Monday, November 2, 2009

A Birthday that Was a Birthday Gift

Once upon a time there was a wonderful birth of a beautiful little baby boy that ended up being a birthday gift for his daddy. My caring and kind son was born on November 2nd and we brought him home on November 6th, his dad's birthday, such a special treasured birthday "gift". I feel sure his wonderful daddy is looking down from Heaven and blessing him especially today...

"Happy Birthday Song Information

Happy Birthday to You, the four-line rhyme, sung all over the world, by millions of people at a time - fabulous!
It was written as a classroom greeting by two Louisville teachers, Mildred J. Hill in the year 1893 at Columbia University.
The composer of the song Happy Birthday to You is Mrs. Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher born in Louisville, KY, and the composition was created on June 27, 1859. The song was first debuted in 1893. And the lyrics of this beautiful song were written by her sister, Patty Smith Hill, as "Good Morning To All."
Happy Birthday to You was copyrighted in the year 1935 and this copyright was renewed in the year 1963. The song was actually written in 1893, but it received its first copyrights in the year 1935 after a claim (stated in the New York Times of August 15, 1934, p.19 col. 6)
Later on, it was in the year 1988, when Birch Tree Group, Ltd. sold the copyrights of the birthday song to Warner Communications (together with all other resources) for almost $25 million (much more than a song). (Stated in Time, Jan 2, 1989 v133 n1 p88 (1)
In the 80s, the song Happy Birthday to You was estimated to make more than $1 million in royalties yearly. With Auld Lang Syne and For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, it is considered one of the most well-liked songs in the English language. (Stated in Time, Jan 2, 1989 v133 n1 p88 (1)
Happy Birthday to You continues to bring in about 2 million dollars in licensing returns annually, as a minimum of 1996 records, in line with the Warner Chappell and a Forbes magazine report."

"Birthstones and Their Meanings

Birthstone jewelry is always a adorable gift.

January - Garnet ~ Constancy
February - Amethyst ~ Sincerity
March - Aquamarine ~ Courage
April - Diamond, White Sapphire ~ Innocence
May - Emerald ~ Love, Success
June - Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite ~ Health and Longevity
July - Ruby ~ Contentment
August - Peridot, Sardonyx ~ Married Happiness
September - Sapphire ~ Clear Thinking
October - Opal, Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire ~ Hope
November - Topaz, Citrine ~ Fidelity
December - Blue Topaz, Zircon ~ Prosperity "
I wish a super HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you son and want you to know how very dearly you are loved and always have been loved and how proud we are of you!!

The Birthday Gift

There were a bunch of soldiers out on some very long field maneuvers in the middle of some dirty swamp land. This was designed to made them feel rough and tough and pretty grimy too.

After a week of sweating and no bathing and dirty clothes, the Captain says "Men, in honor of George Washington's birthday, I have some good news and some bad news! First the good news...Tomorrow we will have a change of underwear!!!" Everyone starts shouting, thumping each other on the back and yelling and singing "Happy Birthday to George Washington" as well as "For he's a jolly good fellow..."

"Now for the bad news" says the Captain... "Woods you change with Toney, Oldham you change with Borkowski-Glass, Jansson you change with Siebels, Postin you change with Barrales...."
~~~Thank You gracious Father for the blessing of a precious "little bundle" to warm our hearts, as well as for all the precious little ones in our lives.


  1. Oh, that last joke was too cute!
    You are the sly one!


    'Hope you are enjoying your time away, and I'm sure you are enjoying your beautiful family!

    Love to you!,
    PS ~ GET SOME SLEEP! Commenting at 4:00 AM! You are a dedicated Villager!
    And don't lose any sleep over my post for tomorrow, I don't think it's anything you'd want to be looking at. It's really kind of gross, I think you should take a pass.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!!! What a sweet story.

  3. Happy birthday and many many more to your son! Darling little family!

    Hey now, that joke was funny until I read one of the names. Watchit! ;)

  4. Oh I do wish your son a Happy Birthday and a wonderful day.....hope you also are having the best day ever but you need your rest my friend. When are you coming home?....

    I know I'm big but I am only one, no "s" on my name....LOl, thought I didn't notice didn't you. luv ya......:-) Hugs

  5. Hope your son's birthday was a great one Marcy and I hope you are having an even greater time with Corbyn and Myla...Have a good visit!

    Luv and Smiles,

  6. dear friend Marcy.
    First...may I tell you what a handsome son you have! He is gooooood looking! I love the way he is holding your arm in the photos....and I love the way your smile comes through each one. I can feel that love, my friend. His family is a beautiful one....I just know that you are going to come home with so much shugar....a spoonful won't be be your trademark any will be buckets full of shugar.... (I love the kitten...soooo cute.)
    Next....I love the joke about changing the underwear...and aren't you the clever one. I'll have to check with J. and see if that's going to be OK with her....and I'll get back with you. And...I smiled at Bernie's comment. She has a great sense of humor...and such an angel...and can be a witty li'l angel, too!
    Happy birthday to your son....and I know that your Mario is smiling at your being with him on his special day.... Love goes on...and on....and on.
    Thank you for taking the time during your visit with your family to post a blog. I always look forward to your blog...and thank you for commenting on mine. I have been gone all day and got home late tonight.
    Many smiles to you, my friend. Continue to enjoy your lovely family. Love to you, Marcy.

  7. EEwwwww!! About that underware!! And Oh my goodness what a lovely family :-) You look like you are having the time of your life!! I'm so glad you have wonderful family to be with :-)

  8. Oh Marcy,
    You almost made me cry when you wished your son a happy birthday. It made me miss Ginny so much. I haven't seen her for months!
    Your photos together were very special. I haven't gotten any of Ginny since I got my camera in April but when she visits for Christmas I will get lots!
    I am glad that your visit is going well and Happy Birthday to your son!
    Love Di

  9. I love this family photo and the kind, caring tribute to your son. You are right, his dad would be so proud of him and you, and the way you've all grown up and carried on without him. These family photos are real treasures and I appreciate so much that you shared them with us. You are a good looking family.

    Happy Birthday to your son! I've watched my brothers take care of my mother for my dad, after he passed away, and I now have a real admiration for sons that do that for their mothers. I wish you many more years ahead.

  10. Well, I am impressed that any of you thought that I would be able to do a post from here in Arizona!!! I can't even get to my dashboard much less do a post...nope, any posts from me were done and made to be published on different days while I was still in Georgia, so there should be two more coming if all goes right.

    IN fact these pictures that you see are all from last year and all from Georgia! I will have tons from here though, Good Lord willing.

    Well, time is slipping away from me even now and I have to run again, but I am trying to sneak visits in anyway!!

    May all good things, all wonderful blessings from God be upon all of you!

    Sending you love and hugs,


    p.s. In fact I even have to re-sign into google and go through hoops and loops every time I try to comment!!

  11. Birthday greetings to your Topaz -- from a Sapphire! What a handsome son, with such a beautiful family, Marcy! You're truly blessed.

    (Oh, and that joke -- ewwwwww.....)

  12. Oh! You're so tricky!
    So these pictures are last year's? How much have the kids grown? Big changes? You'll have to show us!

    And these pictures were taken in your home? It looks like you have lots of pretty blue walls.

    Blogger has been good to you so far with the pre-posting! Blogger was good to me too when I was away, it worked out nicely.

    Okay, enjoy those beautiful grandchildren and tell us all about your visit when you get back (complete with some more pictures please!). Looking forward to the next (pre) post!
    Love to you!, E

  13. Hello Marcy!
    Happy Birthday to your son...he sure is handsome..he takes after his Mom in the looks department :)
    You are a funny one aren't you? always, always make me laugh and smile!
    I've missed you! Thanks for all the sweet comments to are such a good and special friend :)
    Love you!! Jerelene

  14. Good morning Marcy, Happy birthday to your son! I love all of the pictures of you and your family ♥ It looks like all of you had a great time together.Your son is sooo handsome :>) I hope you have a lovely day.


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