Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puff I come to hurry up and say Hip hip hooray for Bernie!

It is so perfect that it is Bernie's birthday because her birthday should be every day
Since her name starts with "B" that way!
And she always has nice things to say.
(Her blog name says "On my own")
But her words say "I'm there for one and all...
Just give me one little call."

And how about this?

B is for ....the bountiful blessings she sends to all
E is for ....the extra care she has for others big and small
R is for ....the rosy attitude she sends to those who are sad
N is for....never giving up when things seem to go bad
I is for....iced tea that she will serve you if you want to drop by
E is for....the endless care she will show you if you cry!!

Bernie, you are a true gem and a privilege to know!  I just got back from an overnight trip to take my son and family to see his sister and then to Brande's family after that but I had to get something out for your special day...I pray it was/is wonderful just like YOU!

~~~Heavenly Father thank You for the blessings of people like Bernie who show Your love to others in so many ways!


  1. What a special month you have for a is my daughter's (Ria), my son-in-law's (Andy), my grandson (their son, Jonathan)and my granddaughter's (Myla, my sons's daughter)birthday month as well!


  2. Amen to that Marcy! I loved your tribute to Bernie and also loved seeing you back blogging!
    Miss you and Love you, Di ♥

  3. Oh Marcy, this is lovely. Thank you so much for your lovly birthday wishes. I so miss your post Marcy, hope you come back to us real soon sweetie. Love you, ........:-) Hugs

  4. Aren't we all lucky to know Bernie!

    It's wonderful to see a post from you Marcy, have missed you very much!


  5. Nice Birthday post for Bernie, Marcy! I've always thought that about Bernie's Blog title too, 'On My Own' just doesn't seem to fit Bernie the way "Here For One And All" would!

    We have lots of Birthdays in May too! Ray's sister Susie, my brother Frankie, our son Erik, his wife Lori, Ray's brother Donald, and our Anniversary and Erik & Lori's Anniversary too! It's been a very busy month for us, but lots of fun too!

    Nice to see you post! I'm not going to scold you because I've been just as bad neglecting my blog!

    And I'm abandoning my farms until Farmville starts behaving again!

    'Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Birthday, Bernie!

  6. What a lovely post, Marcy!!! So glad you threw the party!!! You and Bernie are both gems!!! Love you, Janine XO

  7. So good to have you back. Happy Birthday to your beautiful friend Bernie! And to all the people in your family. So many birthdays coming up. Hope you had a good Memorial Day.

  8. I missed this post thinking you were "retired"!

  9. Hello Marcy, since you were the first person that I contacted and welcomed me into the Village over a year ago, I have missed seeing your posts. I am so happy you were able to take a minute and write a little something. Yes Bernie is a GEM and we love her to pieces!

  10. What a beautiful thing to do for our dear Bernie!! Happy Birthday, Bernie. You know that you get to celebrate all month long!!

  11. Hi Marcy! I've been missing you sweet friend :) Hope all is well...I've been neglecting my blog badly..but, since summer is here I am going to try to get back to visiting all of my dear friends and postin too...
    Much love and big hugs....

  12. Hi, Marcy! Just want you to know that you've been in my thoughts! Love, Janine XO

  13. Dropping in to say, "Hi." Hope all is well! Missing you! Cathy

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  15. Hi Marcy!! I am here to deliver a smile....not that you need one, because I know that you carry your own...and share!....but just because I was thinking of you and wanted to say hello...and leave a smile from me...
    Hugs, smiles and love,


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