Friday, April 2, 2010

LOVE is The Good in Good Friday

Love IS the answer to all problems in one way or another.  LOVE is really only a has to be an action in order to be is something that needs to be done, to be shown and WOW...did God ever show us what it means.....

Good Friday...hmmm I think it should be "What Love Truly is Friday"...the good part is all the good that has been given to us because "...He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..."

I will cry today...I always cry every Good Friday, being so amazed at what He did for us and so sad knowing how little we would do for Him, how many times we would fail yet how many times we would try and we would even succeed.  He fell three times and got up four...another lesson for us no matter how hard life gets for us....

Here's how one source explains Good Friday....

Judging by the name alone, most of us might deduce that Good Friday is a holiday that's both good, as opposed to bad, and is observed on a Friday. However, if you weren't raised in a particularly religious household, you may not be familiar with exactly what it is about that particular Friday that makes it such a "good" one compared with other Fridays.

From a religious perspective, though, the term "Good Friday" is a bit of a misnomer since it refers to the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. As you might expect, it was a particularly bad day for Jesus' disciples and followers (Judas, I'm looking in your direction) and it's a rather penitent day for Christians today.

Theologically speaking, you could make the argument that Good Friday was necessary in order for Jesus to absolve mankind of its sins, but still the name Good Friday seems like a stretch. Couldn't it just as easily be called Sad Friday? Or Bad Friday? Or The Worst Friday Ever?

For clarification, I've turned to the A&E Network's chief historian, Dr. Libby O'Connell. According to Dr O'Connell, the term "good" in this case is simply "a mistranslation of the word 'holy.' Holy, of course, meaning sacred and sanctified, is translated from the Latin word Sanctus."

Generally speaking, the English translation falls a little short when recognizing the holiness of the occasion. "Easter," explains Dr O'Connell, "is the culmination of the Christian year, not Christmas. Good Friday is one of the most important days of religious reflection."

In most languages, the holiday we refer to as Good Friday is translated as "Holy Friday," which captures the spirit of the holiday a little more accurately."

He was lauded and sung to on Palm Sunday as a Saviour then they hung Him on a cross!!  People's praise of us is not so important...what matters is the love we give no matter what...the kind word in return for the crabbiness of a loved one, the gentle response to the rude person at the check-out counter or the doctor's office or the repair person etc. etc. etc.  These are only hard to do things NOT impossible....
Today is not a day for jokes but for loving reflection....... so remember this little thought when pondering about whether you are involved in your walk with Christ or committed in it!!...

" You know the difference between involvement and commitment don't you? In a meal of bacon and eggs, the chicken is involved, the pig is committed."

~~~Thank You dear Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the amazing blessings we have received because of your LOVE through giving and giving and giving so that we might be allowed into Your kingdom, Lord!!


  1. I agree, doing things out of love is the answer to all problems.
    All who read your post will want to do better, Marcy.

  2. Beautiful reflections, Marcy, on this very Blessed Day of True Love!
    Love to you, E

  3. That was a very nice explanation of "Good Friday", our Pastor does refer to it as "Holy Friday" in his sermon. Either way you look at it, it is a good day for us. Love Di ♥

  4. We call this Holy Week and it includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday (I don't know if this might be peculiar to UK) and 'Good' Friday. Makes more sense to call it Holy Friday. Call it what you will though, it's still kept as the day our Saviour died for us. For us! And the absolute only qualification we had for deserving that honour was that God loved (and loves) us.

  5. Really a thorough and thoughtful post, Marcy! Isn't God's love amazing? Commitment to the One who loves us SO much isn't too much to ask....but how selfish I am sometimes. Have a blessed Easter celebrating the One who overcame death and lives FOREVER.

  6. Beautiful post Marcy.
    I think the word 'Good' to me suggests it was a very good thing that Jesus agreed to take on the sins of the whole world and suffer a terrible spiritual battle and have God and the Holy Spirit turn their backs on him. It was terrible for him in his humanity to suffer but unless he did it we would all remain unsaved and the doors of Heaven would have remained firmly shut. I've done a post on this today.
    God Bless you Marci and it is great to visit again. ~ Eddie

  7. God Bless you dear friend, Happy Easter to you and your family.......:-) Hugs

  8. As always, a fantastic post!! So informative and rich in truth...truly beautiful! Thank you! Happy Easter to you! Love and blessings! Janine XO

  9. I too cry as I recall the brutal death of Jesus Christ. I make myself watch HIS death via video from the Passion of the Christ. Even though it breaks my heart . . . I know I must not turn away. It is my desire to serve HIM with my whole being. Thank you for sharing the Saviour with me today.
    God bless you.

  10. Such a lovely post. I wish you and yours a blessed Easter.

  11. Wishing you well with all the joy and comfort the celebration of of our Salvation can bring! Happy Easter! Cathy

  12. Gods love...His amazing love...there is none like it!!!

  13. Beautifully said Marcy! I hope your Easter weekend is safe and blessed. I pray that your family is well and that you my friend will always be blessed with the light of Christ. You give so much to others every day and I am glad to have met you and can be called a friend. hugs...

  14. Love....His love is amazing!
    Happy Easter my sweet friend!

  15. Blessings, blessings, blessings, Marcy, to you and yours. And a very happy Easter!

  16. A happy, Holy Easter to you and yours, Marcy.

    Cheers - Joolz

  17. Hello Marcy, As usual I loved your post! Good Friday truly is the most special of days. I hope you and your family had a very blessed and joyful Easter. Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding our dear little Charli. She seems to be on the mend. At least I hope so. I hope you have a beautiful day and a lovely week.

  18. Just stopping by to see how you are! Sending you love! ;-) Janine XO


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