portion (where weeds grow with glee and joy) of our yard, watering (or so I thought) the few plants we put back there after he tilled it for the black raspberries that we will transplant there in the Fall. Instead, he built this magnificent irrigation system. Here he is at the uppermost part of it where the watermelons are planted...

Now you see the water as it is traveling downward and to the potato plantings (yes, you are also getting the visual treat of llama poop)....

Finally it arrives at the very parched tomato plant at the bottom and then the very last plants, the dill.....

Here is an overall view, but I wish I had waited and taken it with the water flowing down...

Another favorite are these blueberries and this is what they look like after separating and putting them in smaller baggies (for baking) which then go into a gallon freezer bag....

This is the crop we picked at Mimi's two weeks ago....

While I was visiting my daughter, Ria, I decided to take pictures of this piece of furniture that was given to my mother, then me and now has been passed on to my daughter. For lack of a better name, my dad called it the gizmo.....

At one time it actually was a fancy record player. The rectangular area under the front door once had a pull knob on it and records could be played on it when the drawer (which has been nailed shut since my mother got it) was pulled out....down below, on the bottom shelf you also see a very old radio that has all tubes in it. My dad used to work on it and had it up and running at one time...

Is it time for a laugh or two?

Smart Mom
A mother was walking with her four year old daughter one day when the daughter picked up something off the ground and started to put it into her mouth. The mother stopped her and said she shouldn't do that.
"Why," asked the little girl.
"Because it’s dirty. It's been on the ground. You don't know where it's been. It probably has germs."
The little girl looked up at her mom with admiration and asked, "How do you know so much?"
Thinking quickly, the mother said, "All moms know so much. We have to. It's on the Mommy Test. If you don't know it, you don't get to be a mommy."
The little girl pondered this for a few minutes, then her face brightened. "I get it!" she said. "If you don't pass the test, you get to be a daddy!"
"Yup," said the mom.


I'd Like to See That
"Oh, boy! I'm glad you're here," the little boy said to his grandmother on his mother's side.
"Why?" she asked.
"Because now Daddy will do the trick he's been promising us."
"What trick?"
"Well, he told Mommy that if you came to visit, he would climb the walls."
A little boy watched, fascinated, as his mother covered her face in cold cream. "Why do you do that?" he asked.
"To make myself beautiful."
When she began to rub it off, the boy asked, "Why are you doing that? Did you give up?"

Choir Proficiency Test
Before joining the choir, the director hands you this questionnaire which has been carefully developed by experts to find out how proficient you are. Read and reflect on each situation. Give the answer that you think will most enhance the quality of the performance.

Question 1
As you enter the choir loft on Sunday morning, you suddenly trip and fall. You should:
a. Either remain prone or assume a kneeling position, then break into fervent prayer.
b. Pretend you've had a heart attack.
c. Wave your arms in the air and begin speaking in tongues.
d. Crawl to the nearest chair.

Question 2
You show up twenty minutes late for the Christmas musical. You should:
a. Climb into the back row from the baptistery.
b. Enter pretending to be a soundman. Check some cables, then suddenly slip your cute little self in with the rest of the choir.
c. Turn out all the lights and slip into the choir during the blackout.
d. Read Michael Cunningham's pamphlet, "Techniques for Tardy Appearances."

Question 3
You are a soprano, but have trouble counting. Consequently, you boom out high C one measure too soon. You should:
a. Glide right into an inspired "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing."
b. Gaze triumphantly at the rafters and hold that note.
c. Stop abruptly, mid squawk, but keep your lips moving.
d. Sink to the floor in shame.

Question 4
During the hymn, you discover that you have only one of the two pages. You should:
a. Hum like your life depended on it.
b. Sing, "Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon" in a harmonizing key.
c. Remove one shoe and use your toes to try to get another hymnal out of the choir rack.
d. Sing the first page over again.

Question 5
When the inevitable big sneeze comes near the end of the Christmas cantata, you should:
a. Stomp hard on your neighbor's foot just as you sneeze to create a diversion.
b. Do your best to make the honk harmonize.
c. Muffle the sound by sneezing into the hair of the choir member in front of you.
d. Sink to the floor in shame.

Your Results
Tally the number of a's, b's, c's and d's. Proficiency ratings are as follows:
4 or more a's: You will make a first rate choir member.
4 or more b's: Your choir reflexes are fully developed. You will do well in choir.
4 or more c's: Your choir experience is spotty; however, your team spirit is way up there. You will be an asset to the choir.
4 or more d's: The recommendation is that you take another direction, give up choir aspirations and take up something like soccer or group therapy.
~~~Heavenly Father thank You for the blessings of creativity and the ability to appreciate and enjoy it in ourselves and others.


  1. Marcy your hubby is so creative! Mine hate's yard work but he will do what I tell him! That record cabinet is really beautiful! I wonder how old it is? Do you know? I have a much smaller one that I bought at a rummage sale for $25.00! I use it for the good dishes. I will post it someday!

  2. Really cute jokes!
    And your favorites (um, er, you didn't mention it, but I'm assuming your husband is one of your favorites too, but since he wasn't featured and highlighted, I wasn't sure), they are all really nice too.
    I love the vintage 'gizmo'(that was one of my dog's names!), I especially love that it's been in your family and that your Dad enjoyed working on it. How special to have that memory in addition to having such a beautiful piece.
    I know how little material things matter in life, but when you have something that also evokes memories of loved ones, I do hold those material things dear.

    Great job, Michael on the irrigation system! And I am fresh out of blueberries and would really like some right now with milk or cream (I have blackberries, but I don't like to eat them without blueberries), so could you spare, say, 1/2 cup?

    Really nice post, Marcy!

  3. Michaels' irrigation system - sounds like the sort of thing my Keith would come up with! For sure he would just HAVE to see where the water went!.

    Your gramophone cabinet is gorgeous. If it ever needs a home.............

    love, Angie, xx

  4. Michael is very creative....Give him kudos from the Village People.
    I love blueberries. My Daddy has them...lots and lots of them. The deer enjoy them too!
    And may I add, that is a beautiful piece of furniture....and you did a fantastic job with the photos and the blog. I enjoyed every moment I always do.
    Smiles to you,

  5. I forgot how red the dirt is in Georgia.
    So where did the llama poop come from Marcy...
    and don't say llamas Diana...
    I did the same yesterday...put blueberries and blackberries in the freezer...
    That was a very decorative piece of furniture has a nice history...I have my dad's old stereo (furniture piece) but it's long and low.

    Take care
    a Villager

  6. Marcy,
    How wonderful you have such a talented husband. I love blueberries. The furniture is beautiful, too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I come from a Scots-Irish heritage. I do have red tones in my hair that show my Irish roots. Have a great weekend.

  7. Necessity being the mother of invention, I'd say your hubs did a great job! I'm a little curious about where the Llama poop came from too.
    The berry's looks sooooo good. Yum!

  8. that is the most beautiful piece of furniture! I LOVED IT! Oh my gosh you are going to love the blueberry receipe I am going to post! Michael will just think you are a goddess! (I am sure he already does) It is the most delicious receipe I have ever found using blueberries! I wish I could harvest some blueberries! They are sooo expensive! You are truely blessed! miles of smiles!

  9. For those who missed out on the exciting llama's free, it's pretty much odorless and non burning to whatever plant you put it on or around (llamas are vegetarians) and Mimi will even help scoop it up for you!! She has three llamas! It doesn't get any better than free poop that's "benign".

  10. Marcy...we use donkey poop here....hmmm...wonder why. Thanks for the offer, though. I have a question about your freezing the blueberries. Do you wash them first? I used to, and Daddy told me not to. He said they won't stick together if you don't....and then you can wash them after taking them from the freezer. What are your thoughts...

  11. Actually I have always washed them before freezing and since I am using them for pies, muffins or even topping, the sticking together isn't a problem. Ironically anyway, they are often moist after we pick them, so unless we would wait a bit, they might stick anyway. Stick together blueberries are very patriotic anyway cuz they stick together...or should that just be loyal??

    Don't you need to compost the donkey poop? That's downright scary that you're using that! Do you use it on houseplants too? Bet your company LOVES that...aaahhh, kuntry livin!!!

  12. Morning! Mama uses the D.P.....I don't have any kind of green thumb at all. Maybe if I used it, my plants would be better off...I dunno. I have crape myrtles, a few roses, a few daylilies, and Altheas...that's it...and they are all in the back yard. My front yard doesn't have a blossom in it...only trees. Mama mentioned that yesterday....saying that all my plants were in the back. I hadn't really noticed....but as always, she's right!
    I wanted to stop in and say good morning. It's raining cats and dogs here....

  13. I "taste" those blueberries just looking at them! (My husband had some store bought ones on his cereal this morning.) What a wonderful crop. And all the rest - wow! I didn't realize you have such a garden in your back forty. The gizmo is really quite special. I've never seen one carved so intricately. Loved the humorous additions today. I'm passing on the choir one to my musical sister

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  14. Marcy...just letting everyone know.......
    the computer my photos are down for maintenance...soooo...I've been house cleaning, rearanging furniture, freezing "black and blue" berries, making zuchinni bread, pasta salad, filling bird feeders, working outside because it feels like "fall", doing laundry, and baking a cake today for Herhusband's birthday tomorrow.
    That's my EXCUSE for not posting...hope Herhusband finishes the computer today...I Need to work on a post before the Village forgets me.
    Wanda :(

  15. Yummy!! I love blueberries!!! and, I just love the beautiful piece of furniture..that is really gorgeous!! Your hubby is doing a wonderful job on irrigating!! He must be a hard worker! Do you have Llamas or do you just get their (stuff) to fertilize with? Great post Marcy!
    Love, Jerelene


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