Thursday, June 25, 2009

The slightly late, but ever so great Giveaway

First, let's look at some prize possibilities. This definitely looks like a's life sized, it just has so many uses, too, plus tah could Eileen and Bernie resist...look at all the pink? Great conversation piece and for those who love purple, that is covered too...may have found a money making idea for Teresa...
Now, here's a good re purposing item...doesn't everybody need some extra steps or you could save yourself some steps with these (get it...hee hee)?

And here's a wonderful bunch of stuff, true treasures...anyone have any idea what they are?..

Next we have this thing and it actually had a name, so it's a real thing that doesn't look real and I'll bet most, if not all of you don't have one of these...

Now here is treasure heaven, so Eileen, Jackie and Diana must all be salivating over this prize possibility as they do treasure good deals...

Here's an idea to beautify your computer area....this could be a makeover prize...what do you think?

Or how about this for that area in your yard that you haven't known what to do with...what do you think, Wanda or Mildred, is this a winner?....

Last, but not least, some part for your car to enhance its' beauty and efficiency....

Unless you have fallen madly in love with any of these, think I will find something a little less 'shabby chic' for a prize or two. Have even toyed with one of the prizes being knitting this cute slipper pattern I have in the colors of your choice, as I dearly love home made things myself.

And now for the 'rules' to enter this amazing giveaway. You need to guess what I did (as in Occupation/work etc.) before I met and married Michael, while I was living in Phoenix, AZ. We'll let this contest go on for a few days and I will answer questions to help you guess should be surprised in the end!
Today, with something new going on, let's try a couple of cartoons:

No Dogs Allowed
A guy wanted to take his Chihuahua into a restaurant with him, so he put on dark glasses and "tapped" his way into the establishment. The waiter said "Hey!, you can't bring a dog in here. "The man indignantly claimed "I'm blind! ... this is my Seeing Eye dog!" "You're trying to tell me" said the waiter, "that this Chihuahua is a Seeing Eye dog?" "What???!!", cried the man, "they gave me a Chihuahua?" You know you're driving a hunk of junk when you're going down the road and you're having tow trucks circle you.

~~~Heavenly Father, thank You for the blessings of being able to find treasures even in "junk", another way of loving and caring for this earth You gave us.


  1. Can you imagine the look on the faces of the passers by as the first picture above was being set up to be shot. I would have had to stop and take a picture of the photographer.
    OK....I'm going to play What's My Line: Church Secretary

  2. Now, that's a better joke, Jackie, than the ones I have posted!
    Up until becoming the secretary of our HOA here, I have never had to mess up minutes or do secretarial work!
    Try again!

  3. Mmmmm, I'm thinking, Mmmmmm, Owww that hurt!
    Let's see, Marcy is a very caring, nurturing person. 1st guess: a nurse?

    P.S. I actually liked the flower toilet!

  4. I'm guessing truck driver and I'm copying some of those pictures right now, I actually like a lot of that 'junk'!
    And I really want to win the slipper socks! Ray's grandmother used to make them for us and I loved them so much.
    So I guess I better get serious here with the guessing.
    How many guesses are we allowed each day? Can I list like one hundred occupations a day since it's your 100th post celebration?

  5. I did have an aunt who was a nutse, so you are 'genetically' close Diana, but nope.

    Eileen, IF I had coffee, I would have spit it out on THAT one...truck driver...hmmm, but I did drive this HUGE pick up truck seven hours by myself, to Florida once (don't care to repeat that one though).

    You can keep on trying as much as you like, but it is going to be a bit of a challenge!

  6. Hello Marcy...Well this might be fun...I guess we are suppose to ask questions like on What's My Line...So Marcy, did your job have anything to do with animals?

  7. Something we would never guess you to be? Hmmm...
    Lounge singer?
    Fish Scaler?
    Glass Blower?
    Circus Performer?

  8. Alke, one of my German friends, is an artist and her favourite medium is junk!

    Now what might you have done for a living? I think it was something either extremely clever like a brain surgeon or a nuclear physicist or it was something completely 'other'. Motor mechanic or tanker driver?

    Was yours the kind of job more often done by a man?
    Did you do it outside or inside?
    Did you wear a uniform or special work clothes?
    Did it need physical strength?
    Are you going to tell us, even if nobody guesses right?

    Oooh - oo -- oo - I just thought of another honest thing: I used to operate a weighbridge!

    love, Angie, xx

  9. Hi Marcy, this is fun as I am enjoying reading the others comments...I thought the photo's were great and means that I am a generous person, Diana can have the toilet flower, I know, I know you don't have to thank me I am all heart..LOL Okay here is my guess, you worked on a military base surrounded by gorgeous men....Have a great day my friend,...
    ..:-) Hugs

  10. Hi Marcy,
    Guessing by the old toilet, and what looks like a lot of pipe and scrap metal, soap holders, hose nozzel etc. I would say you were a Plumber's helper, or you collected scrap metal! Junk dealer.

  11. The post was funny but these comments are funny too Marcy!

  12. OK, knit those slippers in a size 9.
    I think you were a game show contestant in your former years. Am I close?

  13. Dog Catcher?
    Ant Catcher?
    Bone Crusher?
    Chicken Sexer?
    Hooker Inspector?
    Leech Purveyor?
    Pollen Collector?
    Turtle Rescuer?
    Las Vegas Elvis Minister?
    Las Vegas Show Girl?
    Canine Massage Practitioner?
    Rubber Chicken Maker?
    Men's Underwear Designer?
    Wig Maker?
    Stuntman (er, woman)?
    Dog Food Tester?
    Computer Programmer?

    YES, these are all REAL jobs! Look them up if you don't believe me.
    And I think I deserve some extra-credit here, Marcy!

  14. Oh, dear me! I'm never going to outguess Eileen. I give up! Unless you were a ski instructor. (I seem to remember some ski lifts going up SOMEwhere when I visited there while in Women's Glee Club at Moody Bible Institute in 1967)

  15. Holy, holy moly and guagamole!

    Talk about creativity!!

    **Wanda, I dearly LOVE animals and wanted a reindeer for Christmas one year and my sorry parents thought that the other tenants in our apt building in Chicago might have issues with that! No, no animals were involved.

    ***Eileen, you have me guffawing here...can't even get this grin off of my face either...think it's also due to imagining myself in one of those jobs!!!
    Fish scaler...eeeek!
    Lounge singer...too funny, but I do love to sing and have been in two choirs at church., even tho' I am sometimes a one woman circus!
    Logger...I am strong for a woman, but not THAT strong...more snickers and chuckles.
    Glass blower...nope. probably couldn't stand the heat.

    ***Angie, how flattering, are you trying to get brownie (extra) points with flattery (brain surgeon and nuclear physicist)...hmmm...well, let me tell you something...IT'S WORKING! Altho' I would have liked to have worked in the science field.
    Clever, but not a motor mechanic or tanker driver.
    Yes, my job was more often done by a man.
    It was done mostly inside.
    I wore some sort of uniform on occasion, but not at first.
    It required some strength but only because it saved me/us money.
    ABSOLUTELY will tell you even if no one guesses and will then just put everyone's name in a basket and draw one.

    ***Pat that sounds like a fun thing to do, but nope, good try!

    ***Chicken sexer...don't even think I want to know what THAT entails, Eileen.
    Hooker inspector...don't they have doctors they go to themselves?
    Leech purveyor...yuck!
    Men's underwear THAT could be tons of fun.
    Dog food tester...don't think I can get that hungry!
    Definite extra credit for some wacko weirdo professions here, you did good Eileen, but it isn't any of those.

    ***Another good one, but if I were to give skiing instruction, it would have to be in the art of falling down or looking extraordinarily goofy on skis, Rebecca (I did make a couple of sad attempts at it).

    ***Nice try, Bernie, since Mario was retired military, but no.

    Okay...all of you can narrow it down quite a bit and now you have lots of hints too!

  16. Ooops, I missed Teresa's comment among all the others and that, too, was creative, altho' I have a distinct horror of stopped up toilets.
    And on any one of my moves around the country, you might have thought I was a Junk dealer when the packing started!!
    So, no to both of those.

  17. Security Guard?
    And how does Pat know what size slipper I wear?

  18. I laughed the entire way through this post, and unfortunately I already had my heart set on two of the prizes!!

    As for what you did before you met quess would be a stand-up comedian. You have a great sense of humor.

  19. I am so impressed with your amswers/ideas.

    ***Eileen, are your tootsies just so cold, poor baby, that you need those slippers? Security guard is a great guess and i am VERY protective of those I love as well as the undedog, but no.

    ***Judy, yet another great guess, but I am both a stand up and sit down comedienne...LOVE putting smiles on people's faces, but have never gotten paid for it monetarily!

  20. I'm in....

    A welder?


    Scrapologist? hehe

  21. a mortician?

    the peace corp?


  22. Were you a janitor in a school?

  23. You ladies are awesome! And hysterical!
    I laughed loud and strong!

    ***Tammy, I'm still chuckling here, but a welder..whew couldn't take the heat on that one either. I try to never waste scraps, so that's a good try, but whew...a mortician, someone's gotta do it and bless them, but not for me and I have a daughter seriously considering dentistry. Like the idea of the peace corps, but nope, none of any those clever ones.

    ***Diana, that's a good one too, but nope.

    BTW, Michael is totally enjoying your guesses and laughing.

  24. Marcy were you a...

    dry wall installer
    carpet cleaner
    carpet installer
    floor or furniture refinisher
    house painter
    or were you a safe cracker "aka" bank robber

  25. Okay, my next guess was going to be Diana's (maintenance), I'm getting ready to cry 'Uncle!', but I'll try just a few more:
    Floor Resurfacer?
    Taxi Driver
    Chauffeur? (oh, wait, those last three are not really indoors, sorry)
    Busboy? (BusGIRL?)

    Um, Wanda, you forgot 'Candlestick Maker'!

  26. Good evening Eileen, You always post the funniest jokes! Oh my goodness all of these guesses as to what you were. I don't think I have a chance of winning LOL I think you were a teacher. You teach us lot's of things here so that's what I think you were.

  27. An indoor cherry picker that wears a uniform?

  28. A butcher, a baker, a tepot maker

    Stone crusher, backhoe operator, brick layer

    finish carpenter, ballet dancer, swim instructor

    nun? thought i'd give a shout out to thy holy ones!

    grave digger, bell toller, cobblestone layer

    editor, proof reader, banker


  29. OK...All right Already!!......
    I've had sooooooo much fun on this one site...
    My bottom is flat from sitting in this chair reading (with my feet a picture?)
    And I wanna play again.
    I didn't know I could guess a bazillion things!
    I think that we could wear Marcy out...just keep guessing and she's gonna give out on responding....give up.....and GIVE!

    OK....She gave hints: wore some sort of uniform, but not at was a job more often done by a man...was done inside....required strength BUT only because it saved me/us money (??)....(My brain is shriveling fast!!...and I don't have much to spare...gotta get this....hmmmm.
    Were you a bouncer? (That's the only thing that Eileen didn't put on her list. I want to know where she got her list??????

  30. I think I got it....a bartender!....:-) Hugs

  31. Bernie you may be took a lot of strength for her not to drink up the profits!!!

  32. ***Wanda, you are so terribly naughty (got to see a terrific new side to you)and I LOVE made me laugh really hard about the drinking up the profits!
    this is so much fun I don't even want it to end...will have to think up something new in the future after this beauty.

    ***Bernie, you are no less naughty for thinking it up, nope, that's not it.

    ****Jackie, bouncer is really good since it looks as if options are really getting eliminated here, but no.

    ****okay, Tammy, how is becoming a nun mostly done by a man? Now I'm wondering what kind of men you know or do you know something the rest of us don't and most nuns are really men???
    Great guesses, though and you are a prolific guesser, giving Eileen a little 'run for her money' there! But none of those, although I did work in a bank for many years before this occupation.

    ****Carol, I did teach Sunday school, but nope, not a teacher.

    ***Too cute, Diana, much as I love cherries, no one ever paid me to do it.

    ****Still going strong there, Eileen and I did actually even work in a restaurant and helped when they were desparate, with busing tables, but nope not it, nor the other valiant guesses!

    ****Ok, Wanda, a SAFE CRACKER????? Waaah, I want my momma...nope, I return money not steal it, but funny try anyway and none of your other creative guesses.

    Actually that bartender one is sounding better and better as I try to keep up with you creative and wonderful people!! Too bad I can't stand the taste of most alcohol!!!

    Will give a few more hints in today's post if
    I can ever got to it! I send all of you TONS of hugs!!!


  33. a palientologist (spelling?)

    A museum curator?

    an archeologist?

    A diamond curator?

    sorry about the nun/man thing... forgot that part! :)

    a minister?

  34. Wow, I think Eileen wins..where did you get your lists? Were you a chef? I haven't a clue..but it sure is funny reading everyone's guesses...Love, Jerelene

  35. Oh my goodness...will you even find this here. You are so popular and with good reason! Please stop by and pick up your gift. Cathy


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