Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Class Progress

Though I must do this in a hurry
It might even cause a little worry
But at least these photos are not blurry
As for this trip I rush and scurry
Just had to give you the update
On my paintings, even though it's late
For I love to watch things as they change
Unless it's a dog with mange (gotta rhyme, you know).
So here's what happening right before your eyes
And this will be no big surprise
For they're natural with no disguise
Just hope they don't cause any negative "Oh Mys!"

First try...

Next try, where the teacher said it was finished so I got a frame, then I decided it wasn't quite finished...

Second try without the frame...

Final try where I added some more final touches in spite of the teacher teasing me for still working on it and bringing it back!....

Without the frame and 'finished'....

Here's the start of the other painting, a landscape that is ever changing...

Here it is with the burnt trees that I did and the mountains that she originally wanted...

A closer view of my forest fire trees....

Totally (almost) changed as she closed in the water and told me to take out the mountains, I LOVE what she did to the trees, but I did the water all by myself...still needs lots of work and there may be a little waterfall between the trees on the left and the one on the right (I do like waterfalls)....

And a close up of what is happening...

By the time you see this post (if it posts like a good little post should) it will be getting VERY close to time for us to be coming back. I will have missed all of you dearly for you are all dear to my heart and I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!!!!
~~~Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank You for the wonderful blessings of visiting and then coming back home safely with happy memories.


  1. The paintings are coming along nicely. We miss you, too! I think I can say "we" since most of your comment folk seem to really really really like you, as do I!! Safe and happy travels.

  2. Marcy I miss you and I am enjoying your paintings very much....:-) Hugs

  3. What a talented artist you are. 5-year-olds can paint better than me! I would hang one of your pictures on my wall any day.

    love Angie, xx

  4. You are a fabulous painter Marcy! Really liked the details of the tree. It looks SO real :D WOW! great going!

  5. Terrific painting Marcy
    I like the last one particularly and I think your persverance on the first was well worth the effort.
    Glad you are having anenjoyable stay and I wish you a safe journey home ~ Eddie x

  6. you were gone and yet you were still here! Very clever of you Marcy to have scheduled your post this way! I too love the paintings. The flower is my favorite! Something about flowers that you never tire of. hugs

  7. These are awesome, Marcy. I LOVE 'em! Someday, when I dont' have curious little fingers around quite so much, I'd LOVE to do oil painting. (Dabble in watercolors -- and acrylics now, but it's not the same atall!) you are so multi-talented!

  8. Oh, Marcy, they are both fabulous!
    I love them both! The flower is so pretty, but there is something about the trees and the water that is tugging my heartstrings!
    'Can't wait to see what you do with it next!
    'Can't wait to 'see you' back in the village!
    (Isn't it strange that you seem 'away' even though you are posting from afar, which is really what happens all the time anyway!)
    'Hope you are having tons of fun!
    Safe trip back home!
    Love to you!,

  9. It's such fun to see the progress on your paintings!

    And I'm very impressed by your forethought in preparing such interesting posts to keep us company while you are absent!

    It will be SO great to have you back - alive and in person!

  10. I was not aware that you were this accomplished as an artist. I especially like the flower picture with the contrasting blue and white...beautiful.

    Looking forward to your return.

  11. Hello to my budding artist friend...
    I like the changes that you made to your trees....and the water...and especially that you took the land 'away'...and the water flows through the painting in the last one. Very good, Marcy. I love to paint. It is therapy...wonderfully relaxing...and a great way to express your feelings and share your talents. I miss you....

  12. Both are wonderful paintings Marcy...It's nice you left so many posts for us, but like Eileen is different, knowing you're not really there. Miss you a lot!

    Luv and Smiles,

  13. you are for sure gifted!! oh wow - i wish i could do that :-) I got a "D" in art and that was with my boyfriend (now husband) cheating for me!!

  14. I love your paintings Marcy. And your Magnolia has evolved beautifully! I loved the frame with it as well! I am having computer problems again. Don't know how much I will be around. But I do have acsess to email. Love you Marcy. Love Di

  15. Absolutely beautiful, Marcy!!! So fun to see your progress, and the gorgeous outcome!!! Bravo!! These are wonderful!!! Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home!!! Have missed knowing you were behind your blog ;-) But you are absolutely amazing for having scheduled all of this!!! I'm so impressed!!! Love to you, and hope to see you soon!! Janine XO

  16. Good evening Marcy, Your paintings are beautiful! You are doing a great job. Way to go ♥

  17. Hi Marcy,

    I love both of your paintings; keep us posted on how the second one develops (I love seeing the different stages). I hope you had a wonderful trip and look forward to your return.
    Lots of love,
    Marina xox

  18. Just stopped in to say "hi"!

    Great artwork!!!!!!!!

  19. Hola Marcy, qué tal estás?
    Vengo desear-te un gran fin de semana, con muchas felicidad.


  20. November 11 to November 16 ~ FIVE DAYS! You wrote that November 11 was VERY CLOSE to the time you'd be back. What's your idea of VERY CLOSE???
    Okay, dish. What's really going on?
    Why do I have the feeling you're not sharing something with us?
    Come on, Miss Marcy! Tit for tat! I spill my guts, you spill yours!
    I'm waiting......
    Your friend in all that Heaven and earth holds dear (and even the not-so-dear), through thick and thin, through feast and famine,

  21. Hi Marcy! The scene painting is lovely! I've gone to some of those "sips and strokes" art classes and my paintings have turned out fair, fair enough that I want to get an easle, some paints and take this on as a hobby. It is so relaxing. Nice to see your work, and it is very good!


  22. Monday evening....
    Marcy...I think that you'd better post a blog or comment. Eileen is getting to the point that I think we're going to have to sedate her.
    Smiles from Jackie

  23. Have not heard from you and had you on my mind today. May God richly bless you and your family.

  24. ***Hi everybody...

    I am starting a post now and will post today but I have painting class so it will be after that. When I stopped for several breaks from clean up the past few days, I did visit all of you but had no time to do comments as well.

    Suffice it to say that there have been many unusual "challenges" since we got back home and we had to alter the 'Home Sweet Home' to 'Home Smelly Home'.

    May God bless you with wonderful things today and always.

    See you later today, my blessings.

    love and hugs,


  25. Just glad to are safe and sound Marcy!

  26. Oh, I can't wait to read your post. I've had severe withdrawal symptoms since you've been absent. I've not had a good joke to laugh at since you went away!

  27. HI Marcy! Did you get my e-mail?
    I miss hearing from you :)


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