Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas cookies and some nativities

Let me take a little break
From the cookies that I bake
And share a thing or two
With good friends like all of you.

It is ever so true
that "Jesus is the reason for the season"
So to bring Him closer to you
A nativity or two have been chosen just for you.

The "artists" from my painting class/group just left and I downloaded these pictures yesterday, so you could see some of what I/we have been doing.  The ladies today were very sweet and ooohed and aaahed nicely over both the cookies and the nativities and I was just happy to hear one lady say over and over that our home was so peaceful and blessed (the two dogs were locked up in Kelly's room and the cats were in the garage....hmmm, is that why?).

Kelly was a great hostess and helped in the preparations as well as talking to some people while I was in the other room talking to others.

The first cookie you see here is called a Piernik and it is a Polish cookie that is also called a honey cookie....

Next we have Chocolate Highlander bars, alot like brownies but with a sweet crust on the bottom and powered sugar on the top...

These plain looking cookies are anything but...they are ginger molasses cookies and very flavorful...

Hard to choose favorites, but these are near the top of my list...they are Almond cookies with colored sugar sprinkles...

Yet another top of the list favorite are these flaky almond crescents...

Not easy to find an old fashioned homemade recipe for gingerbread, but I have my sweet mother's old cookbook and now other people, like some today, can taste home made gingerbread fro the first time...

Even though the original little Christmas recipe cookbook seems to be lost, I thank the Internet for helping me re-create these bird nest's cookies...

Last, but definitely not least (because there are several more batches of cookies not pictured here)...these yummy cookies are very thin and oh so good...they are called Aggression Oatmeal cookies...

Remember that black and white photo in the post before this that I said I have a nativity just like it?  Well, here it is in glorious color...

The little wooden nativity in the middle is from Germany, the uncovered church nativity to the right is from Costa Rica, the box that says hope held candy and was nativity themed, the globe to the left front is out of focus but has a lovely gold nativity and finally there is just a nice white nativity to the back....

 we all can appreciate or even use some of these suggestions I found on the Internet to help keep Christmas inexpensive and meaningful at the same time...

"Christmas comes with all the joys of a wintry holiday and well-loved Christmastime activities. Consider these suggestions for fun and fairly inexpensive ways to enjoy the holiday.

Christmas Baking

Christmas, like any holiday, loves food and is a great time for home baked goodies. Shortbread cookies and pumpkin pie are just a few Christmas baking favourites. Some people may bake better than others, but it can be an interesting activity either way and is a enjoyable time to share with others.

Christmas Carolling

Carolling is a great activity for family and friends to do together. It can be done outside, during Christmas festivities in the community and it can be just as enjoyable at home. Try holding a carolling and cider evening at home. With a carolling night at home, Christmas baking can be shared as well.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorating can be even more enjoyable when the decorations are homemade. Making Christmas tree ornaments can be a simple activity and is a great craft for kids to enjoy. Materials for making Christmas tree ornaments can be found at craft stores, in scrap materials that may otherwise be thrown away and even in nature.

Homemade Nativity Scene

Making a homemade nativity scene may take some creativity and supplies, but it can be an interesting and gratifying activity. Use a lightweight plank of wood for the floor of the stable and two others to create a peaked roof. The sides can be constructed of sturdy sticks that will hold up the roof. Nativity figurines can be found in novelty stores, craft stores, or almost anywhere that has a seasonal section. They can also be made from popsicle sticks, fabric, a little paint, and a little imagination."

One last nativity picture for today...sorry the lighting is so poor but the set to the right is an old nativity with a new background/nativity archway found on a 75% off sale at Hobby Lobby last year, then the middle is a pastel nativity with a light in the back and then to the left is a nativity within a tree...

Now for two jokes....

"Athiest Holiday
An atheist complained to a Christian friend, "You Christians have your special holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Jews celebrate their national holidays, such as Passover and Yom Kippur. But we atheists have no recognized national holidays. It's unfair discrimination."

His friend replied, "Why don't you celebrate April first?"

Desparate Measures

Little Johnny went to his mother demanding a new bicycle. His mother decided that he should take a look at himself and the way he acts. She said, "Well Johnny, it isn't Christmas and we don't have the money to just go out and buy you anything you want. So why don't you write a letter to Jesus and pray for one instead." After his temper tantrum his mother sent him to his room. He finally sat down to write a letter to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,

I've been a good boy this year and would appreciate a new bicycle.
Your Friend,

Little Johnny

Now Little Johnny knew that Jesus really knew what kind of boy he was (brat).

So, he ripped up the letter and decided to give it another try.

Dear Jesus,

I've been an OK boy this year and I want a new bicycle.

Yours Truly,

Little Johnny

Well, Little Johnny knew this wasn't totally honest so he tore it up and tried again.

Dear Jesus,

I've thought about being a good boy this year and can I have a new bicycle?


Little Johnny

Well, Little Johnny looked deep down in his heart, which by the way was what his mother was really wanting. He crumpled up the letter and threw it in the trash can and went running outside.

He aimlessly wandered about; depressed because of the way he treated his parents and really considering his actions. He finally found himself in front of a Catholic Church.

Little Johnny went inside and knelt down, looking around not knowing what he should really do. Little Johnny finally got up and began to walk out the door and was looking at all the statues. All of a sudden he grabbed a small one and ran out the door. He went home hid it under his bed and wrote this letter.

I've broken most of the Ten Commandments; shot spit wads in school, tore up my sister's Barbie doll and lots more. I'm desperate. I've got your mama. If you ever want to see her again, give me a bike.


You know who

~~~Dear Lord and Saviour, thank You for the blessings of sharing You with others and growing into better people.


  1. Did you bake all of those delicious looking cookies? Some of them I never heard of. Thanks for giving us the names and description of each. You include many interesting stories and smile makers. Good way for me to begin to unwind after my busy day.

  2. ***Hi Judy, yes I did bake all of those cookies (with all natural ingredients too)and I do love to bake and cook...of course I have been blessed with always having family helpers whhen I do the marathon baking!

  3. Great post, Marcy!
    Love your Nativities! And we have that very first one too (that one that is like the black & white one).
    And all your cookies look wonderful! Wish I could sample them, especially the almond crescents! And Ray would love those Oatmeal, and we'd both be fighting to see who gets to the gingerbread first!
    Really enjoyed the atheist joke and the ransom one was hysterical!

    So glad you had a nice Christmas get-together with your friends!
    It's nice to hear you are enjoying and not just slaving away!

    Thanks for sharing your home, your collection, your baked goods, and your celebrating with us!

    Love to you, E

  4. Marcy I am exhausted just thinking of all the baking and decorating you are does sound like your house is a fun place to be and yes I too believe you have a very blessed home......take care my friend and I know I don't have to tell you to enjoy the holidays... Hugs

  5. I remember the days when the kids were small and I used to bake all kinds of cookies. Somewhere along the way I just completely lost interest in cooking and baking. But I still love to eat them! One of our favorite things to do at Christmas time Marcy, is to drive around and look at all of the Christmas lights.
    Love Di

  6. You really have been doing some marathon baking Marcy...I would have to eat at least one of each kind, then that would mean some marathon running for me. I baked some cookies today too, but only because Andrew and Dylan walked over and asked if I had everything to make their favorite...Reese's peanut butter cup cookies. I only made 24 cookies though, you must have made a few hundred.

    I enjoyed your nativities, wish I could see them all. I just realized hundreds of cookies and hundreds of nativities at your house Marcy! Enjoy them both!


  7. OK Marcy (aka Martha S. ...or Paula D....) I'm impressed...verrrrry impressed....with your baking...and your Nativities. You are really into the Christmas spirit aren't you my friend.
    Hugs and many many smiles to you, Marcy.

  8. Love the cookies! You have made me want to start baking NOW!! Great nativities! Enjoy your day!

  9. Not sure where my comments are going....but I MEANT to express my admiration for your delicious cookies, hospitality and joy in sharing the Christmas holiday with SO many here and there alike! I'd have a hard time knowing where to stop with those cookies. Several are not familiar to me, but I KNOW I'd get in trouble sitting close to those almond crescents!

  10. Fun post Marcy! Looks as if you have been very busy making delicious cookies! I usually am completely done with all my candy making and I haven't even started! Not enough hours in the day for me! Loved your post today and especially the little boy joke!

  11. oh Marcy!! Crazy humor!! I had to read "Little Johnny's Letter" to my co-worker ;-) The cookies i had to scroll quickly past!! Can't take the temptation - awruh!! LOVE your posts!

  12. Dear Marcy, What a wonderful post! You really out did yourself in the cookie department. All of them look so delicious. I love all your Christmas activity suggestions. I don't know about the caroling though. I would probably scare people away LOL Your Nativities are all so beautiful. Do you celebrate the tradition of Oplatki too? I can tell your home is warm, lovely, and just full of christmas spirit. I have so enjoyed coming here and reading your blog. You are a very special person Marcy. I hope you and your family are blessed with the most beautiful Christmas and New Year ever ♥

  13. Thank you God for Marcy who never fails to make me smile when I read her jokes. I don't comment often but I do chuckle quite a bit! Lol!

    Have a blessed, happy, Holy Christmas with your loved ones and keep bringing smiles to our faces with your wit and humour.

    Love Joolz

  14. ...and your cookies look yummo too!

    Joolz ;D

  15. Oh, this is absolutely hilarious..."I've got your Mama..." I'm roaring...and my, oh, my...YOU are the baker extraordinaire!!! WOWSA!!! I'm so impressed!!!!!! I think baking is really hard...and so I'm in total awe!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!!! You inspire me every time I visit!!! With much love, Janine XO

  16. Oi, Marcy!
    É Natal
    E em nossos corações
    A esperança toma vida
    Feliz Natal e Feliz 2010!


  17. You are very industrioous! Lovely pics and so such tasty looking delights! Merry Christmas!! Cathy

  18. Oh those cookies ALL look so delicious! Did your class share them all, and did you partake? Things always look more delicious when I'm overweight! Gonna have a wonderful Christmas anyway! ;)

    Oh, always love that spark of humor that you give us!

  19. Hola Marcy!!1 tanto tiempo sin pasar!! pero no podía dejar de hacerlo en estas fechas!
    te deseo todo lo mejor, que se le puede desear a una buena amiga!
    Una hermosa Navidad en familia!
    y un 2010, con salud, trabajo, y muuuucha energía!! Muuuuack!!

  20. Hi, Marcy,
    I won't be posting or visiting for a little while so I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
    You were my very first 'blogging buddy' and I'm so glad you came to visit!
    It's been wonderful getting to know you! Take care of yourself and I'll 'see' you in the New Year!
    Love to you,

  21. Hi Marci. Just catching up with all my Blog friends. Those cookies look scrumptious. Like Diana, I don't do much baking now, but you've tweaked my cookie making button and I'm contemplating picking up some supplies tomorrow (Thurs.) and giving it a go. A Blessed Christmas to you and yours and a Healthy, Happy, Love-filled New Year. Mar


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