Monday, February 8, 2010

I know I can do this!

Well, this was supposed to be last Wednesday's post, but that didn't happen.  So this will now be called Marvelous Monday's post.

What has been happening is tons of more rain, in fact, there has been more rain recorded in the state of Georgia than has ever occurred in the history of weather reporting!!  Which means we are back to square one with our septic problems...rats!  Looks like our income tax return will be going towards an improved system but meanwhile we visit our local grocery store for restroom needs and showers are happening at Michael's workplace, although I can still do the dishes by throwing out the water, so that's a blessing...too bad my clothes washing effort didn't work.......although...I have been tempted to try a smaller load (shhh, don't tell Michael!)

Let's change this sad story to a picture or two.

Here's one of Michael and I taken in late December when we went to Fernbank looks as if I am falling into him with my eyes closed...well, a girl's gotta get sleep whenever she can!...

Remember me mentioning that there were still some nativities back in Arizona (sad to say, I only found three)?  Well, here's one I found when we were there this past November...

This is just a neat one I thought I'd share with you because it is just a wire silhouette...

You may be asking yourselves where the neat internet information is that Marcy usually supplies us with?  Well, it is bye bye for today as I need to get this post out and I need to go to the store!!!!!!!

Time for some smiles...

Assembly Line

Students in the adult French class I teach include quite a few health-care professionals. During one class, I was coughing so badly a doctor in the class raised her hand. "If you like, I could give you a prescription for that," she offered. Another hand shot up. "I could fill it for you," said a pharmacist's assistant. Not to be outdone, a paramedic added, "And I can take you there to pick it up!"

We brought our newborn son, Adam, to the pediatrician for his first checkup. As he finished, the doctor told us, "You have a cute baby."

Smiling, I said, "I bet you say that to all new parents."

"No," he replied, "just to those whose babies really are good-looking."

"So what do you say to the others?" I asked.

"He looks just like you."
Old McDonald

While waiting in line at the Department of Vehicle Services for my new license plate, I heard the clerk shout out, "E I E I O." "Here," the woman standing next to me answered.

Curious, I asked if she was married to a farmer, or maybe taught preschool.

"Neither," she replied. "My name is McDonald."

~~~Thank You Lord for the blessings of patience, please grant us LOTS of it (and I will avoid the temptation to say 'right now".)


  1. Hi, How nice of you to become one of my followers:) I LOVE your blog. It will be a happy place to visit. Thank you for my todays smile. Dee

  2. I've been to that museum! When hubby was on active duty down in Atlanta we became members. Really only because it was cheaper to join to go for one day for all four of us. But we went back time and time again and really enjoyed it.

    Sorry about all the rain and the continued septic problems. I would be going crazy about now!!!

  3. Well Marcy I hope that your refund arrives soon! I can't imagine what a pain in the butt all of that is! We are buying a new central air unit with ours, we only had a few window units last year, it wasn't very cool!
    Maybe next year we can both do something fun with the refund? You and Michael look very happy together!
    Will they be able to install the new system right away? Love Di

  4. Oh, dear! Everything must take twice the time! I'm sure this is quite discouraging. I'm glad you have a refund coming to help cover the cost.

    I like the picture of you and Michael. And I know how you feel - sleeping on your feet sometimes :)

    Hope good things start coming your way with as much intensity as the septic problems!

  5. I am really sorry to hear about the continuing septic problems. I cannot believe all the rain we are getting here in GA. That one snow we had about a month ago stayed on our driveway for nearly a week. We were trapped! I am so ready for Spring and I know you are too.

  6. Dear Marcy, I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through with the septic tank problems. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  7. It sounds like when it rains it pours, huh? Sorry, I couldn't resist!
    Those septic problems are a nightmare, as I think I told you, I always worry about the one we have at our cottage.
    Love the picture of you two, falling into loving arms, nothing better!
    May your skies turn blue and your shower be hot....soon!

  8. Hi Marcy, I never get a return always have to pay but I don't mind one bit when I know it helps people as you and Michael. I love your picture, you do look happy.
    Sorry with all the problems your having, it will be nice for you to get it fixed once and for all.
    We have tons of snow and you have tons of rain, the weather is crazy everywhere.
    Take care my friend, am sending up prayers for you.......:-) Hugs

  9. Days of rain for you...days of snow for me. They are calling for another snowstorm tomorrow night in our town. I feel so bad for you and your sewer problems. Must be so inconvenient. Sure does make us appreciate what we do have, doesn't it? I sure hope it gets fixed soon and you don't have to take showers at work.

  10. Poor I understand why the rain is making you unhappy :( I pray that it will STOP raining...I will be praying for your problem to be remedied..quickly :)
    Hugs from me to you!!
    Love, Jerelene

  11. Oh Marcy, what a predicament with all the rain and problems it has brought you. It is raining here in Alabama, so surely there is going to be more for you in the next day or two. This kind of think REALLY makes you appreciate all the little things that one takes for granted every day. We have become too complacent with our earthly comforts. I do pray that you will have some relief very soon!

    Thinking of and praying for you all!

  12. I am so sorry! So good you don't have lots of little ones running around! AHH we lived with septic tanks for 20 years....on city sewer now, but the price we pay does not compare to the area and rural-ness that I truly miss! DARN SEPTICS! we are also experiencing more rain than ever here in the desert! CRAZY! Hope it dries up soon for you! hugs...lindalu


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