Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to You Terri!!!

Terri is a fascinating goal setter and dream maker, a true inspiration to people who want to make THE WORLD  a better, kinder and nicer place, so I say to you...may you continue to inspire and find new and wonderful goals to make this world a better place, Terri and
H A P P Y       B I R T H D A Y!!!

A search on the Internet found this article (which Terri could probably have written).  If you want to read the rest of it, just click on the first line...

"When it comes to manifesting our dreams and accomplishing our goals, there are three vital components that deserve our attention. Before we get into that, ask yourself the following question:

Am I actively moving in the direction of my goals and dreams each and every day?

Everybody has dreams and most people have goals. If you want your goals and dreams to become reality, you must move toward them consistently and purposefully. By nature, we always begin with distance between where we are and where we want to be. Our job is to narrow that distance until it no longer exists. To accomplish that, we need to draw our goals and dreams closer to us, while simultaneously moving toward them.

Some people attempt to attract their goals without taking much action. Others choose to act on their goals, but without the added advantage of also drawing those goals to them. Action alone can bring positive results, but it is much faster to combine the two techniques.

For the sake of clarity, let’s differentiate between dreams and wishful thinking. In some conversations, the two might be interchangeable. Not so in this case. When I talk about dreams, I am really talking about highly desirable goals. Future realities that we fully intend to realize. For our purposes, a dream is something that we are willing to work toward, and are determined to manifest, just like a goal."

It's always important to end with a smile, so hope this brings one to your face, Terri and that your day is wonderful in all ways.  May the Good Lord bless and be with you always.

~~~Thank You dear Lord for the blessings of friends to inspire and guide us on our journey of kindness.


  1. Happy Birthday Terrie! We love you!
    Nice post Marcy! It's great to see you here again Marcy. Maybe you could do a post about what's been going on with you, I'd love to hear how everything is going! We all miss your posts. Love Di ♥

  2. Very nice post, Marcy! And I love how you incorporated dreams and goals into Teresa's Birthday post as she writes about this and inspires me to reach for more!
    Happy Birthday, Teresa! Your Village friends love you!

    Love to you both, E

  3. Happy Birthday Teresa!!!

    Your post for Teresa was great, Marcy. Like Di says...we miss you!

  4. I needed this, Marcy! You've gathered some really helpful, inspiring stuff here. (I DEFINITELY needed that scale thing at the end!)

    Blessings on YOUR life, home, and family today.

  5. You honor your friends in such a gentle, caring way. Your friend Terri has to feel so blessed and encouraged by this post. She is a beautiful lady and I wish her the very best birthday today! She is fortunate to have a friend like you.

  6. Beautiful post Marcy! I've always believed in following your dreams, and in that way, you are happy in what ever it is you do. Happy birthday to your friend Teri. She sounds like a lovely person.

  7. Hi Marcy, it has been a while since I have written to you.....looks like you are doing great and still thinking up wonderful posts! love and hugs...and smiles across the miles.

  8. Hi Marcy,
    This post certainly did bring a smile to my face and it also encouraged me to draw my dreams a little closer. I am going to continue drawing them closer and closer each day until my dreams come true...thankyou so much for being my friend and for this amazing post. Somehow, I thought everyone would forget my Birthday. This is all such a nice surprise...thanks again (((HUGS))) T


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