Saturday, April 10, 2010


Di has never been shy
To let us know
Where she would like to go.
So here's a beach or two
For a friend so true...

Are you looking for some townhouses on the beach Di?....

Or maybe a more secluded spot where you can set up your own little tent?...

Uh oh, found these guys listed as beach creatures...maybe they're just stopping by to entertain Diana?...

How's this spot, complete with a colorful beach towel?....

Here's a nice fixer upper house on the beach...what do you think, Di?....

Can't tell what's in between those trees and making it bigger only makes it grainier so Di will just have to go investigate...

It looks a little windy here, but Di, remember you are from the windy city...

Are you picturing yourself doing this?.....

Or do these chairs look more inviting?.....

How about a little island all to yourself (Jake can come along too if he's being a good boy!)......

Uh your food or these guys will swipe it....

Ah, yes, beloved beach glass just for you...something I had never heard of till Eileen let me see the light!....

Okay, now here's all your Village friends dropping in to see you....

Guess you'll be pretty surprised when you see this photo I snapped of you getting ready for your trip to the beach!!!  You are styling girl!!!.....

Well I searched and searched for some cute beach jokes and could only find these, so they may be a little corny or pitiful but they are nice and CLEAN (guess they were washed by the beach or washed up on shore or just beachy keen jokes)!....

What did the pacific ocean say to the atlantic ocean?

Nothing, they just waved!


Why couldn't the sailor play cards on his boat?

Because someone was always sitting on the deck.

What does stuck seaweed say?

"Kelp! Kelp!"

What did the fish use as a cell phone?

A Shell Phone!

What do you find on a small beach?

What do you call a woman with sand paper on her head?


~~~Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit thank You for the blessings of good friends celebrating the special day of their birth and our ability to make them smile!


  1. Happy Birthday Diana!!!

    Just doing what you did for me...dropping by everywhere with Birthday Wishes!

    Hi Marcy...Di will love the island!


  2. Oh Marcy if only I could go down the stairs like that!! Thank you so much for the Birthday post and remembering that I'd love to live on the beach. A small beach shack would be fine! Thanks again Marcy, Love you ! Love Di ♥

    Oh and Hi Wanda!!!! Thank you too!

  3. Great post, Marcy! And nice beach pics for our girl on her special day!
    Love to you both (and all the village too)!, E

  4. Great Post Marcy to a Great Gal...Perhaps we could find a beach with a Roller Coaster!!! I loved the pic of all of us Villagers getting off the boat to visit! How fun that would be!
    (((HUGS))) TT

  5. Oh, Marcy!!! This is simply wonderful!!! What a delightful and creative post--all created especially for Di!!! You are so terrific!!! I am so privileged to know you!! AND Happy Birthday to dear Di!!!! She deserves the best of days!!! Love you both so much! Janine XO

  6. What a fun birthday post for Diana. I love the jokes, especially the Sandy one. :)

  7. That was such a nice birthday present for Diana. Diana if you're reading this- Happy Birthday

    Marcy I am so sorry. I haven't been to your blog in so long. Pardon me!

  8. What a sweet tribute to this dear friend of yours. She has to feel so special after reading it. Happy Birthday Di! Wish you many more.

  9. Just right for our Diana! I think we should ALL meet on the beach and celebrate together!

  10. Aw, gee... See what happens when you don't visit around over the weekend? I missed the party! But, happiest of belated birthdays to dear Diana!

  11. Just came by to give you my love...Hope you are having a wonderful week, dear Marcy! Love, Janine XO

  12. Oi Marcy, passo especialmente para desejar-te um maravilhoso final de semana. Muitas alegrias em sua vida.


  13. Happy birthday to your dear friend Diana!!!!

  14. Hello, dear Marcy...hope all is well! Love you! Janine XO

  15. You are so darn clever and creative! Your blog is an absolute JOY!



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