Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, this downloaded this from my sample pictures so there is hope.

Mainly I would like to wish Wanda a very happy and lovely birthday and to thank her for the many, many beautiful posts she has shared.  Her posts are so well done and must take her alot of time for she makes them so perfect.  It is almost like going on a mini vacation when I go to read her posts and enjoy the fantastic pictures she has so carefully taken and included...it often feels as if I am in the woods with her or on her porch enjoying the sights of nature.
Thank you for bringing so much beauty into our world Wanda and may you be blessed with the happiest of birthdays!

Sending you love and God's blessings too.

At one point I was doing 'helpful hints on Tuesdays' so today's "hint" would be to remember your friend's special days and then remember their not so special days in some way too (a nice little surprise like a card in the mail, a phone call etc.)!

~~~Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessings of thoughtful and uplifting friends...may they receive many blessings themselves!


  1. THANK YOU!...for the birthday greeting, Marcy! I have so missed your posts! Having friends like you and the others in our 'village' has made my year of blogging very special for me. Another year older, but another year happy and thankful. Love to you!


  2. Blogger was acting up again this morning, couldn't leave a message earlier! But here I am, Happy Birthday Wanda! We all love you! And it's good to see you here Marcy, don't stay away so long this time!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Nice post, Marcy, for a nice friend to us all! Happy, Happy Birthday to Wanda!

    And I am happy Blogger cooperated with us for Wanda's Birthday!

    I'm still having problems commenting on a lot of blogs, I get to read them but I don't get to put in my two cents. I can't comment on Bernie anymore, or Jackie, or Tamara. 'Hope this gets resolved SOON!

    See you on the farm, girl!
    Love to you, E

  4. Marcy, thank you sweetie this is a beautiful tribute to Wanda, I am sure she is so very happy.....:-) Hugs

  5. Lovely. Very nicely done!! Wishing you well! Cathy

  6. Happy Birthday to your dear friend Wanda! What a kind tribute you shared about her. I am sure she would have some wonderful things to say about you too. I miss your blog posts.

  7. Hello dear friend Marcy.
    I wish you a Happy Easter, full of blessings.


  8. Glad to see your picture is not upside down any more. Hopefully your blog problems are solved.

  9. Marcy, so thoughtful and generous in your spirit. Lovely tribute to your friend, who is so blessed to have YOU!

    Happy Blessed Easter to you and yours, Marcy. I am so blessed by you and your friendship.



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