Monday, June 15, 2009

Now, where was I??

This Sunday should have been named super busy bee Sunday!

Our early day started with going to a five week, adult education class at church called "World Vision". It's all about what our world vision should be, what the prevailing world view is and how it has changed. There was so much information and the poor guy had to hurry through this Sunday presentation (so we could still get to Mass on time) as the projector was missing and he forgot some notes and had to go back home.

It's too easy to let the world creep into our lives and say that it's okay to be self-centered and uncaring and let bad things happen as long as we aren't directly impacted.

So , I give you John Donne's poem (by the way, apologies to Jackie for giving Earnest Hemingway credit here) :

For whom the bell tolls a poem (No man is an island) by John Donne

No man is an island,

Entire of itself.

Each is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less.

As well as if a promontory were.

As well as if a manner of thine own

Or of thine friend's were.

Each man's death diminishes me,

For I am involved in mankind.

Therefore, send not to know

For whom the bell tolls,

It tolls for thee.

After church, I then had to man (woman) the front table at church to help anyone interested in signing up for our International Day in the Fall. We had a couple (dressed, as they often are, in their countrys' attire) from Nigeria volunteer to help out with this wonderful project. So far, we have had about 40 people interested in representing or participating in this event. My committee is called the Cultural Committee, so we will meet with these people this Tuesday.

Next we went home to eat lunch and I had to prepare for the HOA meeting as I am now on the Board. There have been a lot of challenges with this too, as my position is secretary and that's a real HOOT (even the owls would hoot over that)! Having never been a secretary is one challenge, but the biggest one is working in Word itself. Now I love working in Excel with worksheets and all...happy as a clam there, but Word refuses to do what I want it to do, like put paragraphs where they should be or indent in only one spot. Word has a very stubborn mind of its own and makes me say bad things like 'rats' and 'puke' and even the big daddy of them all, 'puking crud". So generally, I just let Word have its way and try to be creative with where the words decide to go!

There was a general meeting following the Board meeting and I have learned a BIG lesson from all of this...NEVER go to one of these meetings without a cushion as the benches are like rocks there (bet you thought it was gonna be something philosophical and deep that I learned? Hard as I was fighting it, some of that seeped in too.)

By this time it was time to fix dinner and enjoy some time with Mikemal, so I didn't get to post yesterday, sniff, sniff.

Some very 'sweet' (but corny) jokes:

Q: Who is the bees favorite singer?

A: Sting!

Q: Who is the bees favorite pop group?

A: The bee gees!

Q: What do you get if you cross a bee with a skunk?

A: An animal that stinks and stings!

Q: What does a queen bee do when she burps?

A: Issues a royal pardon!

Q: How does a queen bee get around her hive?

A: She's throne!

Q: What does the bee Santa Claus say?

A: Ho hum hum!

Q: Why do bees hum?

A: Because they've forgotten the words!

Q: What kind of bees hum and drop things?

A: A fumble bee!

Q: What did the bee say to the flower?

A: Hello honey!

Q: What's a bees favorite flower?

A: A bee-gonia!

Okay, this section of jokes refuses (would NOT cut or copy and paste at all!) to move to the bottom (definitely a relative of Word here), so I will have another joke of two where they should be.

Each day, it is important to learn something new, so here is some new and (hopefully) helpful info:

"Bee Stings
All honeybee workers are potential stinging insects but usually sting only to defend their colony or themselves. To avoid stings, do not pass directly in front of a colony of bees. Instead, work from the side or back. If a flying honeybee comes near you, remain still or walk to a brushy area, building, or vehicle. Swatting at bees aggravates them .
If you are stung, remove the stinger immediately by scraping it with your fingernail or a knife.
Do not squeeze the stinger. This injects the full dose of venom into your skin. The scent of the poison often alarms and irritates additional bees, so either wash the wound site with a natural odor or apply a few puffs of smoke to mask the scent. Rubbing the wound only produces more itching and swelling.
Persons made ill by one or several stings ordinarily should not attempt to work with honeybees. Evidence of oversensitivity to bee stings includes a sharp change in the pulse rate, difficulty in respiration, loss of consciousness, and hives on various parts of the body. "

Where the jokes should be:

What is the clumsiest insect?

The Bumbling Bee.

What did the Bee say when he returned to the hive?

"Honey, I'm Home"

Q: How many surrealist painters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: A fish

2) Skeleton walks into a bar. "I'll have a beer and a mop."

A drunk stumbling down the street sees a nun in full habit. He rushes her and knocks her down. Standing over her, he yells, "Not so tough now, are you, Batman?"

~~~Lord, thank You for the blessing of being busy like bees and being cautious around them.


  1. Hi Marcy!
    I just had to tell you that in addition to being the church secretary I am also the secretary on the board of directors at our church, So I am two, two secretarys in one! Sorry I couldn't help myself!
    Anyway I also use word to type the minutes from our board meetings. I don't indent each paragraph. I just press enter two times so that there is a good size space between each different item. I'm not very good in word myself but this looks professional and it's easy!!!!
    Or maybe just playing around with it a little you might figure it out. My pastor is really good in word and I can ask him about that if you want. Or maybe someone out there has a better clue than me and you!
    I love your bee post especially that crochet hook cover,really cute!

  2. Hello Busy Bee, (I mean Marcy!). Hopefully today will not be quite as hectic as yesterday.
    Great jokes and what a sweet bee dog picture.

  3. HAHA! Mildred stole the "busy bee" remark I was gonna make. &:o) Are you getting a chance to relax today and rest from yesterday?

    Reading John Donne brought me back to freshman English in college. I think I understand this poem way better now than I did then.

    ((Hugs)) and blessings today, Marcy!

  4. "Word" is a pussy-cat! I love Word and I wish I had it on my PC. I have to make do with its poor relation, Works. Honestly, you will love Word. I think one of the worst ones ever was WordPerfect.

  5. It sounds like you had an extrememly busy week. I love that photo of the little pooch. Sooo precious! Great poem....

  6. Oh Marcy, of all the volunteer positions, secretary is one of the busiest. Once you get use to word you will be very grateful as it remembers names, dates and places when doing minutes. It will just take you awhile, to get the most out of it you should get the "Word for Dummies book" Not being rude, it's real and very helpful. Loved your post, poem, bee jokes, bee stories and of course the picture. Don't bee too busy my friend, remember to take time for Marcy......:-) Hugs

  7. Loved this post! Loved the poem, loved the little doggy/bee! Loved the jokes! (Especially the Batman Nun one!)

    Secretary is a lot of work, and now you have double! I was Secretary for a few years for our Rosarian group, they were wonderful though, everyone pitched in so it wasn't too bad.

    I have Word too, and for some reason on our new computer it drives me nuts! If I want to list something it will suddenly decide I also want that list numbered!
    Have you tried to just hit tab to indent paragraphs?
    I usually do just as Diana does, I skip lines to indicate a new paragraph.
    I've started typing all my blog posts on Word, then I copy and paste them into blogger (because blogger was giving me more trouble even than Word does!).

    Anyway, BEST OF LUCK with your very busy schedule! And ENJOY!
    Love, Eileen

  8. Is it just me...or have any of you typed a comment, left the page for a moment after you've typed your li'l fingers off...and the post is gone...but you haven't sent it....(or did I???)
    ...Sigh. Hi Marcy. Smeee....Jackie. I am happy to see all the cute bee jokes... They "B" good. ('Scuse that. Couldn't resist.) I enjoyed reading the information about bees. I used to work in bees. If it makes one feel better, the female honeybee dies after stinging you/me. (Never made me feel better...still hurt!)
    I am glad that you are going to have the upcoming International Day. That should be enlightening and very good for the community.
    Don't let Word 'whup' you.... You can do it!! Take care of you.

  9. Marcy, I just got back from reading your comment on my second blog and I am laughing out loud, literally OUT LOUD! My grandson just came and said, "Umma, what's so funny?"!

    I just feel like my blog is such a mess, such a mishmosh of feelings, situations, house, etc. So I thought I would try to maybe separate things a little, but I'll probably end up sending you over there with most posts anyway! You are too cute!
    Love you,

  10. You are a busy bee! What is that old saying, idle hands are the devils workshop? something like that---anyway no idle hands for you!
    Love all your jokes, nothing like a good round of laughter to heal your woes!

  11. And I thought Sunday was supposed to be "a Day of Rest"! As usual the jokes were great...and in spite of your frustrations with Word, your oaths were mild :)

  12. Hi, is this your sweet dog (the one that showed up on your doorstep)? I was so happy to hear the story of how she adopted you. And you're right, I'm crazy about my sweetheart and I can see that you feel the same about yours. Angelina doesn't have a bee costume, but she pretty much has everything else!

  13. Hi,
    My hubby is a beekeeper so Rebecca from sent me over to take a look at your bee jokes. I will file them away in case I need them someday. :-) Thanks!

    There are so many life lessons to learn from honey bees. All of God's creation reveals a something about the Creator if we just take time to look.


  14. Enjoyed the Bee post Marcy...I once did a research paper on Bees...and one summer a swarm of bees took up residence in a tree by our drive...and they were busy little bees going in and out constantly...the grandchildren loved bee stings even.

  15. I'm our of breath!!! Such a Sunday1!! Jokes as always are delightful! Cathy

  16. Hi again, Marcy! I will do some research on the statue on my blog. I was so excited to be photographing that I didn't notice as much as I needed to. I do know that the DAR was/were responsible for having it placed in the square. It's good to see another Georgia Peach out here in Blogland. (You can probably tell from all my 'mossy' photos that I'm from the deeeeep South.

  17. You have a "bee-u-ti-ful" sense of humor! Thanks for the smiles.

    Thanks, too, for hopping over from Jackie's to my Squirrel vs Bird Feeder post today. I appreciate your visit. Come back any time. :)


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