Wednesday, February 18, 2009

  • The super blessing of a husband who learned to knit: This does not do justice to the vine piece that Michael is working on (even though Tinkabelle held still again), so another picture will be upcoming....there is alot of work here and even little "flowers" on the vine.

Well it was warm while we were knitting and so I opened both windows and the cats had a field day! These three blessings: orange kitty (Oliver) is the baby and purrs (very charming) to "disarm" you if you go after him to pick him up and smooch him, the striped cat (P.G. or Pretty Girl) is the oldest but holds her age well and she has decided that it is her duty to check everyone's breath when they are sound asleep by putting her wet nose on our mouths (not charming), then finally there is Panther, who likes to drink only from running water in a bathroom sink and will drive you crazy meowing for it (semi charming).

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